Province of British Columbia
30th Parliament, 3rd Session
Debates of the Legislative Assembly (Hansard)
September 13 to November 7, 1973


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See: Canadian Broadcasting Corporation


See: Co-operative Commonwealth Federation


See: Case Existological Laboratories Ltd.

CKWX, Vancouver, B.C.

Mentioned: (McClelland) 135


See: Construction Labour Relations Association


See: Canadian Radio-Television Commission


See: Canada — Board of Canadian Steamship Inspection

C.U. and C. Health Services

See: Credit Union and Co-operative Health Services


See: Canadian Union of Public Employees


See: Legislature — Ministers


British Columbia a world leader in field (McClelland) 1395

Cablevision companies make free TV channels available to public (McClelland) 1395-6

Cablevision companies' right to know government's intentions (McClelland) 1395

Calder, Frank Arthur (Atlin)

Committee on Environment and Resources, member 940

Committee on Health, Education and Human Resources, member 940

Committee on Transportation and Communications, member 940

Dismissal from cabinet (Chabot) 18-9 (McClelland) 135-6 (Jordan) 184

Tribute to (Gardom) 159

Caledonian Society

Exempted under section 22 of Human Rights Code of British Columbia Act (Wallace) 1260 (King) 1268

Mentioned: (Anderson, D.A.) 1352 (King) 1352

Cal-Van Caterers Ltd.

Mentioned: (Steves) 156

Camano Sound

Mentioned: (Liden) 69

Camp sites, facilities, etc.

New camp sites in Dewdney constituency (Rolston) 101

Two-tourist system for camp sites needed (Gabelmann) 190

Campbell, Daniel Robert John

Mentioned: (Dent) 100 (McClelland) 134 (Smith) 1076

Campbell River, B.C.

Government agency to be opened (Barrett) 286

Housing needs (Sanford) 632

Canada — Board of Canadian Steamship Inspection

Ferry design, letter to deputy chairman on proposals and reply quoted (Strachan) 261-2

Ferry design, rejection of proposal, qu. (Wallace) 211-2

Ferry design, safety standards not reduced (Strachan) 212

Canada — Coastguard

Safety standards compared to those of American coastguard (Anderson, D.A.) 561

Canada — Food Prices Review Board

Board a catastrophe (Curtis) 273

Canada — National Energy Board

Energy export formula on national basis (Macdonald) 854

Mentioned: (Williams, R.A.) 991 (Smith) 1178

Natural gas export, agreement on reduction needed (Smith) 856, 858

Natural gas export policy criticized (Macdonald) 46

Natural gas shortage referred to board (Macdonald) 111

Ratification of Alberta and Southern Gas Co.'s guarantee of natural gas supply, qu. (Wallace) 1027

Ratification of Westcoast Transmission Co. Ltd.'s guarantee of natural gas supply, qu. (Smith) 908 (Wallace) 1027

Rhodes, James, meetings with, qu. (Smith) 748

Westcoast Transmission service agreement disastrous for B.C. (Macdonald) 145

Canada — National Harbours Board

Investments in B.C. in 1973 (Barrett) 287

Canada — Public Service Commission

Chairman mentioned: (Rolston) 102

Canada — Royal Commission on Dominion-Provincial Relations

Report quoted on B.C. as seller and buyer (McGeer) 269

Canada — Royal Commission on Taxation

Effect of implementation on housing (Nicolson) 658

Canada — Special Senate Committee on Mass Media

Media, concentration of ownership (Lea) 1089

Canada Agricultural Products Standards Act

Beef carcass grading regulations (Stupich) 412

Canada Assistance Plan Act

Interpretation by federal government varied in flexibility (Levi) 137

Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation

Protected deposits in Commonwealth Trust Company (Gardom) 1392

Recommended as protection for credit union deposits (Gardom) 1392

Canada Pension Plan Act

Hutterites and Mennonites allowed exemption from plan (Chabot) 840

Canada Summer Games

Mentioned: (throne speech) 1

Canada Wire and Cable Company

Investments in B.C. in 1973 (Barrett) 287

Canadian Allied Property Investments Limited

Mentioned: (Steves) 156

Canadian Association of Consumers

Changes, reforms effected in packaging food products; synthetic clothing, toys, clothing sizes (Webster) 573 1

Objectives recommended to Consumer Services department (Webster) 575

Canadian Bar Association

Brief from B.C. section on government regulations referred to (Anderson, D.A.) 551

Represented at conferences on labour legislation (King) 50

Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

Consumer representatives from radio at conference on consumer matters (Young) 571

Employment by referred to (Lea) 1088-9

Mentioned: (Wallace) 1-067

Political broadcasting, free time during elections (Lea) 1089

Political leaders' exposure on television, timing (Wallace) 1086-7

Canadian Cellulose Company Limited

Government determination to make financial success (Fraser) 122

Natural gas supply cutback, effect (Macdonald) 45-6

Recovery plant at Prince Rupert, date operative, qu. (Curtis) 1377

Stumpage rates, concessions on rates, etc. (Fraser) 123

Tax appeal at Prince Rupert, government advised on hold-up, qu. (Smith) 851, 1028

Canadian Coastguard

See: Canada — Coastguard

Canadian Consumer

Article on “junk vendors” quoted (Webster) 574

Mentioned: (Young) 799

Canadian Fibreform Limited

Federal grant received by company (Bennett) 222

Canadian Fishing Company

Investments in B.C. in 1973 (Barrett) 287

Major controller of seafood products industry in B.C. (Steves) 156-7

Canadian Folding Cartons

Mentioned: (Steves) 156

Canadian Labour Congress

Mentioned: (Hall) 493, 1321

Ombudsman referred to (Radford) 471

Presidency of CLC Representatives Union referred to (Radford) 471

Canadian Merchant Service Guild

Ferry officers' dues, government assistance to be looked into (Hall) 1321

Ferry officers excluded from membership (Wallace) 964

Canadian National Railways

Agreement with province referred to (Anderson, D.A.) 26

Box car shortage, talks with CNR going on (Barrett) 811

Finances compared to B.C. Railway (Phillips) 1300

MacMillan, Norman J., telegram on rail car shortage quoted (Barrett) 489

Mentioned: (Nunweiler) 1179, 1366, 1367

Rail cars, holding at Prince George for loading (Barrett) 490

Rail cars, withholding may be deliberate (Barrett) 351

Canadian Occidental Petroleum

Investments in B.C. in 1973 (Barrett) 287

Canadian Pacific Airlines

Fares to northern B.C. criticized (Phillips) 302

Mentioned: (McGeer) 263 (Lea) 304

Canadian Pacific Railway

Carrier ship design referred to (Strachan) 563

Mentioned: (Fraser) 123 (Barrett) 490 (Phillips) 1300, 1365, 1366, 1367, 1404

Shares owned, received from Victoria Children's Aid Society (Barrett) 1157, 1169

Tracks along Burrard Inlet essential for transit system (Gabelmann) 191

Weeds on right-of-way in Shuswap not controlled (Lewis) 763

Canadian Petroleum Association

Energy Commission report, similarities to association's report (Smith) 854-5

Canadian Radio-Television Commission

Government negotiations with, qu. (McClelland) 1395

Mentioned: (Williams, L.A.) 1085

Canadian Standards Association

Commended for work on safety of merchandise (Phillips) 800

Canadian Stevedoring Co. Ltd.

Mentioned: (Steves) 156

Canadian Union of Public Employees

Conflict involving supervisory personnel (McClelland) 982

Mentioned: (Hall) 1384


See: Canadian Cellulose Limited

Cancer Institute, Vancouver B.C.

Mentioned: (Wallace) 1110

Canoes and canoeing

Canoe routes, survey by Parks Branch suggested (Gabelmann) 190

Capital investments

Decrease during past year (Chabot) 17 (Richter) 278, 280

Increase during year (Barrett) 287

Capital News, Kelowna, B.C.

Mentioned: (Chabot) 18

Capozzi, Harold Peter (Herb)

Mentioned: (McGeer) 270

Capozzi, Herb

See: Capozzi, Harold Peter (Herb)

Care of the sick

Definitions of levels of care (Committee on Social Welfare and Education report) 235

Cariboo district, B.C.

Stumpage rates, effect of increase on economy (Fraser) 121-3

Cariboo Regional District, B.C.

Refusal to hold public hearings on land-use reserve (McClelland) 132

Regional Planning Board's land-use contracts not honoured by government (McGeer) 630

Carr, Emily

Emily Carr House in Victoria (Anderson, D.A.) 1068

Carrothers, Alfred W.R.

Mentioned: (Gardom) 1103

Quoted on right to union membership (King) 816

Recommendations on collective bargaining for civil servants (Barrett) 966-7


See: Automobiles

Carter Commission on taxation

See: Canada — Royal Commission on Taxation

Case Existological Laboratories Ltd.

Ferry design, estimate submitted (Strachan) 168 (Anderson, D.A.) 1400

Ferry design specifications differentiated from those given American firm, qu. (Anderson, D.A.) 1306

Letters from Peter Hart to W.B. Weston tabled (Anderson, D.A.) 1309

Mentioned: (Anderson, D.A.) 1253

Cass-Beggs, David

Statement on power shortage in U.S. quoted in Province, Vancouver, B.C. (Smith) 431

Statement on use of hydrocarbons to create energy referred to (Phillips) 1136

Casson, William

Mentioned: (Nicolson) 657

Caterpillar Tractor Company

Finning Tractor sole distributor in B.C. (Lewis) 579

Mentioned: (Kelly) 577

Central Hotel, Vancouver, B.C.

Renovation of hotel to provide low cost housing (Barnes) 228 (Nicolson) 662

Central Interior Loggers Association

Criticism of Labour Code of British Columbia Act (Anderson, D.A.) 699

Central Mortgage and Housing Corporation

Mentioned: (Gabelmann) 533

Statistics on housing starts (Nicolson) 594

Chabot, James Roland (Columbia River)

Address in Reply 16-25

Azad, Ranjit Singh, appointment as Associate Deputy Minister of Labour 24

British Columbia Ferry employees should be separate bargaining unit 24

British Columbia Ferry service should be declared non-strike area 24-5

British Columbia Ferry strike, settlement criticized 23-4

British Columbia Railway strike, economic repercussions 715-6

British Columbia Railway strike, negotiations, qu. 615, 847

British Columbia Railway strike, resumption of service, qu. 690

British Columbia Railway strike settlement 25

British Columbia Railway strike threatened 3-4, 7-8

British Columbia Railway, unratified agreements leading to further strikes, qu. 690

British Steel Corporation steel mill in B.C. 17

By-election in South Okanagan 17-8

Calder, Frank A., dismissal as Minister referred to 18-9

Civil service, patronage by government 20

Committee on Environment and Resources, member 940

Committee on Labour and Justice, member 940

Conservative Party leadership, article in Province, Vancouver, B.C., quoted 18

Davis, Hon. Jack, relationship with Premier 19

Deputy Ministers, demotions, salaries 20

Domestic Animal Protection Act 543

Farm Income Assurance Act 680, 724, 727-8, 732, 736-7

Forest industry economic controls or sanctions by government, qu. 167

Foulkes, Richard, report, date available, qu. 1307

Glenshiel Hotel, phasing out present function, qu. 654

Glenshiel Hotel, tabling of papers and correspondence, qu. 653

Hawker-Siddeley's proposed secondary industry in B.C. 17

Haynes, Ray, resignation from Judicial Council 24

Housing, Department of, Act 1181-2, 1182, 1219-20, 1221-2, 1232-3

Investment capital in B.C. decreased 17

Johannessen, Donald, appointment, salary criticized 20

Kin-Basket Lake as name for Mica Reservoir supported 19-20

Kinnaird, James, appointment 224

Labour Code of British Columbia Act 400-2, 438-40, 6946, 696-7, 697, 698, 702, 715-6; 815, 817, 825, 828-9, 839-40, 842, 883, 886-7, 888, 898-9, 901, 917, 937, 980-1, 981-2, 983, 983-4, 985, 986-7, 994, 1000-1, 1017-8, 1022-3, 1031-2, 1032

Labour legislation and recognition of religious freedom 22-3

Legislative Buildings, repairs, restoration 21

Legislative chamber, redecoration of ceiling approved 20

Liberal Party and plan 7-3-1, qu. 348

Lumber trade, two-price system, qu. 167

McClelland, Alex, Workmen's Compensation Board pension, qu. 47

Mica Reservoir, renaming as McNaughton Lake opposed 19

Mines and Petroleum Resources, Department of, Act 1129-31

New Democratic Party's fund-raising dinner in Vancouver, qu. 521, 555

Paish report, punitive action against those involved in leak to press, qu. 433

Plateau Sawmills, government takeover referred to 17, 20

Point Roberts, water supply, qu. 7455

Premier, Ministers, salaries: criticized 20-1

Premier's suite, reconstruction, qu. 617

Prince Rupert port development and report on damage to fisheries, qu. 393

Prince Rupert port development, federal-provincial sharing of costs, qu. 393

Prince Rupert port facilities, province's capital commitments, qu. 433

Privilege — filing of agreement on northern railway development in House 107

Public Service Labour Relations Act 969-71, 1314-5

Ministers' monitoring of phone calls 21-2

Ministers' offices, costs of renovations 21

Rickinson, Ray, tribute to 347

Special Committee on Privileges hearing, tabling of minutes in House 1381

Special Committee on Privileges, member (Macdonald) 1304

Special Committee on Privileges to examine statements made in House by Mr. Robert H. McClelland against Hon. R.M. Strachan, M. 1281, 1282, 1284

Statute Law Amendment Act, 1973 (Second Session) 1392, 1393

Union dues, letter from Rosemary Brown on payment quoted 22

United Transportation Union, wage increase demanded 3

Warren, Derril, and leadership of Conservative Party referred to 18

Weather Modification Activity Act 1344


Anglican Minister, ordained but not presently gazetted as one (Dent) 674

Chairman and Deputy Chairman, rulings and statements

Bill, committee stage of

Amendment affecting principle of bill out of order 923

Amendment to delete section out of order 981, 994

Amendment in writing and signed, must be handed to Chairman when moved 699, 700

Keeping to amendment under discussion 420, 735, 736, 822, 886, 893, 898, 991, 1017, 1018, 1185, 1189, 1200, 1201, 1202, 1203, 1204, 1205, 1206, 1207, 1208, 1225, 1230, 1231

Keeping to section under discussion 668, 669, 670, 671, 673, 680, 682, 683, 711, 715, 716, 722, 729, 730, 796, 805, 806, 1152, 1218, 1365, Members not to propose legislation 806

Rules of House cannot be suspended 700, 711, 1334

Implying unworthy conduct 730

Interjections, interruptions 674, 712, 730, 805, 1005, 1189, 1373

Irrelevance, repetition 670, 671, 673, 674-5, 677

Language, inflammatory language 797, 887
“guts” 1190
“phony” 829

Member/Members. Recognition by Chair 807

Should address remarks through Chair 552, 674, 722, 729, 730, 800, 826, 887, 898, 1005, 1189, 1216, 1225, 1376

Privilege Matter of privilege cannot be raised in committee 888

Ruling on principal responsibility of Members cannot be made in committee 732

Champlain Heights, Vancouver, B.C.

Housing development (Webster) 600 (Nicolson) 660

Change of sex

Vital Statistics Act, An Act to Amend. See name of act

Chaplin, Charles

Modern Times film referred to (Barrett) 1151


Wood waste as source of energy (Rolston) 102

Charlie, Rose

Meeting with (Levi) 791, 793 (Jordan) 792

Chavez, Caesar

Mentioned: (Steves) 707

Chazottes, M.L. (Chief of Hansard)

Appreciation expressed to him (Curtis) 1413


Surtax applied to protect price of B.C. cherries (Stupich) 363

Children, Adopted

Adoption Act, An Act to Amend. See name of act

Reunions with natural parents, problems (Jordan) 388

Reunions with natural parents under consideration (Levi) 386-7

Children's Aid Society, Victoria, B.C.

Shares taken over by government (Barrett) 1157, 1169


Military coup (Gabelmann) 188

Recognition by Canada, NDP's opposition and disapproval (Barrett) 521

Recognition by Canada, NDP's stand on matter, qu. (Anderson, D.A.) 521

Recognition by Canada, provincial government's contacts with Ottawa on, qu. (Wallace) 520

Chilliwack, B.C.

Government agency to be opened (Barrett) 286


Chiropractic treatment, coverage by Medicare (Gabelmann) 192

Chretien, Hon. Jean

Mentioned: (Lea) 394

Christensen, J.V.

Mentioned: (Barrett) 1098 (Cocke) 1114

Christian Labour Association of Canada

Mentioned: (Radford) 471

Christina Lake, B.C.

Beach access from public road, qu. (Richter) 45

Beach access, offer by government (Williams, R.A.) 45

Civil Defence Act

Black Ball Ferries Ltd. expropriated by regulation under Act (Williams, L.A.) 1235

Civil Rights

Human Rights Code of British Columbia Act. See name of act

Human rights legislation during session, qu. (McGeer) 364A

Civil Service

Adversary system in labour-management relations criticized (Anderson. D.A.) 31

Deputy Ministers, demotions, effect on morale (Fraser) 124

Deputy Ministers, demotions, salaries (Chabot) 20

Essential services, limiting right to strike (Anderson, D.A.) 30

Four-hour strike in 1958 referred to (Barrett) 966

Government appointments, demotions criticized (McClelland) 133-4

Labour relations bill to be considered (throne speech) 2

Morale in public service (Rolston) 102

Patronage by NDP government (Chabot) 20 (McGeer) 264-5 (Richter) 279

Public Service Act. See name of act

Public Service Labour Relations Act. See name of act

Right to strike, alternative suggested (Wallace) 39

Salaries criticized (Richter) 279

Tribute to (Hall) 953

Working conditions, pay (Lewis) 82-3

Civil Service Act

Renamed Public Service Act (Hall) 1312

Civil Service Commission

Sexual discrimination in pay, instructions to eliminate, qu. (McGeer) 1028

Civil Service pensions

Public Service Superannuation Act, An Act to Amend. See name of act

Clappison Packers Ltd.

Expansion plans referred to (Rolston) 755

Clark, Barrie

Tribute to (McGeer) 665

Mentioned: (McClelland) 135

Clark, Lewis J.

The Wildflowers of British Columbia presented to Hon. Daniel J. Evans (Barrett) 787

Clean Seas Canada Limited

Retained to clean up oil spill in Vancouver harbour (Barrett) 207

Clearing of land

Slash burning and danger of fire (McGeer) 267

Slash burning cause of air pollution (McGeer) 267

Slash burning permits in Kamloops forest district, qu. (Anderson, D.A.) 16

Clothing and dress

Price of clothing, need for in north (Kelly) 224

Clyne, John Valentine

Mentioned: (Chabot) 971

Clyne commission on expropriation

See: Royal Commission on Expropriation


Energy resource available in province (Smith) 148

See also: Sukunka coal

Coal mines and mining — Safety measures

Coal Mines Regulation Act, An Act to Amend. See name of act

Coal Mines Regulation Act, An Act to Amend

(Bill 95) (Minister of Mines and Petroleum Resources) 1R, 1028; 2R, 1141-2; C, 1331, 3R, 1382; RA, 1413

Speakers: (2R) Nimsick 1141; Richter 1141; (C) Nimsick 1331

Amdt. (sec. 18) (Nimsick) 1331. Approved 1331


See: Canada — Coastguard; United States — Coast Guard

Cocke, Hon. Dennis Geoffrey, Minister of Health Services and Hospital Insurance (New Westminster)

Acupuncture under study 319

Committee on Health, Education and Human Resources, member 940

Committee reports, minority position never previously filed in House 300

Consumer Services, Department of, Act 804

Extended care charge, assessment committee to reduce in cases of financial hardship 292

Extended care charge raised for all patients on Mincome 292

Farm Income Assurance Act 734-5

Foulkes, Richard, report not to be released to BCHA annual meeting 350

Foulkes, Richard, report available about November 28 1307

Health Services and Hospital Insurance, Department of, Act, An Act to Amend (Bill 39) 1R, 365A;412

Hospital Act, An Act to Amend 1272-3, 1290-1

Hospital Insurance Act, An Act to Amend 776

Human Tissue Gift Act, An Act to Amend 1R, 429;538, 539

Intermediate care costs to be carried by government as soon as possible 293

Labour Code of British Columbia Act 507-9, 932, 996, 1011-2

Lakelse Hot Springs Resort, closing 745

McClelland, Robert, minority report of Committee on Social Welfare and Education filed in House 345, 346

Medical Centre of British Columbia Act (Bill 81)

1R, 815; 1049, 1095, 1113-5, 1329, 1345, 1346

Medical Grant Act, An Act to Amend 1R, 13; 314-5

Medical plans, carriers in one organization by July, 1975 315

Medical Services, An Act to Amend an Act Respecting 1R, 45; 315-6, 318-9

Medicare premiums, eligibility for assistance 315

Medicare, preventive work to be provided for 315

Medicare, savings to be made by integrating carriers 319

Mental Health Act, An Act to Amend 1R, 880; 1053, 1054

Personal Information Reporting Act 665

Registered Nurses Act, An Act to Amend 1298

Richmond Heights Private Hospital, purchase announced 292-3

Richmond Heights Private Hospital to be administered by Juan de Fuca Hospital Society 319

Shaughnessy Military Hospital, negotiations on acquisition 850

Shortliffe report will not be released to House 522

Smoking in Public Places, An Act to Limit 951

Vital Statistics Act, An Act to Amend 1R, 1255; 1339

Codyre, Pat

Mentioned: (Wallace) 1233


See: Columbia Cellulose Limited

Cole, Hon. Bert

Introduced to House (Hall) 783

Collective bargaining

Labour Code of British Columbia Act. See name of act

Negotiations for first contracts, change in law needed (Brown) 125

Right to free collective bargaining (King) 50

College of Physicians and Surgeons of British Columbia

Functions referred to (Wallace) 1291, 1292, 1293

Colonist, Victoria, B.C.

British Columbia Federation of Labour statement on Labour Code of British Columbia Act quoted (Anderson, D.A.) 422

Coloured Gasoline Tax Act, An Act to Amend

(Bill 25) (Minister of Finance) 1R, 233; 2R, 410-1; C, 769-70; 3R, 770; RA, 1413

Speakers: (2R) Anderson, D.A. 410; Barrett 410, 411; Morrison 410 (C) Anderson, D.A. 769, 770; Barrett 769, 770

Definition by regulation criticized (Anderson, D.A.) 410

Definition possible in terms of calorific value (Anderson, D.A.) 410

Natural gas used by pipeline pumping stations subject to tax (Barrett) 410

Sec. 1 “Gallon” definition, use of calorific value to measure (Anderson, D.A.) 769
Use of measurement most appropriate at this time (Barrett) 769

Sec. 3 Choice of 3 cents a gallon questioned (Anderson, D.A.) 770

Columbia Brewing Company Limited

Investments in B.C. in 1973 (Barrett) 287

Columbia Cellulose Company

Assessment repealed to court of revision (Smith) 150-1

Company's failure to get value from resource (Nunweiler) 218

Mentioned: (Webster) 62 (Chabot) 167

Tax agreement with City of Prince Rupert (Smith) 150-1

Transfers of timber quotas, etc. (Smith) 151

Trade union, local representation on board of directors (Dent) 99

Columbia River, B.C.

Flooding of valley and previous government's failure to provide a housing programme (King) 648, 656

Columbia River Treaty

Presentations being prepared relative to Canada-British Columbia agreement (Barrett) 520

Renegotiation, steps being taken, qu. (McGeer) 520

Cominco Limited

Copper smelter and government delays, qu. (Anderson, D.A.) 111

Corporate profits, increase (Barrett) 284

Mentioned: (Richter) 1123 (Chabot) 1130, 1131

Natural gas supply cutback, effect (Macdonald) 45-6 362A

Commercial finance companies

Advertisements pressure borrowers into consolidating loans (Webster) 308

Finance companies should be abolished by legislation (Anderson, G.H.) 307

Poor people are driven to loan companies (Webster) 307-8

Commercial Transport, Department of

Abolished (Strachan) 526

Commercial Transport, Department of, Act, See name of Act

Commercial- Transport, Department of, Act, An Act to Amend

(Bill 30) (Minister of Transport and Communications) 1R, 491; 2R, 526-7; C, 794; 3R, 794; RA, 1413

Speakers: (2R) Morrison 526; Phillips 527; Strachan 526; Williams, L.A. 526

Licence plates and insurance coverage, qu. (Morrison) 526

Mobile homes being used to transport freight (Williams, L.A.) 526

Pilot cars for wide loads, licensing, equipment standards (Phillips) 527

Trailer width, increase will not be allowed (Strachan) 526

Truck trailers and semi-trailers transient in B.C., licensing and collecting of fees (Strachan) 526

Commercial vehicles

Pilot cars for wide loads, licensing, equipment standards (Phillips) 527

Trailer width, increase will not be allowed (Strachan) 526

Commerzbank AG

Ready to lend money to province (Barrett) 286

Commission on Education

Students in remote areas, study of possible aid (Lockstead) 301

University government paper to go before public (Dailly) 1380

University government paper to go to committee on education, qu. (Wallace) 1380

University without walls under study (Rolston) 101-2

Committee on privileges

See: Legislature — Special Committee on Privileges

Commonwealth Construction Company Ltd.

Contract for supervision of construction of claim centres (Phillips) 651-2

“Project management method” contract for construction of claims centre (Strachan) 688

Commonwealth Parliamentary Association

Attendance at Quebec conference (Richter) 276

Skelly, Robert Evans, attendance at conference (Hall) 1412

Commonwealth Trust Company

Deposits up to $20,000 insured by Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation (Gardom) 1392

Inspector of Trust Companies' report, tabling -in House would have averted losses (Gardom) 411

Mentioned: (Barrett) 83 (Hall) 412 (Gardom) 653

Mentioned in connection with “guarantee” (Gardom) 804


Communication between government departments (Rolston) 102

Communication and traffic

Transport and Communications, Department of, Act. See name of act

Communication Workers of America

Union member (Young) 453

Community Legal Assistance Society

Consumer education (Webster) 574

Represented at conference on consumer matters (Young) 571

Community Recreational Facilities Fund Appropriation Act

(Bill 117) (Minister of Finance) 1R, 1255; 2R, 1339-42; C, 1388-90; 3R, 1390; RA, 1413

Speakers: (2R) Barrett 1339, 1341-2; Curtis 1340-1; McGeer 1339-40; Phillips 1340-1 (C) Barrett 1389, 1389-90; Curtis 1390; McClelland 1389; Richter 1390; Wallace 1389

Additional $5.5 million to be spent (Barrett) 1339

Applications and grants, speed in processing and approving commended (Curtis) 1390

Golf courses and recreational activity (Curtis) 1341

Golf courses, conditions to be met for tax relief (Barrett) 1341-2, 1389

Golf courses, Premier's reconsideration of tax increase (Wallace) 1389

Golf courses, tax relief (Wallace) 1389 (Barrett) 1389, 1390 (McClelland) 1389, 1390 (Richter) 1390

Legislation supported (McGeer) 1339-40 (Phillips) 1340 (Curtis) 1340-1 (Wallace) 1389

Operational grants (Curtis) 1341

Premier complimented (Wallace) 1389

Travel allowance for students and teams in north needed (Phillips) 1340

Community resource centres

Programme introduced (Anderson, G.H.) 10


See: Corporations

Companies Act

Mentioned: (Williams, L.A.) 473 (Gardom) 1044

Provisions for accountability referred to (Gardom) 1043

Regulations not printed, prosecution of defaulters under regulations, qu. (Gardom) 364A

Companies Act, An Act to Amend

(Bill 115) (Attorney General) 1R, 1255; 2R, 1311; C, 1383; 3R, 1383; RA, 1413

Speakers: (2R) Macdonald 1311

Concordia Construction Inc.

Purchase or lease of Dawson School site (Barnes) 232

Condominium (Housing)

Vancouver freeze on apartment conversions (Rolston) 104

Conflict of interests (Public office), Conflict of interest and public disclosure legislation needed (Curtis) 273

Public Officials' Disclosure Act. See name of act

Con-Force Ltd.

Awarded pre-cast concrete contract for Insurance Corporation of B.C. claims centres (Strachan) 688

Connaghan, Charles J.

Criticism ofsection 76 of Labour Code of British Columbia Act (Chabot) 1022 (King) 1023

Connors Bros. Limited

Mentioned: (Steves) 156

Connors, Lewis, and Son

Mentioned: (Steves) 156

Conscience clause

See; Trade unions

Conservative Party

Advertisement for research assistant (Wallace) 1259

MacLeod, Kenneth, chosen on basis of merit (Wallace) 36

Construction Labour Relations Association

Brief on technological change referred to (Anderson, D.A.) 1019, 1020

Represented at conferences on labour legislation (King) 50

Consumer Action League

Represented at conference on consumer matters (Young) 571

Consumer Association of Canada

Co-operation with association to continue (Young) 586

Represented at conference on consumer matters (Young) 571

Consumer Credit Disclosure Protection Act

(Bill 73) (Curtis) 1R, 593. Withdrawn 1154

Consumer education

Programme to discourage unnecessary consumption needed (Sanford) 12

Mortgages, educational programme needed (Brousson) 57

Consumer protection

Consumer affairs department welcomed (Brousson) 57

Consumer Services Act, Department of. See name of act

Legislation protecting consumers and sellers of goods and services needed (Curtis) 273

Legislation to be introduced (throne speech) 2

Protection for suppliers, e.g. grocers, must be provided (Schroeder) 55-6

Store-front consumer advisory offices advocated (Brousson) 57

Strong action by Minister needed (Anderson, D.A.) 31

Consumer Protection Act

Criticized (Young) 570-1

Consumer Reports

Automobile ratings should be consulted (Young) 587

Mentioned: (Young) 799 (Jordan) 801

Consumer Services, Department of, Act

(Bill 48) (Young) 1R, 485; 2R, 570-89; C, 794-807, 1054; 3R, 1382; RA, 1413

Speakers: (2R) Curtis 576; Gardom 582-3; Gorst 580; Kelly 576-8; Lewis 579-80; McGeer 575-6; Phillips 583-5; Rolston 580-2; Schroeder 572-3; Steves 582; Wallace 578-9; Webster 573-5; Young 570-2, 585-9 (C) Anderson, D.A. 795; Cocke 804; Curtis 801; Gardom 804-5; Hartley 797; Jordan 794, 797-8, 801-2, 803; Macdonald 803; McGeer 794, 802; Phillips 796-7, 799 800-1. 803, 804, 805-6, 1054; Schroeder 796; Williams, L.A. 805; Young 794, 798-9, 799-800, 802-3, 805

Amdt. (Sec. 2 (3) (McGeer) 794. Approved 796

Advertising could be a concern of department (Gorst) 580

Advertising, use of misleading ads in election campaign (Phillips) 583-5

Apples, B.C. products, liaison with Agriculture department (Young) 588

Apples, the best not offered for sale in province (Gardom) 583

Automobiles, B.C. should have its own standards (Kelly) 577

Automobiles, ratings in Consumer Reports should be consulted (Young) 587

British Columbia cookery, one distinctive regional dish needed (Gardom) 583

Canadian Association of Consumers, changes, reforms effected (Webster) 573

Canadian Association of Consumers, co-operation with to continue (Young) 586

Canadian Association of Consumers' objectives recommended to department (Webster) 575

Conference of groups concerned with consumer matters, recommendations (Young) 571

Consumer Action League brief on proposed department (Webster) 573

Consumer affairs office, complaints handled (Young) 571

Consumer complaints, 75 per cent found to be valid (Young) 586

Consumer education (Young) 571, 572 (Rolston) 581

Consumer education important facet of department's work (Young) 587-8

Consumer legislation, need for examination and consolidation (Young) 571, 572

Consumer movement, origins (Young) 570

Consumer protection, danger of undue investigation pointed out (Wallace) 578

“Consumer's Compensation Act” suggested, explained (Gorst) 580

Consumers, redress through other avenues than the courts (Young) 571

Energy used in manufacture, labeling of products with amount (Young) 588

Farm equipment, breakdowns, lack of replacement parts (Kelly) 578 (Lewis) 579

Farm equipment, safety (Young) 587

Farm equipment, study being done on replacement parts (Young) 587

Federal-provincial co-operation essential (McGeer) 575

Federal-provincial co-operation, no provision in Act (Wallace) 579

Finning Tractor's monopoly on distribution of Caterpillar tractors (Lewis) 579

Food costs and the vertical integration of the food industry (Steves) 582

Food prices, factors involved (Young) 586

Food prices, suggestions for reducing (Steves) 582

Gasoline and oil prices, variations in province (Lewis) 579

General Motors and Firenza car referred to (Young) 572, 588

Legislation criticized for not spelling our details (Curtis) 576

Legislation passed by former government criticized (Young) 570-1

Light bulbs, age of those in Parliament Buildings (Young) 587

Light bulbs, quality should be looked into (Kelly) 577

Liquor bottles in re-usable shapes suggested (Gardom) 583

Liquor bottles, recycling (Young) 588

Liquor bottles, refunds for all liquor containers suggested (Gardom) 583

Liquor store price changes on wine (Wallace) 578

Logging equipment, breakdowns, lack of proving ground in B.C. (Kelly) 577

Logging equipment, need for research (Young) 587

Merchants, contact with on consumer complaints (Young) 586

Merchants should be allowed to give their side in consumer complaints (Curtis) 576

Minister warned against making general statements of condemnation (Phillips) 584-5

Minister's duties and powers not outlined (Schroeder) 572

Mobile home field spanning several departments, statutes (Young) 571

Mobile homes, lack of quality in construction (Rolston) 581

Obsolescence built into household goods (Steves) 582

Packaging, cost, wastefulness (Steves) 582

Peterson, Leslie, quoted on Consumer Protection Act (Young) 571

Provincial governments, liaison excellent (Young) 586

Quality deterioration and purchase of B.C. companies by American firms (Rolston) 581

Regional branches throughout province (Steves) 582

Regional offices planned (Young) 588

Rights of individuals and investigations by department (Young) 587

Trade and business associations, lack of power to deal with non-members (Young) 572

Used car dealers regulated by legislation (Phillips) 583

Warranties (Schroeder) 572

Warranties, problem of responsibility (Young) 572

Warranty situation under study in Ontario (Young) 585-6

Weights and measures a federal responsibility (Young) 585

Sec. 2 (3) “he” deleted and “the Minister” substituted. Amdt. (McGeer) Approved 796

Sec. 5 Australia's consumer legislation commended (Young) 798
Capitalistic countries producers of best goods in world (Gardom) 805
Consumer Ministers' conference in Quebec City helpful (Young) 799
Educational programme on harmful effects of tobacco (Phillips) 1054
Federal department, close co-operation with (Young) 805
Federal department, co-operation with, qu. (Williams, L.A.) 805
“guarantee” only as good as worth of guarantor (Gardom) 804
Investigating limited to door-to-door organizations, etc. (Young) 805
Investigative branch, qu. (Williams, L.A.) 805
Merchandise, improvement in past 10 years (Phillips) 804
Minister must set example of saving money, resources (Young) 799
Minister's inflammatory statements criticized (Jordan) 798
Minister's irresponsible statements and possible court action (Jordan) 802
Ontario's consumer affairs department criticized (Jordan) 798
Oregon's legislation on unsolicited phone calls (Young) 798
Public must be educated and warned about shoddy merchandise (Macdonald) 803
Responsibility of dealer or manufacturer for merchandise (Young) 802 (Jordan) 803
Testing bureau for merchandise, qu. (Williams, L.A.) 805
Testing to be done by private laboratories, agencies, or B.C. Research Council (Young) 805
Tobacco advertising ban, repeal referred to (Phillips) 806

Sec. 5 (b) “elsewhere” authorizes Minister to travel anywhere in world (Phillips) 797

Sec. 5 (d) Brand names may be used in teaching quality (Young) 799-800
Brand names may be used when safety is a factor (Young) 800
Canadian Standards Association sets safety standards (Phillips) 800
Education, confining to legislation and consumers' rights (Phillips) 799


Government's disdain for sanctity of agreements (Richter) 279

Government's failure to honour contracts (Phillips) 91

Government's obligation to honour contracts of previous government (McGeer) 629

Contracts, Letting of

Procedure followed in construction of claim centres (Phillips) 652

Tendering practices of government, case cited (Brousson) 60


See: Prisoners


Distinctive British Columbia dish needed (Gardom) 583

Co-operative apartment houses

See: Apartment houses, Co-operative

Co-operative Commonwealth Federations

Pioneers of party, tribute to (Barrett) 289

Co-operative fisheries

See: Fisheries, Co-operative

Co-operative societies

Bankruptcies during previous 20 years (Hartley) 1079

Food co-ops and co-operative wholesale food outlets (Steves) 158

Pacific North Coast Native Co-operative Loan Act. See name of act

Co-operative stores

See: Co-operative societies

Copper industry and trade

Cominco smelter and government delays, qu. (Anderson, D.A.) 111

Copper deposit in Atlin, exploitation (Dent) 99

Smelter at Kitimat (Dent) 99

Subsidy programme for smelters, qu. (Anderson, D A.) 111

Corporation Capital Tax Act, An Act to Amend

(Bill 21) (Minister of Finance) 1R, 233; 2R, 402; C, 768; 3R, 768; RA, 1413

Speakers: (2R) Barrett 402; Morrison 402

Crown corporations should have no special advantages (Morrison) 402

Crown corporations, with or without share capital, included under Act (Barrett) 402

Insurance companies included under Act (Barrett) 402


Accountability of corporations, Crown or private, necessary (McGeer) 403

Companies Act, An Act to Amend. See name of Act

See also Government corporations

Corporations — Taxation

Corporation Capital Tax Act, An Act to Amend. See name of act

Income Tax Act An Act to Amend. See name of Act

Corporations, International

Multi-national food corporations (Steves) 155-6

Corrections Act, An Act to Amend

(Bill 24) (Attorney General) 1R, 259; 2R, 323-44; C, 768; 3R, 768; RA, 1413

Speakers: (2R) Anderson, D.A. 333-5; Barnes 338-40; Barrett 341-4; Brown 328-9; Curtis 331; Dent 336-8; Gardom 325-6; Macdonald 323-5, 344; Nimsick 338; Rolston 331-3; Sanford 335-6; Smith 325, 337; Wallace 326-8; Webster 340-1; Williams, L.A. 329-31

Civil liberties infringed in police intercession before crime committed (Barrett) 342

Commission of inquiry, report (Anderson, D.A.) 334

Community involvement, resources and guidance will be needed (Dent) 338

Corrections Branch, programme for public enlightenment on aims needed (Barnes) 339

Corrections Branch, relations with judges improved (Macdonald) 344

Corrections Branch, work with courts on rehabilitation (Williams, L.A.) 330

Corrections service, neglect in past (Williams, L.A.) 329

Crime detection, improvement needed (Dent) 337

Crime prevention, more counselling needed in schools (Nimsick) 338

Crime rate high in B.C. (Anderson, D.A.) 333

Crime statistics compared to population growth (Macdonald) 323

Criminals, importance of work experience in rehabilitation (Rolston) 333

Criminals, transient criminals (Dent) 337

Deputy Minister of Corrections responsible to Attorney General (Macdonald) 323

Deputy Minister reporting to first Deputy Minister criticized (Anderson, D.A.) 335

Director of Community Corrections (Macdonald) 325

Director of probation to mobilize volunteers, organizations, etc. (Macdonald) 324-5

Director of Specialized Programmes, responsibilities (Macdonald) 325

Director of Standards to be ombudsman for complaints (Macdonald) 325

Drug addicts considered a health problem (Macdonald) 344

Drugs and crime (Wallace) 326

Employees, change in status, powers under Act (Macdonald) 325

Executive Director of Institutional Correction appointed (Macdonald) 325

Fines, imprisonment for failure to pay should remain for serious offences (Wallace) 327

Fines, poor imprisoned for inability to pay (Macdonald) 324

Medication used on unco-operative prisoners (Brown) 329

Organized crime, different treatment for such criminals (Dent) 337

Parole, concept must be explained to public (Anderson, D.A.) 334

Parole critical in reform of prisoners (Anderson, D.A.) 334

Parole, judicial consultation in serious crimes should not be abandoned (Gardom) 325

Parole not dealt with in Act (Anderson, D.A.) 335

Parole, risks involved (Barrett) 343

Police image in community, need for improvement (Barrett) 343

Police powerless to prevent crimes they know will be committed (Curtis) 331

Prison courses often longer than prisoners' sentences (Webster) 340

Prison custodial officers, ratio to prisoners compared to parole officers' ratio (Macdonald) 324

Prison personnel deserve sabbatical leave (Barrett) 341

Prison personnel must be given all necessary protection (Wallace) 327

Prison personnel, provision of funds to hire the best (Dent) 336

Prison personnel, qualifications (Barnes) 340

Prisoners, costs per year (Macdonald) 324

Prisoners, employment during last three months of sentence (Wallace) 327

Prisoners, men outnumbering women, explanation needed (Dent) 337

Prisons, large correctional institutions opposed (Macdonald) 325

Probation, community support services inadequate (Macdonald) 324

Probation for young offenders (Dent) 337

Public protection and rehabilitation of criminals (Dent) 336

Public protection cardinal aim of jail sentences (Macdonald) 324

Rehabilitation, public involvement at community level needed (Barnes) 340

Rehabilitation, work programme suggested (Barnes) 340

Seminars involving police, social welfare and corrections people (Macdonald) 344

Stigma attached to ex-prisoners, public educational programme needed (Sanford) 335

Volunteers, use by Corrections Branch (Williams, L.A.) 329

Cosby, Bill

Mentioned: (Gardom) 164

Cottonwood River, B.C.

Oil pipeline spill in area (Nunweiler) 215

Coulthard, T. Lionel

Pollution control work referred to (Williams, R.A.) 747

Council of Forest Industries of British Columbia

See: British Columbia Council of Forest Industries

Country Life

Article on brief from B.C. Federation of Agriculture referred to (Phillips) 366, 363A

County courts

County Courts Act, An Act to Amend. See name of act

Jurisdiction should be increased to $10, 000 (Gardom) 999

County Courts Act, An Act to Amend

(Bill 89) (Attorney General) 1R, 911; 2R, 999; C, 1364; 3R, 1364; RA, 1413

Speakers: (2R) Gardom 999; Macdonald 999

County court judges given full powers when visiting another county (Macdonald) 999

County courts, chief of Supreme Court of B.C. to have general superintendence over (Macdonald) 999

County courts, jurisdiction should be increased to $10,000 (Gardom) 999

County courts, senior judge in Vancouver only (Macdonald) 999

County Courts Act, An Act to Amend

(Bill 90) (Gardom) 1R, 911


Corrections Branch, relations with judges improved (Macdonald) 344

Corrections Branch, work with courts on rehabilitation (Williams, L.A.) 330

See also County courts; Supreme court

Creber, George

Directorships (Steves) 155-6

Credit — Information services

See: Credit bureaus

Credit, Agricultural

See: Agricultural credit

Credit bureaus

Credit-rating reporting, need for regulation (Macdonald) 143-4

Personal Information Reporting Act. See name of Act

Credit information services

See: Credit bureaus

Credit Union and Co-operative Health Services

Integrated into one organization by July, 1975 (Cocke) 315

Credit Union Reserve Board

Mentioned: (Macdonald) 1392

Credit unions

See: Banks and banking, Co-operative

Credit Unions Act

Mentioned: (Macdonald) 1392

Crestbrook Forest Industries

Minister's statement, no effect on company (Barrett) 1158

Shares depressed, effect of Minister's statement, qu. (Smith) 1158

Crime and criminals

Community values differ regarding criminal actions (Dent) 338

Crime associated with drug abuse (Wallace) 326

Mission crime wave, action by Attorney General, qu. (Wallace) 1059, 1308

Organized crime, different treatment of such criminals (Dent) 337

Transient criminals (Dent) 337

Crime detection

See: Criminal investigation

Crime prevention

Civil liberties infringed in police intercession before crime committed (Barrett) 342

Counselling in schools, more could be done (Nimsick) 338

Police powerless to prevent crimes they know will be committed (Curtis) 331

Criminal Code — Canada

Criminal Code should be re-examined (Barrett) 343

Criminal investigation

Crime detection, improvement needed (Dent) 337

Criminal statistics

Crime statistics compared to population growth (Macdonald) 323

High crime rate in B.C. (Anderson, D.A.) 333

Crispo, John H.G.

Opinion on collective bargaining rights for public service referred to (Hall) 972

Crop insurance

See: Insurance, Agricultural — Crops

Crown corporations

See: Government corporations

Crown lands

Crown land inventory needed (Rolston) 608

Lease fees, increase (Fraser) 123-4

Crown Proceedings Act

(Bill 13) (Gardom) 1R, 75; 2R, 308. Out of order 308.

Speakers: (2R) Gardom 308

Crown Zellerbach Corporation

Corporate profits, increase (Barrett) 284

Mentioned: (Steves) 156 (Jordan) 1167

Newsprint sales contract terminated (Wallace) 616

Cruise ships

See: Ocean liners

Cultus Lake, B.C.

Transportation problems (Schroeder) 57

Cummings, Roy Thomas (Vancouver-Little Mountain)

Committee on Agriculture, member 940

Committee on Public Accounts and Economic Affairs, member 940

Committee on Standing Orders and Private Bills, member 940

Housing, Department of, Act 618-20

Labour Code of British Columbia Act 509, 840, 1017

Milk Industry Act, An Act to Amend 357

Cunningham, Gordon

Mentioned: (Macdonald) 344

Curtis, Hugh Austin (Saanich and the Islands)

Address in reply 271-5

Agriculture committee work worthwhile 271

Anderson, G.H., complimented on chairmanship of Agriculture committee 271-2

Bennett, William Richards, congratulated 271

Bicycle trail along CN right-of-way, qu. 690

British Columbia Hydro, wage settlement for outside linemen, qu. 908. 1117, 1118

British Columbia Railway headquarters, relocation in Prince George, qu. 849

Canadian Cellulose Company Ltd. recovery plant at Prince Rupert, date operative, qu. 1377

Committee on Agriculture, member 940

Committee on Municipal Affairs and Housing, member 940

Committee on Public Accounts and Economic Affairs, member 940

Committees, re-establishment, qu. 557

Community Recreational Facilities Fund Appropriation Act 1340-1, 1390

Conflict of interest and public disclosure, legislation needed 273

Consumer Credit Disclosure Protection Act (Bill 73) 1R, 593. Withdrawn 1154

Consumer Services„ Department of, Act 576, 801

Corrections Act, An Act to Amend 331

Domestic Animal Protection Act 542

Elevator constructor strike, qu. 348

Farm Income Assurance Act 737-8

Farmers, problems facing young farmers 272

Ferry charges, use of credit cards 275

Ferry design, consultation with masters and senior officers, qu. 944

Ferry reservations on optional basis advocated 275

Food Prices Review Board a catastrophe 273

Gabriola Island ferry terminal, design studies, qu. 1026

Gabriola Island ferry terminal, location, qu. 1026

Government Computer Privacy Act 1R, 485

Gulf Islands, government action on community plans needed 274

Gulf Islands property, Sun, Vancouver, B.C., ad quoted 274

Gulf Islands, trust or commission supported 274

Housing, Department of, Act 623-4

Housing conferences, seminars, etc., no more needed 273

Housing, land assembly by government needed 273

Housing shortage, cost of lots 272

Labour Code of British Columbia Act 1009

Land, foreign ownership, legislation needed 273-4

Land Registry Act, An Act to Amend (Bill 38) 1R, 345; 946-7

Municipal Act, An Act to Amend 1161-3

Municipal matters committee worthwhile 271

Municipalities Aid Act, An Act to Amend (Bill 28) 1R, 210; 437. Out of order 438

Natural gas shortage, advance knowledge by government, qu. 47

Northern affairs department, establishment, qu. 363A

Okanagan apple harvest, labour shortage, qu. 110

Police powerless to prevent crimes they know will be committed 331

Prince Edward Island, land ownership by non-nationals 946

Protection of consumers and sellers of goods and services, legislation needed 273

Provincial Home Acquisition Act, An Act to Amend 1063-4

Provincial Land Commission backlog in dealing with applications, etc., qu. 616

Public Officials' Disclosure Act (Bill 37) 1R, 345; 946

Soil Conservation Act, An Act to Amend 1143

Structural steel shortage, progress of talks, qu. 1253

Tree-fruit growers, plebiscite (Motion 10) 1243

Vancouver Island milk producers, cost problems, qu. 746

Victoria area police forces, unification, qu. 433

Wallace, G. Scott, congratulated on leadership of Conservative Party, tribute to him 271

Washington (State) legislators welcomed to House 997

Williams, L. Allen, tribute to 375A

Cycling paths

Construction along highways (Barnes) 228

Establishment along CN right-of-way on southern Vancouver Island, qu. (Curtis) 690

Financing, building in Sechelt Peninsula (Gabelmann) 191

Cypress Creek, B.C.

Natural gas field, possible source (Smith) 855

Cyril Morley Shelford Compensation Act

(Bill 41) (Richter) 1R, 351; 2R, 947. Out of order 947

Speakers: (2R) Hall 947; Richter 947

Government looking into protection, pension plans, etc. (Hall) 947

Shelford, Cyril Morley, injured in course of duty (Richter) 947