No. 4 VOTES AND PROCEEDINGS OF THE Legislative Assembly of British Columbia

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

One-Thirty o’clock p.m.

Prayers by Mr. Foster.

On the motion of Ms. D. Black, Bill (No. M 201) intituled Recall and Initiative Amendment Act, 2011 was introduced, read a first time, and Ordered to be placed on the Orders of the Day for second reading at the next sitting after today.

Order called for “Members’ Statements.”

Order called for “Oral Questions by Members.”

The Hon. M. McNeil (Minister of Citizens’ Services) tabled the Public Service Benefit Plan Act Annual Report, March 31, 2010.

The Hon. C. Hansen (Minister of Finance and Minister Responsible for Small Business and Deputy Premier) tabled the Report of Guarantees and Indemnities Authorized and Issued for the Fiscal Year Ended March 31, 2010.

The House proceeded to “Orders of the Day.”

Pursuant to Order, the House resumed the adjourned debate on the motion “That the Speaker do now leave the Chair” for the House to go into Committee of Supply.

The debate continued.

On the motion of Mr. Sather, the debate was adjourned to the next sitting of the House.

On the motion for second reading of Bill (No. 3) intituled Supply Act (No. 1), 2011, a debate arose.

Bill (No. 3) read a second time and Ordered to be placed on the Orders of the Day for committal at the next sitting after today.

And then the House adjourned at 6.38 p.m.



Thursday, February 17

Mr. de Jong to introduce a Bill intituled Legislative Assembly Management Committee (Public Disclosure of M.L.A. Expenses and Accountability) Amendment Act.


Monday, February 21

1  Mr. Howard to move —

Be it resolved that this House recognize the lasting legacy of the Vancouver 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games and the unprecedented economic opportunity they have generated for the Province.

2  Mr. Les to move —

Be it resolved that this House support the steps government has taken to reduce the small business and corporate taxes to strengthen British Columbia’s business climate and to attract greater investment, and stimulate job creation.

3  Mr. Rustad to move —

Be it resolved that this House recognize B.C.’s strategic position as the gateway to the thriving Asia Pacific economies as we seek to build new partnerships to enhance opportunities for all sectors of British Columbia.

4  Mr. Fleming to move —

Be it resolved that this House urges the Government of Canada to immediately propose legislation suggested by the House of Commons to ban bulk oil tanker traffic in the Dixon Entrance, Hecate Strait and Queen Charlotte Sound.