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38th Parliament Members
at dissolution on April 14, 2009

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MLA: Rob Fleming


Elected: 2005


Rob Fleming was elected to represent the riding of Victoria-Hillside on May 17, 2005.

Rob is the Chair of the Select Standing Committee on Public Accounts, and is the Opposition Critic for Tourism and the Critic for Advanced Education.

Rob previously served two terms as a Victoria City Councillor. He was first elected in 1999 at the age of 28.

Rob was the Chair of the City's Finance and Personnel Committee and the Council liaison to the Advisory Transportation Committee. Rob also held the City's youth portfolio, was Chair of the Capital Regional District Health Facilities Planning Committee and Vice-Chair of the Capital Regional District Housing Corporation.

Rob has been involved in a number of community organizations, including the Work Place, the Veins of Life Watershed Society, and the Victoria Cool Aid Society Foundation.

Rob received a bachelor of arts degree from the University of Victoria and has worked in research and communications since graduating.

Rob lives in Victoria with his wife Maura.