Province of British Columbia
1st Session, 29th Parliament
Debates of the Legislative Assembly (Hansard)
January 22, 1970 to April 3, 1970


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Contents, listing of (Hall) 140

Labelling act, need for (Hall) 140

Labour, Department of

Appropriation, 1970-71 fiscal year (Bennett) 238

Labour and labouring classes

Bill of rights for labour (Macdonald) 371

New Democratic Party and labour (Campbell, D.) 119-20

Price increases, role of labour in (Cocke) 331 (Hall) 484

Labour force

See: Labour supply

Labour laws and legislation

Bill of rights for labour (Macdonald) 371

Labour-management relations

See: Industrial relations

Labour Relations Act

Amendment to mentioned (Hall) 650

Labour Relations Act, An Act to Amend

(Bill 22) (Minister of Labour) 1R, 573, 2R, 649-53; 3R, 775; RA, 799

Speakers: Brousson 651-2, Hall 650-1; Nimsick 652; Peterson 649-50, 653; Strachan 652-3

Committee of House, referral of bill to, proposal re (Hall) 650, 651

Construction industry, collective bargaining (Brousson) 651-2 (Nimsick) 652 (Peterson) 649 (Strachan) 652

Construction industry, labour relations (Brousson) 651

Construction Labour Relations Association, request by for bill (Hall) 650

Employers' organizations, accreditation of (Peterson) 649

International Woodworkers of America, strike (Nimsick) 652

Labour-management relations and role of government (Strachan) 653

Labour unions, collective bargaining representative, provisions re (Peterson) 649-50

Labour Relations Board

Mentioned: (Brousson) 652 (Peterson) 653

Labour supply

Increase in labour force (Barrett) 17 (Bennett) 236 (Throne speech) 4

Vocational education of labour force (Wenman) 11

Labour unions

See: Trade unions

Lac Le Jeune, B.C.

Picnic site, development of (Kiernan) 210 (Dowding) 226 (Williams, R) 129

Ladysmith, B.C.

Social services, cost of (Strachan) 620

Ladysmith Chronicle, Ladysmith, B.C.

Mentioned: (Strachan) 175

Laing, Arthur

Mentioned: (Brothers) 301 (Marshall) 57 (Skillings) 414

Laissez faire

Free enterprise system in B.C. (Peterson) 37

Hippies, philosophy of and free enterprise ethic (Strachan) 182

Lake Williston, B.C.

Clearing of (Williston) 265

Lakelse Lake, B.C.

Campsite (Little) 450

Lakeshore property, tax increase (Little) 449

Parking lot (Little) 450


Public ownership of (Dowding) 662 (Williams, R) 657

Sale of (Dowding) 226

Lakeshore development

Lakeshore leases (Jefcoat) 316

Lakeshore, public ownership of (Nimsick) 395


See: Land use

Land Act

New act (Nimsick) 394-5

Mentioned: (Barrett) 24 (Gardom) 186 (McDiarmid) 116 (Throne speech) 6 (Williams, L.) 195 (Williams, R.) 126

Land Act

(Bill 27) (Minister of Lands, Forests and Water Resources) 1R, 575; 2R, 655-64, 695, 3R, 775; RA, 799

Divisions: 2R, 664

Speakers: Barrett 660-1; Dowding 661-2; McGeer 661; Nimsick 662-3, Williams, L. 659-60; Williams, R 656-8, Williston 655-6, 663-4

Canadian Pacific Railway, Vancouver Island land holdings (Williams, R.) 657

Committee of House, referral of bill to, proposal re (Barrett) 660 (Dowding) 662 (McGeer) 661 (Nimsick) 662

Crown land, access to (Nimsick) 663 (Williston) 663

Crown land and squatters' rights (Williston) 656

Crown land, applicants for, bona fide status of (Williams, R.) 658

Crown land, applicants for, citizenship requirement (Dowding) 661 (Williams, R.) 657 (Williston) 656

Crown land, applicants for, corporations as applicants (Dowding) 661 (Williams, L.) 659

Crown land, applicants for, restrictions on (Williams, L.) 659

Crown land, applications for unsurveyed land, procedure for (Williston) 655

Crown land, dealings re and age of majority (Williston) 656

Crown land, disposition of, public notice re (Williams, L.) 659

Crown land, disposition of, requirement for bidding on (Williams, R) 657

Crown land, exchange of (Williams, R) 658

Crown land, lease of, Director of Lands' powers re (Williams, R) 657

Crown land, lease-to-purchase system, applicants (Williston) 656

Crown land, settlement of, provision for (Williston) 655

Crown land, surveys, gazetting of (Williston) 655-6

Director of Lands, powers of (Dowding) 662 (Nimsick) 662 (Williams, L.) 659 (Williams, R) 657 (Williston) 663-4, 664

Director of Lands, staff for (Williams, R) 657

Esquimalt and Nanaimo Railway, land grant (Williams, R) 657

Forest land, definition of under act (Williston) 655

Interest rate, setting of under act (Williston) 655

Lakes, public ownership of (Dowding) 662 (Williams, R.) 657

Land, logging of (Barrett) 660

Land use committee, powers of (Nimsick) 663

Land use committee, proposal re (Williams, L.) 659-60

Land use committee, provision for (Williston) 656

Land use committee, role of (Williams, L.) 659 (Williams, R) 658

Land, use of (Barrett) 660

Long Beach, problems with squatters (Williston) 656

Park, East Kootenay area (Nimsick) 663

Park lands, trades for (Williams, R) 658

Recreation areas, preservation of land for (Nimsick) 663 (Williams, R) 657

Regulations under act (Dowding) 662

Shellfish, contaminated shellfish, provision for ban on use of (Williston) 656

Shoreline lands, ownership of (Williams, R) 658

Strip mining, bill on, referral of to committee (McGeer) 661

Swimming in prohibited areas, provision for prevention of (Williston) 656

Tax sale land, return of to Crown (Williston) 664

Mentioned: (Barrett) 702

Land Clauses Act

Mentioned: (Nimsick) 395

Land Registry Act

Mentioned: (Barrett) 24 (Williston) 664

Land Registry Act, An Act to Amend

(Bill 17) (Attorney-General) 1R, 525, 2R, 637-8; 3R, 759; RA, 799

Speakers: Peterson 637, 638; Williams, L. 638

Covenants on land titles (Peterson) 638 (Williams, L.) 638

Land registry office procedures, streamlining of (Peterson) 637

Land surveyors

See: Surveyors

Land Surveyors Act, An Act to Amend

(Bill 28) (Minister of Lands, Forests and Water Resources) 1R, 581; 2R, 665; 3R, 766, RA, 799

Speakers: Cocke 665; Dowding 665, Williston 665

Fees, setting of (Cocke) 665 (Dowding) 665 (Williston) 665

Shortage of surveyors (Cocke) 665 (Dowding) 665

Land titles

Land Registry Act, An Act to Amend. See name of act

Land registry office, delays in handling of conveyancing (LeCours) 161

Land registry office procedures (Peterson) 637

Land use

Agricultural and Rural Development Act land use inventory (Nimsick) 206, 395

Commission on, proposal for (Hartley) 218

Housing, land speculation (Williams, R) 124

Housing, use of land for (McCarthy) 402-3

Land Act. See name of act

Land alienation (Kiernan) 213

Land use (Barrett) 660 (Williams, L.) 195

Land use committee (Williston) 656

Land use committee, powers of (Nimsick) 663

Land use committee, proposal re (Williams, L.) 659-60

Land use committee, role of (Williams, L.) 659 (Williams, R.) 658

Logging of land (Barrett) 660

Multiple use (Williams, L.) 195

Policy on (Jordan) 363-4

Recreation areas, preservation of land for (Nimsick) 663 (Williams, R.) 657

Tax sales of land, proposal re (Nimsick) 395

Vancouver, cost of land (Price) 105

See also: Crown land; Zoning

Land use, Rural

Agricultural and Rural Development Act land use inventory (Nimsick) 206, 395

Farmland, loss of (Williams, L.) 193

Farmland, preservation of (Price) 428

Farmland, use of (Brousson) Ill

Land inventory (Throne speech) 5

Landlord and tenant

Advisory bureaus, provision for establishment of (Peterson) 644 (Williams, L.) 645

Children, discrimination against (Barrett) 645

Disputes, settlement of (Williams, L.) 645

Landlord and Tenant Act, An Act to Amend. See name of act

Landlords, right of entry, limitation on (Macdonald) 369 (Peterson) 644

Legislation introduced in 1968, references to (Barrett) 644 (Hall) 648 (Peterson) 648

Rental review boards, proposal for (Williams, L.) 194

Repairs, obligations of landlord (Peterson) 644

Security deposits (Macdonald) 369

Tenancy agreements (Peterson) 643-4

Tenancy agreements, oral contracts (Barrett) 644 (Peterson) 644, 648 (Williams, L.) 645

Tenancy agreements, standard form for, proposal re (Dowding) 646-7

Tenants and housing, study of (Hall) 487

Tenants, eviction of, obligation re notice for (Barrett) 645

Tenants, membership in tenants' associations (Hall) 648

Tenants, protection of (Macdonald) 368 (Peterson) 40-1 (Throne speech) 5 (Williams, L.) 194

Landlord and Tenant Act

Mentioned: (Capozzi) 171 (Hall) 487 (Macdonald) 369 (Price) 105 (Williams, L.) 194

Landlord and Tenant Act, An Act to Amend

(Bill 20) (Attorney-General) 1R, 569; amdts to 1R, 579; 2R, 643-9, amdts. 689; 3R, 775; RA, 799

Divisions: 2R, 649

Speakers: Barrett 644-5, Capozzi 647, Dowding 646-7, Hall 647-8, Peterson 643-4, 648, Williams, L. 645-6

Bill introduced in 1968, references to (Barrett) 644 (Hall) 648 (Peterson) 648

Children, discrimination against by landlords (Barrett) 645

Disputes, settlement of in court, problems re (Williams, L.) 645

Housing, low-cost, need for (Barrett) 645

Landlord and tenant advisory bureaus, provision for establishment of (Peterson) 644 (Williams, L.) 645

Ontario Law Reform Commission, work of (Peterson) 643, 648

Rent Control Act, repeal of (Williams, L.) 645

Rent, increases in (Dowding) 646

Rent, increases in, restrictions on (Peterson) 644

Rented premises, right of access for election candidates (Dowding) 647

Repairs, obligations of landlord re (Peterson) 644

Residential tenancy agreements (Peterson) 643-4

Residential tenancy agreements, oral contracts (Barrett) 644 (Peterson) 644, 648 (Williams, L.) 645

Residential tenancy agreements, standard form for, proposal re (Dowding) 646-7

Retroactivity of act, proposal re (Hall) 648 (Peterson) 648

Surrey, rental accommodation, development of (Hall) 648

Tenancy, termination of, requirements re notice. of (Barrett) 645 (Capozzi) 647

Tenants' associations, membership in (Hall) 648

Tenants, right of to privacy (Peterson) 644

Lands, Forests and Water Resources, Department of

Appropriation, 1970-71 fiscal year (Bennett) 238

Director of Lands, powers of (Dowding) 662 (Nimsick) 662 (Williams, L.) 659 (Williams, R) 657 (Williston) 663-4, 664

Director of Lands, staff for (Williams, R) 657

Timber sales, minister's powers re (Williams, R) 127

Lang, Otto

Mentioned: (Marshall) 57, 58, 472, 474

Langford, B.C.

Sewage disposal, regulations on (Bruch) 92

Langford Lake, B.C.

Pollution of (Bruch) 92

Laurel House, Vancouver, B.C.

Mentioned: (Loffmark) 481


Education of public in changes in law (Gardom) 192

Law Reform Commission Act, An Act to Amend

(Bill 32) (Gardom) 1R, 577, 2R, 781

Speakers: Gardom 781; Peterson 781

Reports, tabling of in Legislature (Gardom) 781

Law Reform Commission of British Columbia

See: British Columbia Law Reform Commission

Law Society of British Columbia

Mentioned: (Peterson) 635, 669


Insurance for (Dowding) 682

Legal Professions Act, An Act to Amend. See name of act

Queen's Counsel, appointment of (Throne speech) 3

Lawyers — Fees

Divorce, fee for (Macdonald) 370

Leader, Great Falls, Mont.

Quoted (Marshall) 56

LeCours, Ernie (Richmond)

Address in Reply 159-63

Automobile drivers, uninsured juvenile drivers 162

Automobiles, inspection of, Richmond testing-station 160

Budget debate 420-4

Civil service salaries, level of and welfare rates 423

Consumer affairs officer 161

Deaf children, private school proposal 162

Debt, federal debt, interest on 424

Detained persons, right to make phone calls 421

Environmental protection, ministerial responsibility for, proposal re 161

French language, use of English by Francophones 421

French language, use of fn Canada 421

Inflation 424

Interest rates, level of 424

Jericho Hill School 162

Jericho Hill School, operation of 420-1

Juvenile delinquents, treatment of 162-3

Juvenile delinquents, treatment of, proposal for committee on 162

Juvenile probation services 162

Juveniles, drinking juveniles 162

Land office, delays in handling of conveyancing 161

Legislature, lighting of chamber 160

Legislature, microphone system 160

Legislature, proceedings, recording of 160

Liquor Inquiry Commission, report 161

MLAs, accommodation for 160

Marijuana, John Munro's statements re use of 793

Municipal Treatment Plant Assistance Act, An Act to Amend 378-9

New Democratic Party election platform, 1966 election 422

Police brutality, allegations re 421

Police brutality, cases cited 421

Pollution 161

Pollution Control Act, enforcement of 719

Pollution Control Act, 1967, An Act to Amend 718-21

Pollution control, advisers on 161

Pollution control, ministerial responsibility for 161

Pollution control permit No. 23, problems re 719-20

Poverty 424

Redel, Walter R, arrest and treatment of by police 421-2

Richmond area, pollution from Iona treatment plant 719-20

Richmond General Hospital, construction of 162

Richmond, sewage treatment 378-9

Richmond, shore pollution, samples of 720

Sewage disposal, Annacis Island plant 161

Sewage disposal, Iona treatment plant 161, 719-20

Sewage treatment plants, assistance to municipalities for 378

Speaker, nomination of 160

Traffic violations, fine revenue, loss to municipalities 163

Voter identification card, proposal re 160

Voters, enumeration of 160

Welfare rates, level of and earnings level 423-4

Welfare rates, single persons 422-3

Welfare recipients 422-3

Woodlands School, waiting-list for admission to 161-2

Workmen's Compensation Board, rehabilitation centre in Richmond 160

LeDain, Gerry

See also: Canada. Non-Medical Use of Drugs Commission

LeDain Commission

See: Canada. Non-Medical Use of Drugs Commission

Legal aid

Fund for, proposal re (McGeer) 255, 257

Provision of (Gardom) 188, 192

Legal fees

See: Lawyers — Fees

Legal Professions Act, An Act to Amend

(Bill 39) (Attorney-General) 1R, 587, 2R, 682-3; 3R, 767, RA, 799

Speakers: Dowding 682-3; Williston 682

Insurance for lawyers (Dowding) 682

Legal separations

See: Separation (Law)

Legislative Assembly Privileges Act

Mentioned: (Hartley) 593 (Speaker) 770

Legislative bodies

Parliament, history of (Dowding) 458-9

Legislative buildings, Victoria, B.C.

See: Parliament buildings, Victoria, B.C.


Chamber, lighting of (Chant) 83 (Clark) 70-1 (LeCours) 160 (Tisdalle) 442-3

Constitution Act, An Act to Amend. See name of act

Debates, note-taking in public galleries (Campbell, B.) 297 (McGeer) 796

Debates, printing of report of (Dowding) 786

Debates, radio broadcasting of (McGeer) 30

Debates, recording of (Barrett) 35, 524 (Bennett) 9 (Campbell, B.) 16 (Chant) 83 (Clark) 72 (Gardom) 186, 410 (LeCours) 160 (Speaker) 35, 524 (Throne speech) 3

Debates, recording of all proceedings in House (Barrett) 795-6 (Dowding) 797 (Hall) 798 (Nimsick) 798

Debates, recording of, authority for (Barrett) 9 (Speaker) 9

Debates, recording of by occupants of public gallery (Campbell, B.) 297 (Dowding) 458-9

Debates, recording of, duplication of tapes (Nimsick) 798-9

Debates, recording of, recordists thanked (Black) 453

Debates, recording of, tapes as record of proceedings (Clark) 72

Debates, recording of, transcribing of tapes (Clark) 72

Debates, recording of, use of tapes (Barrett) 35 (Dowding) 796, 797

Debates, transcript of, provision of daily transcript (Dowding) 796

Microphone system (Barrett) 17 (Chant) 83 (LeCours) 160 (Wenman) 9

Pages, appointment of girls as Pages (Dailly) 305

Parliamentary system (Hall) 140

Press gallery (Black) 453

Press gallery, history of (Dowding) 459

Proceedings, televising of (Campbell, B.) 297 (Gardom) 409 (Macdonald) 101 (McGeer) 30 (Ney) 472

Students' visits to Legislature, allegations re (Williams, R.) 133

Legislature — Members

Accommodation for (LeCours) 160

Astrological predictions for (Capozzi) 168-9

Facilities for (Tisdalle) 443

Hockey game (Peterson) 35

Peace River area, representation for (Bennett) 560 (Strachan) 560

Research facilities for (Gardom) 410

Salaries, increase in (Black) 638 (McGeer) 255, 638 (Nimsick) 394

Speeches, references and quotations used (Capozzi) 167

Visitors to MLAs, accommodation for (Tisdalle) 443

Voting by, free votes, proposal for (Gardom) 187

Legislature — Ministers

See: Ministers

Legislature — Opposition

Opposition (Campbell, B.) 297

Role of (Kripps) 183

Legislature — Procedure

Amendments, distribution to MLAs (Tisdalle) 141

Bills in committee, proposal re (Gardom) 410 (McGeer) 30

Committee of House on, proposal for (Clark) 71

Estimates, debate on (Dailly) 33-4 (Strachan) 32 (Williams, R) 32

Fall session, proposal re (Hartley) 34, 46

Legislation, debate on (Gardom) 33 (Tisdalle) 33

Night sittings of Legislature (Barrett) 579 (Speaker) 579

Private members' bills, debate on (Gardom) 410

Question period (Dowding) 459 (Gardom) 410 (Williams, R) 133

Rules (Gardom) 409, 411

Sittings, adjournment time, amendment re (Williams, R) 133

Sittings, adjournment time, evening sittings (Motion 1) (Bennett) 32, approved 34

Legislature — Select standing committees

Appointment of (Bennett) 7

Environmental protection, committee on, proposal for (Cocke) 89

Reports, minority reports (Gardom) 410

Special committee of selection, report (Peterson) 95

Witnesses, summoning of (Speaker) 96 (Strachan) 95-6

Legislature. Select Standing Committee on Agriculture

Farms, classification of and food industry, study of (Motion 10) (Shelford) 451, approved 452. Amdt. (Williams, L.) 451, out of order 452

Report (Jefcoat) 759

Legislature. Select Standing Committee on Forestry and Fisheries

Fishing industry investigation, proposal for (McDiarmid) 117

Forestry practices, study of (Chabot) 770-1 (Strachan) 571 (Williston) 571

Report (Chabot) 770-1

Legislature. Select Standing Committee on Municipal Affairs

Mentioned: (Clark) 699 (Tisdalle) 444

Legislature. Select Standing Committee on Public Accounts and Printing

B.C. Hydro, financial operations of, examination of (Dowding) 537-8

Chairmanship of (Chabot) 287 (McGeer) 256

Meeting of (McGeer) 769 (Speaker) 769, 769-70

Reports (Mussallem) 616, 771

Work of (McGeer) 256

Mentioned: (Wolfe) 67

Legislature. Select Standing Committee on Standing Orders and Private Bills

Reports (Price) 287, 591

Mentioned: (Price) 757

Legislature. Special Committee on Automobile Insurance

Committee (Barrett) 96 (Campbell, B.) 16 (Gardom) 186, 407 (Peterson) 39, 40, 96 (Throne Speech) 5

Members (Peterson) 117

Report (Capozzi) 759-62


Use of (Kripps) 184

Lenardon, Reno

Letter quoted (Nimsick) 393

Lett, Sherwood

Mentioned: (Merilees) 76

Lewis, Ed

Mentioned: (Capozzi) 760

Lewis, Eric

Quoted (Strachan) 352

Lewis, Sinclair

Babbitt mentioned (Strachan) 182

Liard River, B.C.

Electric power development for (Macdonald) 372

Libby Dam, Wash.

Land flooded by dam (Kiernan) 213 (Nimsick) 149, 396-9

Pondage, clearing of, funds for (Bennett) 238 (Nimsick) 148

Pondage, compensation for displaced residents (Nimsick) 396-9

Pondage, farmers, ranchers displaced (Nimsick) 397-9

Pondage, rancher displaced, case cited (Nimsick) 397

Mentioned: (McGeer) 147, 661 (Nimsick) 204 (Williston) 271

Libby Reservoir Property Owners Association

Mentioned: (Nimsick) 398

Liberal Party

Election campaign (Capozzi) 169 (Gaglardi) 61-2

Liberal Party (Tisdalle) 152

Libraries, Public

See: Public libraries

Libraries, Regional

Regional libraries, development of (Kripps) 186 (Throne speech) 3

Library Development Commission

Field consultant service (Kripps) 185-6 (Throne speech) 3


Head lice epidemic, Nelson-Creston area (Barrett) 248-9

Lieutenant-Governor, Hon. John R. Nicholson

Closing speech 800-1

Speech from the Throne 2-7


Quoted (Brousson) 114

Life, Quality of

See: Quality of life

Lillooet, B.C.

Pemberton, highway to, construction of (McGeer) 260

Linden, Allen M.

Quoted (Peterson) 39

Lindsay, George

Mentioned: (Price) 427

Linkletter, Art

Telegram quoted (McCarthy) 787

Mentioned: (Tisdalle) 153

Linnell, Marianne

Mentioned: (McGeer) 29

Lions Bay, B.C.

Flood, 1969 flood (Barrett) 660 (Williams, L.) 336

Lions Gate Hospital, North Vancouver, B.C.

Abortions performed, number of (Loffmark) 478

Lipinski, Edwin

Mentioned: (Cocke) 329

Liquor Control Board

Credit cards accepted by (Williams, L.) 334

Property, tax on, payment of (Lorimer) 419

Mentioned: (Little) 163 (McGeer) 26

Liquor industry

Contributions to government (Williams, R) 132

Liquor Inquiry Commission (1969)

Brief to (McDiarmid) 114

Hearings (Williams, R) 125, 129

Report of (LeCours) 161 (Williams, R) 130

Work of (Throne speech) 3

Liquor laws

Drinking age (Wenman) 667

Litter (Trash)

Beer bottles (Little) 449 (Merilees) 489

Beverage containers, proposal re (Chabot) 290 (Kripps) 185 (McCarthy) 400

Cleanup day for province, proposal re (Merilees) 489, 675

Cleanup of, payment for (Wenman) 677

Containers for, provision of (McGeer) 674

Control of, payment for (Strachan) 673 (Wallace) 673

Educational program (Hartley) 676 (Wenman) 677 (Wolfe) 676

Educational program„ proposal for contest (Hartley) 676

Litter (Bruch) 92 (Dawson) 97 (Merilees) 489

Litter Act. See name of act

Littering, convictions for (Merilees) 489

Littering, fine for (Merilees) 489

“Louie, the Litter Rat”, slide collection (Dawson) 97

Regulations, enforcement of (Bruch) 425

Roadside litter, analysis of (McCarthy) 678 (McGeer) 674

School program on prevention of (Dawson) 97

Surveys of in future (Brousson) 671

Litter Act

(Bill 33) (Minister of Travel Industry) 1R, 581; 2R, 670-9; 3R, 767; RA, 799

Speakers: Brousson 671-2; Capozzi 672-3; Cocke 676-7; Dowding 675-6, Hall 670-1; Hartley 676; Jefcoat 678; Kiernan 670, 678-9; McCarthy 678; McGeer 674-5; Merilees 675, Nimsick 677, Strachan 673; Wallace 673-4, Wenman 677-8, Williams, R. 675; Wolfe 676

Beverage containers, disposable, prize for development of (Brousson) 672 (Kiernan) 679

Beverage containers, glass, use of (Capozzi) 672

Beverage containers, return of for refunds (Cocke) 677 (Dowding) 676 (Kiernan) 670, 678 (Nimsick) 677 (Wallace) 673-4

Beverage containers, return of for refunds, amount of refund (Cocke) 677 (Jefcoat) 678 (Kiernan) 679 (McGeer) 674 (Wenman) 678

Beverage containers, tin cans, disposal of (Brousson) 672

Beverage containers, tin cans, return of (Dowding) 675

Boats, pumping stations for sewage disposal (Capozzi) 672-3

Campers, garbage disposal (Brousson) 672 (Hartley) 676 (Kiernan) 670

“Drinks”, definition of under act (Brousson) 671

Educational program (Hartley) 676 (Wenman) 677 (Wolfe) 676

Educational program, proposal for contest (Hartley) 676

Effectiveness of act, determination of (Brousson) 671

Enforcement of act (Cocke) 677 (Hall) 671 (Kiernan) 678-9 (Merilees) 675 (Wenman) 677 (Wolfe) 676

Glass, Lavington factory (Hall) 671

Litter, cleanup day, proposal for (Merilees) 675

Litter, cleanup of, payment for (Wenman) 677

Litter, containers for, provision of (McGeer) 674

Litter, control of, payment for (Strachan) 673 (Wallace) 673

Litter on roadsides, analysis of (McCarthy) 678 (McGeer) 674

Litter, surveys of in future (Brousson) 671

Pollution, problem of (Williams, R) 675

Proclamation of act (Hall) 671 (Kiernan) 670

Pulp mills, smell problem, prize for solution to (Brousson) 672

Skagit Valley, camping in (Brousson) 671

Little, Dudley George (Skeens)

Address in Reply 163-6

Automobile inspections, compulsory inspection 165

Automobile inspections, mobile testing unit 165

Beer bottles 449

Boats, toilet facilities on plater launch 449

B.C. Hydro, Vancouver electricity rates, subsidization of 165

B.C. Teachers' Federation, levy on members, use of 165

B.C. Teachers' Federation, policing of profession 165

B.C. Teachers' Federation, political action 165

Budget debate 448-51

Cedar pole, cutting and transport of 164

Communist Party demonstration 448

Election, 1969 election campaign 163

Electric power, extension of in Tweedsmuir Park area 165

Experimental farm, Smithers, use of 449

Highway 16, bridge, Terrace area 163

Highway 16, paving of in Skeena 163

Highways department contractors, payments to subcontractors 164

Home-purchase assistance 449

Homeowner grant, increase in 449

Independent Schools, An Act for the Recognition of (Bill 80) 1R, 691

Jurors, compensation for jury duty 450

Kemano power development, expansion of 166

Lakelse Lake, campsite 450

Lakelse Lake, lakeshore property, tax increase 449

Lakelse Lake, parking lot 450

McPhail Construction Ltd. highways contract, payment for 164

Mentally handicapped young people, training of 449

Mortgages, second-mortgage loans 449

Nass River bridge, construction of 163

Pollution 449

Pulp mills, smell problem, prize for solution to 450

School District 39, janitors and engineers' strike 165

School District 47, teachers, strike action 165

School District 80, teachers, threatened strike action 165

School districts, labour contracts, termination date for 165

Skeena Health Unit, physician for 450-1


Production in B.C. (Marshall) 473-4

Livingston, Michael

Poem quoted (Hartley) 218

Local elections

Tenants, right to vote (Clark) 699

Local transit

Bus drivers, salaries (Kiernan) 536

Buses, electric power for (Capozzi) 542

Fares (Barrett) 529-30 (Bennett) 559 (Macdonald) 104, 372, 373 (Hartley) 544 (Smith) 338 (Williams, L.) 533 (Williams, R.) 544 (Williston) 525-6

Fares elsewhere in Canada (Bennett) 559

Subsidy for (Macdonald) 540, 555 (Williams, R.) 544 (Williston) 529

Use of (Macdonald) 104-5

See also entries under British Columbia Hydro and Power Authority

Loffmark, Hon. Ralph Raymond (Vancouver South) Minister of Health Services and Hospital Insurance

Abortion, access to 477-8

Abortion, amendments to Criminal Code 477

Abortion committees, instructions to hospitals re 477-8

Abortion, number of abortions 478

Abortion, out-of-country abortions 478

Abortion, reasons for 477

Air pollution standards, application of 481-2

Air pollution, testing stations 482

Air quality, standards for 481

Autistic children, treatment for 481

Bank of B.C. shares, ownership of by government 482

Boundaries of B.C., extension of in north 483

Budget debate 477-83

Chiropractic association, appointments to examining board 653

Chiropractic association, change in name 653

Chiropractic association, standards for admission to 653-4

Chiropractic Act, An Act to Amend (Bill 23) 1R, 575; 653-4

Climate of B.C. 481

College of Physicians and Surgeons of B.C., powers of 683

Commonwealth Trust Co., deposit insurance for 482

Commonwealth Trust Co., failure of and federal government 482

Contracts, restrictive covenants 780

Eric Martin Institute of Psychiatry, beds for children 481

Eric Martin Institute of Psychiatry, federal funds for 481

Extended-care facilities, construction of, standard plans for 479

Genetic counselling 478

Health Act, An Act to Amend (Bill 79) 1R, 693; 749

Health care, federal funds for 480

Health care professionals in north, provisions for 480

Health care, volunteer organizations, federal funds for 480

Health Resources Fund, federal funds for 480

Health Science Centre, funding for 480

Health services, community, federal funds for 477

Health units, cost-sharing arrangements 477

Hospital Act, An Act to Amend (Bill 78) 1R, 691; 742-3, 748-9

Hospital boards, representation on, regional hospital districts 743, 748

Hospital patients, progressive care program for 479-80

Hospital property, provincial equity in 743

Hospital property, tax exemption for 686

Hospitals, closing of, hospital administrator's threats re 748

Hospitals, construction of 479

Hospitals, construction of, funding for 686, 748

Hospitals, construction of, standardized plans for 743

Hospitals, equipment, funding for 479

Hospitals, expropriation of land for 743

Hospitals, funding for 478-9

Hospitals, operating costs 478, 479

Hospitals, public administrators, appointment of 743

Hospitals, rates, per diem rate 479

Hospitals, regional hospital district system 686

Hospitals, regional hospital districts, borrowing by 686

Hospitals, regional hospital districts, chairmanship of 686

Hospitals, sales tax as source of funds for 482

Houston, diagnostic and treatment centre 479

Marijuana, John Munro's statements re use of 788-90

Marijuana, terms used to refer to 789

Medical Act, An Act to Amend (Bill 45) 1R, 594; 683

Medical Act, An Act to Amend 780-1

Medical clinics, cooperative clinics 481

Medical school undergraduates, provision for work by 683

Mental Health Act, 1964, An Act to Amend (Bill 26) 1R, 575; 654

Mental Health Act, 1964, An Act to Amend, proclamation of 654

Mental health units, staffing of 481

Mentally ill persons, apprehension of, provision for 654

Municipalities, borrowing by, interest rate 482

Neptune Bulk Terminals (Canada) Ltd., responsibility for 482

Pacific Great Eastern Railway, extensions 483

Pacific Great Eastern Railway, investment in 483

Physicians, fitness of to continue practice 683

Physicians, professional corporations, names of 683

Physicians, right to practise 780-1

Population of world, increase in 478

Public health services, charges for 749

Regional Hospital Districts Act, An Act to Amend (Bill 69) 1R, 619; 686

Riverview Hospital, physicians, treatment of patients 481

Sewage disposal, funding for, source of funds 482

Suicide, status of as crime under Criminal Code 654

Union boards of health, representation on 749

Union Pacific Railway, construction of 483

Vancouver General Hospital Act, 1902, An Act to Amend (Bill 61) 1R, 594; 685-6, 708

Vancouver General Hospital, administration of, decisions on medical matters 708

Vancouver General Hospital, board of directors, powers and procedures 685-6

Vancouver General Hospital, governing of by private Bill 708

Vancouver General Hospital, role of 708

Vancouver Regional Hospital District, planning for 748

Victoria health unit, boundaries 477

Victoria health unit, cost-sharing formula for 477

Water quality, standards for 481

Log exports

See entries under Lumber trade

Log scaling

See: Forests and forestry — Mensuration

Logan Lake, B.C.

Company town ( (Hartley) 47


Small loggers (Nimsick) 199

Small loggers, role of (Gaglardi) 64


Fisheries resource and logging (McDiarmid) 117

Slash-burning, investigation into (Strachan) 571 (Williston) 571

Slash-burning, recommendation re (Chabot) 770

Long Beach, B.C.

Garbage (McDiarmid) 116

Park, establishment of (Brousson) 221 (Strachan) 223

Park, land purchase for (McDiarmid) 219 (Williams, R.) 219

Squatters, problems with (Williston) 656

Visitors to (McDiarmid) 116

Long-term care facilities

Construction of (Strachan) 176

Construction of, standard plans for (Loffmark) 479

Hospitals for chronic care (Barrett) 18

“Hospitals for Extended Care, A Programme and Design Guide” mentioned (Throne speech) 5

Need for (Williams, L.) 193

Private hospitals, purchase of for long-term care (Strachan) 346

Long-term care of the sick

Alberta, intermediate care and nursing home rates (Wallace) 321

Cost of, case cited (Williams, L.) 193

Elderly, extended care of, financial assistance (Clark) 72-3, 505

Extended-care patients in acute-care beds (Strachan) 176 (Wallace) 320

Intermediate care, cost of (Wallace) 320-1

Intermediate care facilities (Dailly) 308 (Dawson) 441

Nursing home care, cost of, case cited (Clark) 505

Nursing homes (Dailly) 308

Nursing homes, rates, increase in allowance for (Bennett) 238

Longman, Bill

Mentioned: (Capozzi) 760

Longshoremen's strike, 1969

Economy of B.C. and strike (Peterson) 39

Settlement of (Nimsick) 391

Lorimer, James G. (Burnaby-Willingdon)

Address in Reply 65-7

Air pollution, legislation on, proposal re 420

Air pollution, standards for 420

Automobile testing station, Burnaby 66

B.C. Hydro, borrowing by, authorization for 417

B.C. Hydro, debt 417

B.C. Hydro facility, Simon Fraser University, tax on 419

B.C. Hydro property, tax on, payment of 419

British Columbia Professional Foresters Act 695

British Columbia Professional Foresters Act, sending of to committee, proposal re 695

B.C. Vocational School, Burnaby, student parking rates 67

Budget debate 417-20

Budget, pictures on page 29 420

Burnaby Lake as recreational area, proposal for 67

Clydesdale horses, retention of at Oakalla 66-7

Ferries, construction of in B.C. 67

Ferry, purchase of from Sweden 67

Greater Vancouver Regional District, assets of 734

Greater Vancouver Regional District municipalities, borrowing by 734

Housing, Crown land for, proposal for lease of 417

Housing, funding for 418

Housing, funding for, underexpenditure of funds 418

Housing, land for 417

Housing problem 417-8

Jericho Hill School, curriculum 65

Jericho Hill School, facilities 65-6, 66

Jericho Hill School, program for students 65-6

Jericho Hill School, reports on 65, 66

Jericho Hill School, staff 65, 66

Jericho Hill School, students 65, 66

Liquor Control Board property, tax on, payment of 419

Mortgages, second mortgage loans 417

Municipal Act, An Act to Amend 699

Municipal bonds, sale of 418

Municipal borrowing, guarantee for 734

Municipal borrowing, guarantee for, provincial guarantee 734

Municipal borrowing, smaller municipalities, problems re 734

Municipal Finance Authority of British Columbia, An Act to Establish 734-5

Municipal Finance Authority of B.C., opting out of by regional districts 734

Municipal Treatment Plant Assistance Act, An Act to Amend 378

Municipalities, assistance to elsewhere in Canada 419

Municipalities Enabling and Validating Act, An Act to Amend 698

Municipalities, government property, tax on 419

Municipalities, traffic violations fine revenue, loss of 418

Oakalla Prison Farm, phasing out of 67

Pacific Great Eastern Railway, Delta property, tax loss on 419

Pacific Great Eastern Railway, extensions 417

Pacific Great Eastern Railway, investment in 417

Pacific Great Eastern Railway, property holdings 419

Pacific Great Eastern Railway property, tax on, payment of 419

Property tax burden on local taxpayers 418

Regional districts, funds, source of 418

Sewage disposal in lakes, rivers, ocean 420

Sewage treatment plants, assistance to municipalities for 378

Sewage treatment plants, borrowing for, cost of 378

Shipbuilding in B.C., federal subsidy for shipyards 67

Simon Fraser University, land for 419

Simon Fraser University, road access to 420

Simon Fraser University, water supply for 419-20

Universities, property tax, exemption from 419

Water pollution, standards for 420

Welfare rates, increase in 418

Welfare rates, increase in, federal share of cost of 418

Welfare recipients 65

Lornex Mining Corp.

Highland Valley mine (Throne speech) 4

Mentioned: (Williams, R.) 129

Lougheed Highway

See: Highway 7

Luckhurst, James

Mentioned: (McDiarmid) 219

Lumber trade

Log exports (Barrett) 245 (Cocke) 333

Nanaimo, lumber shipments (Ney) 95

Prices (Dowding) 464 (Williston) 265