Special Committee on
The Multilateral Agreement on Investment

First Report

Third Session
Thirty-sixth Parliament

Legislative Assembly of British Columbia

December 29, 1998

Ms. Joan Smallwood, MLA

Table of Contents

Letter of Transmittal
Composition of Committee
Terms of Reference
Report Summary
Summary of Recommendations

Part I What is the Multilateral Agreement on Investment?
    Status of the MAI Negotiations
    Historical Context
    Rationale for the MAI

Part II Key Elements of the Proposed MAI
    National Treatment
    Performance Requirements
    Investment Protection: Expropriation
    Investor-State Dispute Settlement
    General Exceptions and Reservations

Part III Potential Impacts of the MAI
    Protection of Canadian Investors Abroad
    Canadian Culture
    Environmental Protection, Natural Resource Management, and Conservation
    Health, Education, and Social Services
    Human and Labour Rights
    First Nations
    Subnational Governments

Part IV Exploring Alternative Approaches
    Defining Clear Objectives
    Building on a Firm Foundation
    Using a Democratic Negotiating Process
    Respecting Provincial Government Jurisdiction
    Seeking Your Participation in Defining New Approaches
    The Committee Wants to Hear Your Views

    List of Witnesses
    Witness Biographies

Copyright 1998: Queen's Printer, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada