2004 Legislative Session: 5th Session, 37th Parliament

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ORDERS OF THE DAY -- Continued
No. 46 -- Monday, April 19, 2004 -- 10 a.m.

Schedule C


(Date entered on the Order Paper: March 29, 2004)
  6  Gary Coons, President, Prince Rupert District Teachers' Union, to ask the Hon. the Premier, regarding the Premier's responsibility for the province, the following question:--

When you were in opposition you vowed to reduce the number of ministries from 18 to 12, due to the fact that the Cabinet was too large, too expensive and out of touch. What is the number in your current Cabinet and how much extra taxpayer money is spent in this area?

  7  Adriane Carr, Leader, Green Party of British Columbia, to ask the Hon. the Minister of Water, Land and Air Protection, regarding the Minister's responsibility for drinking water protection, the following question:--

The Sunshine Coast Regional District is seeking to stop private land logging that it believes will harm water quality in Chapman Creek, a watershed that provides drinking water for communities on the Sunshine Coast and that has a government-documented history of logging-related landslides. Water turbidity has necessitated building a $7 million water filtration plant. Will you instruct the local drinking water protection officer to look into this matter with the aim to prevent damage to water?

  9  Gerald Johnson, Councillor, Village of Port Clements, to ask the Hon. the Minister Forests, regarding the Minister's responsibility for forest tenures and annual allowable cut allocation, the following question:--

Will the Minister invite input from municipalities and regional districts with regards to the "20 per cent take back" areas and volumes that are being negotiated with the major tenure holders, prior to the final determination of the areas these volumes will come from?

  10  Gary Coons, President, Prince Rupert District Teachers' Union, to ask the Hon. the Minister of Education, regarding the Minister's responsibility for the BC College of Teachers, the following question:--

There was a commitment by your government to allow members of the BC College of Teachers to elect 12 of the 20 members of the College Council. Recently, the appointees to the college are attempting to structure the elections so that teachers will only be able to elect 8 of the 20 members. Will you stand by your government's commitment and allow teachers what was promised?

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