No. 39 — Thursday, June 2, 2011 — 1.30 p.m.

Schedule D


(Monday morning only)


1  Ms. Popham —

Highest and Best Use for Agricultural Land is Agriculture.

2  Ms. Barnett —

Beetle Action Coalitions.

3  Mr. Donaldson

The Well-Being of People.

4  Mr. Hawes

Aggregate in B.C.

Public bills in the hands of private members


Second Reading —

Bill (No. M 201) intituled Recall and Initiative Amendment Act, 2011, PRINTED. Ms. D. Black.

Second Reading —

Bill (No. M 202) intituled Legislative Assembly Management Committee (Public Disclosure of MLA Expenses and Accountability) Amendment Act, 2011, PRINTED. Mr. de Jong.

Second Reading —

Bill (No. M 203) intituled Cosmetic Pesticide and Carcinogen Control Act, 2011, PRINTED. Mr. Dix.

Second Reading —

Bill (No. M 204) intituled Fall Fixed Election Amendment Act, 2011, PRINTED. Mr. B. Simpson.

Second Reading —

Bill (No. M 205) intituled Residential Tenancy Amendment Act, 2011, PRINTED. Mr. Chandra Herbert.

Second Reading —

Bill (No. M 206) intituled Election Transparency Amendment Act, 2011, PRINTED. Mr. B. Simpson.

Second Reading —

Bill (No. M 207) intituled Gender Identity and Expression Human Rights Recognition Act, 2011, PRINTED. Mr. Chandra Herbert.

Second Reading —

Bill (No. M 208) intituled Fair Chase Act, PRINTED. Mr. Sather.

Second Reading —

Bill (No. M 209) intituled Election Finance Amendment Act, 2011, PRINTED. Mr. B. Simpson.

Second Reading —

Bill (No. M 210) intituled Emergency Intervention Disclosure Act, 2011, PRINTED. Mr. Letnick.

Second Reading —

Bill (No. M 211) intituled Species at Risk Protection Act, 2011, NOT PRINTED. Mr. Fleming.

Second Reading —

Bill (No. M 212) intituled Access to Prostate Cancer Screening Act, 2011, NOT PRINTED. Ms. Hammell.

Second Reading —

Bill (No. M 213) intituled Family Compensation Act Amendment Act, 2011, NOT PRINTED. Mr. Sultan.

Second Reading —

Bill (No. M 214) intituled Limitation Act Amendment Act, 2011, NOT PRINTED. Mr. Sultan.


4  Mr. Fleming moved —

Be it resolved that this House urges the Government of Canada to immediately propose legislation suggested by the House of Commons to ban bulk oil tanker traffic in the Dixon Entrance, Hecate Strait and Queen Charlotte Sound. (Ms. Trevena adjourned the debate.)

5  Mr. Pimm moved —

Be it resolved that this House encourage the government to continue to spur innovation in renewable energy technologies and clean power generation to reduce carbon emissions and provide family supporting jobs in British Columbia. (Ms. McIntyre adjourned the debate.)

14  Ms. MacDiarmid moved —

Be it resolved that this House recognize the positive results that have arisen from government’s investment in a multi-faceted approach to reducing street homelessness, so that British Columbia’s most vulnerable citizens have access to stable and secure shelter and housing. (Mr. Foster adjourned the debate.)

Private members’ motions on notice

1  Mr. Howard to move —

Be it resolved that this House recognize the lasting legacy of the Vancouver 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games and the unprecedented economic opportunity they have generated for the Province.

2  Mr. Les to move —

Be it resolved that this House support the steps government has taken to reduce the small business and corporate taxes to strengthen British Columbia’s business climate and to attract greater investment, and stimulate job creation.

3  Mr. Rustad to move —

Be it resolved that this House recognize B.C.’s strategic position as the gateway to the thriving Asia Pacific economies as we seek to build new partnerships to enhance opportunities for all sectors of British Columbia.

7  Mr. B. Simpson to move —

Be it resolved that this House recognize the need to consider the cumulative impact of the expansion of oil and gas production in the Northeast of British Columbia on public health and safety, provincial greenhouse gas emissions, landuse management, and watersheds.

8  Ms. Huntington to move —

Be it resolved that this House establish a Special Committee to examine questions and concerns related to the expansion of unconventional gas production in British Columbia and the use of hydraulic fracturing technology.

13  Mr. B. Simpson to move —

That the Standing Orders of the Legislative Assembly of British Columbia be amended as follows:

1. Section 60A be amended by striking out: “Select Standing Committee” wherever it appears and substituting “Standing Committee”.

2. Section 68 be amended by deleting Standing Order 68 and substituting the following:

68 (1) At the commencement of the first Session of Parliament a Committee of Selection shall be appointed without notice, whose duty it shall be to prepare and report, with all convenient speed, lists of Members to compose the following Standing Committees of the House:

1. Aboriginal Affairs;

2. Education;

3. Finance and Government Services;

4. Health;

5. Public Accounts;

6. Parliamentary Reform, Ethical Conduct, Standing Orders and Private Bills;

7. Crown Corporations;

8. Legislative Initiatives;

9. Children and Youth;

10. Natural Resources and Environment.

List of Committees to be posted.

(2) The Clerk of the House shall post a list of the Standing Committees and Special Committees appointed during the Parliament.

3. Section 69, 70, 71, 78A, 80, 105 be amended by striking out “Select Standing” wherever it appears and substituting “Standing”.