Province of British Columbia
30th Parliament, 3rd Session
Debates of the Legislative Assembly (Hansard)
September 13 to November 7, 1973


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Waffle Manifesto

See: New Democratic Party

Wage deductions

See: Payroll deductions


Payment of Wages Act, An Act to Amend. See name of act

Wages — Minimum wage

Minimum wage revisions, study of impact tabled (King) 1256

Wakely, M.S.

Report on B.C. Railway prepared (Barrett) 1368-9, 1374

Wall and Redekop Realty Limited

Mentioned: (McGeer) 1226

Quotas in poultry industry given to firm (Lewis) 1147

Wallace, Dr. G. Scott (Oak Bay)

Abandoned Refrigerator Act (Bill 112) 1R, 1191 Address in reply 36-43

Administrative Tribunals Appeals Act (Bill 74) 1R, 593

Adoption Act, An Act to Amend 391, 789-90

Agricultural Credit Act 531-2

Agricultural Land Development Act, An Act to Amend 354

Alberta, negotiations with on natural gas and petroleum problems with federal government, qu. 432

Andrea Doria, sinking and loss of life 314

Assessment Equalization Act, An Act to Amend (Bill 34) 1R, 344; 774

Automobile insurance companies offering insurance, complete list, qu. 848

Barrett, Hon. David, congratulated on his birthday 361A

Bills should contain details 404

Books, sales tax removal, qu. 1159

Brascan negotiations, date of completion, qu. 76

Bremer, John, comments on schools and government policy, qu. 745

British Columbia Railway Company Grant Act, 1973 1300-1

British Columbia Railway strike, negotiations 848

British Columbia Railway strike, shopcrafts unions urged to return to work 180

British Columbia Teachers' Federation 1291-3

Brown, Rosemary, tribute to 37

Chairman's ruling challenged 923. Ruling sustained 924

Chile, provincial government's contacts with Ottawa on recognition by Canada, qu. 520

Committee on Environment and Resources, member 940

Committee on Health, Education and Human Resources, member 940

Committee on Transportation and Communications, member 940

Committees, filing of minority report agreed with in principle 301

Committees, Ministers should not be named, to committees 566

Committees on tour, sufficient notice of hearings to public needed 566

Committees, terms of reference should be very clear, made available 566

Committees, work, benefits, criticism 37

Community Recreational Facilities Fund Appropriation Act 1389

Congratulated on interim leadership of Conservative Party, tribute to him (Curtis) 271

Consumer Services, Department of, Act 578-9

Chronic care, interim financing urged 37-8

Civil service, alternative to right to strike suggested 39

Conservative Party's stand on welfare 43

Corrections Act, An Act to Amend 326-8

Crown corporation finances should be open to public scrutiny 404

Dietitians and nutritionists, no provincial regulations on training, etc. 317

Drug abuse and associated crimes 326

Drug Addiction Rehabilitation Act (Bill 33) 1R, 344; 773

Drug addicts, compulsory restraint for treatment and rehabilitation 327

Drug addicts, jailing wrong solution 326, 327

Drugs, juvenile involvement, preventive measures, rehabilitation 327

El Paso Natural Gas Co. contracts, breaking to ensure domestic supply, qu. 907

Energy, response to Premier's telegram on national conference, qu. 1255

Evans, Hon. Daniel J., welcomed to House 786

Evans Products Ltd., closing of Vancouver Plywood Division and concern of Vancouver and District Labour Council, qu. 1379

Evans Products Co. Ltd., takeover by government, qu. 1305

Evans Products Co. Ltd. Vancouver Plywood Division, advance notice to government of proposed shutdown, qu. 1305

Explosion on Oak Bay Avenue, cause, qu. 364A, 617

Explosion on Oak Bay Avenue caused by faulty technique, qu. 291

Extended care patients, charge per day raised, qu. 292

Farm Income Assurance Act 423, 427-8, 549-50, 667-8, 722-3, 736

Farm Products Industry Improvement Act 754-5, 1056-7

Ferry design, Canadian Steamship Inspection Authority rejection of proposal, qu. 211-2

Ferry design, davits for lowering liferafts, qu. 260

Ferry design, liferafts and passenger access 314

Ferry design, lifesaving capacity compared to maximum passenger complement 313

Ferry design, Minister to table details of proposal to Nickum and Spaulding Associates, Inc. (Motion 7) 313-4, 321

Ferry design, reduction of safety standards, qu. 211

Ferry design, requirements spelled out by CSI seem to be the minimum 314

Fines, imprisonment for failure to pay lifted only for minor offences 327

Golf course assessments doubled 41-2, 1389

Gorge Road Hospital strike action, contingency plans available, qu. 1159

Gorge Road Hospital, strike vote and action by Labour department, qu. 1118

Government partnership with private industry 42-3

Guarantee of Natural Justice Act 1R, 1029

Health department policy on hospitals in Victoria, qu. 652

Health Security Programme Project report, credibility damaged by statements of Dr. Foulkes, qu. 652

Hope-Princeton Highway 8.5 miles east of Hope, safety precautions, qu. 689

Hope-Princeton Highway fatality and dangerous corner, qu. 615

Hospital Act, An Act to Amend 1290

Hospital Insurance Act, An Act to Amend (Bill 35) 1R, 345; 775-6

Housing, Department of, Act 605-7, 1187-8, 1214-5, 1227, 1233-4, 1235, 1236

Human Rights Code of British Columbia 1259-60

Human Tissue Gift Act, An Act to Amend 539

Labour Code of British Columbia Act 444-7, 700-1, 704, 825, 828, 831-2, 881, 881-2, 889-90, 892, 894-5, 896, 912, 913-4, 914-5, 915, 917, 922-3, 927-9, 931-2, 938, 979, 980, 987, 988, 995-6, 1003-6, 1019, 1022, 1031, 1038, 1039, 1040, 1041

Labour-management relations, proposed legislation 38

Legislative chamber, renovations approved 36-7

Lewis, David, welcomed to House 1025

Logging of stream banks, moratorium, qu. 1061

Macdonald, Hon. Donald S., policy change as result of meeting with John Love, qu. 851

MacLeod, Kenneth, chosen on basis of merit 36

Marketing boards, appeal mechanism in legislation, qu. 1120

Medical Centre of British Columbia Act 1100-2, 1108-11

Medical Grant Act, An Act to Amend 315

Medical School at UBC, enlargement 305

Medical service plans working well for majority of medical profession 316

Medical Services, An Act to Amend an Act Respecting 316-7

Mental Health Act, An Act to Amend 1053-4

Milk Industry Act, An Act to Amend 356

Milk subsidy, negotiations with federal government, qu. 522

Mincome abuses, qu. 909

Mineral Act, An Act to Amend 1270

Mines and Petroleum Resources, Department of, Act 1131-4

Mines Regulations Act, An Act to Amend 1 141

Mission crime wave, action by Attorney General qu. 1059

Mission crime wave, report, qu. 1308

Moving company and Public Works Fair Employment Act 40-1

Municipal Act, An Act to Amend 1165-6

National Energy Board approval of natural gas guarantee, qu. 1027

Natural gas, costs of more expensive gas, qu. 943

Natural gas cutback, federal government's reply, qu. 111

Natural gas distribution through federal action or provincial Crown agency, qu. 213

Natural gas shortage, choice of alternative solutions, qu. 811

Natural gas shortage, information on problem, qu. 361A

Natural gas, source for Westcoast Transmission Co. Ltd., qu. 1028

Newsprint, exports and domestic shortage, qu. 849

Oakalla Jail detainees needing treatment at Riverview, qu. 1254

Ocean Falls Corporation, newsprint sales contract 616

Oil spill in Vancouver harbour 208

Oil tankers on B.C. coast, alternatives, qu. 349-50

Oral question period 691

Pacific Great Eastern Settlement Act, An Act to Amend 404-5

Pacific North Coast Native Co-operative Loan Act 1074

Pauling, Linus, welcomed to House 1075

Petroleum Corporation Act 867-73

Plateau Mills, federal income tax saved, qu. 1025

Plateau Mills tax saving, depressing shares of other companies and government's intentions to buy into them, qu. 1026

Press releases prior to tabling of bills in House 374

Preventive medicine, importance 317

Prison personnel must be given necessary protection 327

Prisoners, employment during last three months of sentence 327

Privilege — implication of intent to insult people in making statement 261

Public Information Bureau another bureaucratic measure 298

Public Schools Act, An Act to Amend 1291-4

Public Schools Act, An Act to Amend (Bill 36) 1R, 345; 945

Public Service Labour Relations Act 961-4, 1313, 1314

Public Service Superannuation Act, An Act to Amend 1173

Public Works Fair Employment Act, discrimination under Act 40

Public Works Fair Employment Act limiting competitive bidding, encouraging price fixing 41

Pulp and paper, two-price system in government enterprises, qu. 1159

Real Estate Act, An Act to Amend 525

Rickinson, Ray, tribute to 347-8

Sandringham Hospital labour dispute, powers of government, qu. 79

Sandringham Hospital, takeover by government, qu. 79

School tax removal from residential property 43

School tax removal, statement by Premier, qu. 14

Secretarial help, office space appreciated 36

Special Committee on Privileges, member (Macdonald) 1304

Special Committee on Privileges to examine statements made in House by Mr. Robert H. McClelland against Hon. R.M. Strachan. M. 1285-6

Strikes, right to strike and essential services 39-40

Strikes, use in the present questioned 38

Students in rural areas should have equal educational opportunities 304

Stumpage rates, two-level formula, qu. 748

Sukunka coal export negotiations, qu. 76

Sukunka coal, suitability for blending, qu. 76

Taxation Act, An Act to Amend 1066-7

Toll-free telephone number for remote areas supported 298

Transport and Communications, Department of, Act 1085-8

United Nations Day 905

University government paper to go to committee on education, qu. 1380

Veterinary Medical Act, An Act to Amend 352

Victoria region, amalgamation of municipalities, qu. 394

Vietnam, problems in building medical facilities for children (Motion 6) 312, 321

Wallach, Ira D., conflict of interest in newsprint sales contract, qu. 616

Weather Modification Activity Act 1343

Weed Control Act 764

Welcomed as new Conservative Party leader (Jordan) 177

Western Canada Steel, price increase to contractors, qu. 1378

Wallace, Lawrence J.

Letter on election of William Richards Bennett 75

Wallach, Ira D.

Conflict of interest in newsprint sales contract qu. (Wallace) 616

Newsprint sales not connected with Canadian Cellulose Co. Ltd. products (Barrett) 616

War and emergency legislation

Emergency bill prepared and signed by Lieutenant-Governor (Barrett) 942

Emergency measures Act, tabling qu. (Smith) 1025

Premier's interview on “Capital Comment” and reference to proposed bill, qu. (Jordan) 1026


Problems of responsibility (Young) 572

Warranties (Schroeder) 572

Warranty situation under study in Ontario (Young) 585-6

Warren, Derril

Leadership of Conservative Party (Chabot) 18

Mentioned: (Hon. Member) 458

Washington (State)

British Columbia-Washington State relations (Richter) 786 (Wallace) 786

Governor and Mrs. Daniel J. Evans and their party introduced to House (Hall) 783

Visiting legislators welcomed to House (Hall) 997 (Barrett) 997 (Richter) 997 (Gardom) 997 (Curtis) 997

Washington (State) — Ecology Commission

Mentioned: (Brousson) 61

Waste reclamation

See: Salvage (Waste) etc.

Water — Pollution

Log booms, cause of pollution (Liden) 71

River pollution problem (Liden) 70-2

Sampling methods used (Liden) 72

See also: Oil pollution of rivers, harbours, etc.

Water Resources Branch

Recommendations on management districts, etc. (Committee on Forestry and Fisheries report) 780-2

Weather Control — Law and legislation

Weather Modification Activity Act. See name of Act

Weather modification

See: Weather control

Weather Modification Activity Act

(Bill 118) (Minister of Lands, Forests and Water Resources) 1R, 1279; 2R, 1343-5; C, 1390-1; 3R, 1391; RA, 1413

Speakers: (2R) Chabot 1344; Gardom 1343; Smith 1343-4; Wallace 1343; Williams, R.A. 1343, 1344-5

Divisions: (2R) 1345

Fog control, discussions with airport authorities, qu. (Wallace) 1343

Fog in Peace River area caused by Williston Lake (Smith)

Legislation retaliatory against Seattle City Light (Chabot) 1344

Ross dam, low water and cloud-seeding proposal (Chabot) 1344

Weather and water management related (Williams, R.A.) 1343

Webb and Knapp (Canada) Ltd.

Development plans for Coal Harbour waterfront area (Barnes) 230

Webster, Mrs. Daisy (Vancouver South)

Address in reply 61-6

Adoption Act, An Act to Amend 390-1

Andras, Hon. Robert K., quoted on new urban centres development 63

Association of Indian Teachers, office at UBC 66

British Columbia Teachers' Federation 1294-6

British Columbia Vocational School, Terrace, upgrading programme for Indians 65

Burns Lake, developments planned in region 63

Committee on Health, Education and Human Resources, member 940

Committee on Public Accounts and Economic Affairs, member 940

Consumer Services, Department of, Act 573-5

Corrections Act, An Act to Amend 340-1

Dennis, Angie, appointed to Education Advisory Board 66

Dent, Hartley Douglas, appointed Deputy Speaker M. 4

Education, problems, needs 62-6

Finance companies' advertisements pressure borrowers into consolidating loans 308

Freight rate structure, federal-provincial agreement for north 63

Gun laws not strict enough 341

Housing, Department of, Act 598-600

Human Rights Code of British Columbia Act 1267-8

Indian children, placement in homes of relatives 391

Indian friendship centre in Quesnel 65

Indian law graduate 64

Indian self-help programmes 65

Indian students at university 64

Indian students' loan programme at Simon Fraser University 66

Indian studies programme in northern university 64

Indian teachers, training of more needed 66

Indian teachers, trustees, etc., lacking in school system 66

Indians in Prince Rupert schools 65-6

Indians in Williams Lake schools 66

Indians, educational problems in province 65-6

Indians, record in public school system 65

Legislative building, renovations approved 62

MacDonald, John, survey on post-secondary education 63

Moffat, Harold, prediction on Prince George's growth 64

Non-Status News quoted on Indian education 64-5

Northern B.C., government development programme 62-3

Open school, innovation in Vancouver South 62

Poor are driven to loan companies 307-8

Prison courses often longer than prisoners' sentences 340

Professional workers, shortage in north 64

Public Schools Act, An Act to Amend 1294-6

Public Service Superannuation Act, An Act to Amend 1173

Simon Fraser University, enrolment 62

Social services tax discriminatory in taxing books not in curricula or bought by non-student 300

Special Committee on Privileges, member (Macdonald) 1304

Teachers' convention 62

University of British Columbia, enrolment 62

University in north advocated 62-6

University of Victoria, enrolment 62

Wilson, George, appointed Director of Indian Education 65

Webster, Jack

Interview with Minister of Agriculture (Phillips) 349

Weed control

Weed Control Act. See name of act

Weed Control Act

(Bill 71) (Minister of Agriculture) 1R, 655; 2R, 758-67; C, 1334-5; 3R, 1382; RA, 1413

Speakers: (2R) Anderson, D.A. 764-5; Brown 763-4; Gardom 762-3; Lewis 763; McGeer 760-1; Phillips 759; Sanford 763; Smith 761-2; Steves 759-60; Stupich 758, 765-7; Wallace 764; Williams, L.A. 760 (C) Anderson, D.A. 1334; Curtis 1334; Stupich 1334, 1335

Amdt. (sec. 5) (Curtis) 1334. Negatived 1334. Amdt. (sec. 7) (Stupich) 1334. Approved 1334. Amdt. (sec. 8) (Stupich) 1334. Approved 1334. Amdt. (sec. 9) (Stupich) 1334. Approved 1334. Amdt. (sec. 11) (Stupich) 1335. Approved 1335. Amdt. (sec. 12) (Stupich) 1335. Approved 1335. Amdt. (sec. 16) (Stupich) 1335. Approved 1335

Agricultural reserves, weed control (Williams, L.A.) 760

Beautification part of weed control programme (Smith) 762

Biological control (Stupich) 767

British Columbia Hydro, weed control (Williams, L.A.) 760 (McGeer) 761

British Columbia Railway, weed control (Williams, L.A.) 760 (McGeer) 761

Cinnabar moth control of tansy ragwort (Stupich) 767

Community participation (Stupich) 758, 765-6

Control at provincial level in conjunction with environmentalists (Steves) 759

Cost of failure to control weeds (Williams, L.A.) 760

Crown land, source of weed infestation (Smith) 761-2

Dandelion infestation of northern B.C. (Smith) 762

Environmentalists' opposition to herbicides (Phillips) 759

Environmentalists, representation on committees (Stupich) 766

Government to assist in financing (Stupich) 758

Health department, consultation with, power of veto (Brown) 763

Herbicides and pesticides, province-wide control (Steves) 760

Herbicides, control at provincial level on use (Wallace) 764

Herbicides, dangers in use (Sanford) 763 (Brown) 763

Herbicides, effect on birds, plant life (Smith) 762

Herbicides, government worst offender in use (McGeer) 760-1

Herbicides, spraying Canada-U.S. border (McGeer) 761

Highway rights-of-way, failure to control weeds (Williams, L.A.) 760 (Lewis) 763

Highway rights-of-way, weed control by herbicides (McGeer) 761

Knapweed invasion in Kootenays and Kamloops area (Phillips) 759

Municipal authority in weed control commended (Wallace) 764

Noxious Weeds Act replaced by Act (Stupich) 758

Peace River area, weed-free farms in past (Smith) 761-2

Research on non-poisonous chemical control (Sanford) 763

Weed control in Richmond area (Steves) 759

Weed control programme, priorities needed (Smith) 761

Weeds, definitions in hands of cabinet dangerous (Anderson, D.A.) 765

Weeds, difficulties in defining (Stupich) 767

Weeds not defined (Gardom) 762

Sec. 5 Amdt. (Curtis) 1334. Negatived 1334

Sec. 7 Amdt. (Stupich) 1334. Approved 1334

Sec. 8 Amdt. (Stupich) 1334. Approved 1334

Sec. 9 Amdt. (Stupich) 1334. Approved 1334

Sec. 11 Amdt. (Stupich) 1335. Approved 1335

Sec. 12 Amdt. (Stupich) 1335. Approved 1335

Sec. 16 Amdt. (Stupich) 1335. Approved 1335

Weed control substances to be referred to

Environment and Land Use Committee (Stupich) 1335

Weeds — Control

See: Weed control

Weekend Magazine.

Article on parole failures by Judge Bewley (Anderson, D.A.) 334

Weiler, Paul C.

Mentioned: (McClelland) 498

Welch, H.P., Co.

Mentioned: (Steves) 156

Weldwood of Canada Ltd.

Corporate profits, increase (Barrett) 284

Wenham, D.L.

Meeting with (Hall) 972

Westcoast Transmission Co. Ltd.

Alberta gas transmission costs (Macdonald) 854

Company to become a carrier (Macdonald) 880

Company under federal jurisdiction (Wallace) 867

Company's desire to keep natural gas price low (McGeer) 265

Foreign ownership (Macdonald) 145

Gibson, Kelly, letter to James H. Rhodes on natural gas supply quoted (Macdonald) 906

Government not informed of National Energy Board's approval of natural gas guarantee (Barrett) 1028

Investments in B.C. in 1973 (Barrett) 287

Looping line to increase gas to lower mainland (Smith) 856

Mentioned: (Anderson, D.A.) 35 (Smith) 147, 1178 (Barrett) 285, 866 (Macdonald) 852, 1176 (Wallace) 871 (Phillips) 873 (Chabot) 1018 (Fraser) 1083

National Energy Board's ratification of company's guarantee of natural gas supply, qu. (Smith) 908 (Wallace) 1027

Natural gas, alternative source or breaking of commitments, qu. (McGeer) 908

Natural gas cutback (Macdonald) 46 (Nunweiler) 221

Natural gas cutback, effect, qu. (Nunweiler) 45

Natural gas cutback, federal government's reply, qu. (Wallace) 111

Natural gas cutback, industry losses should be compensated (Macdonald) 853

Natural gas, provincial agency as owner (Macdonald) 146

Pipeline rupture near Summit Lake (Nunweiler) 215

Premier's statements on takeover (Anderson, D.A.) 858, 859

President's reaction to company as gas carrier 146

Share purchase authorized, qu. (Morrison) 1118

Shares, no purchases made (Barrett) 1157

Western Airlines

Mentioned: (Brousson) 58

Western Canada Steel Limited

Price increase, report to come from Minister of Industrial Development, Trade and Commerce (Barrett) 1378

Price increase to contractors, qu. (Wallace) 1378

Western Economic Opportunities Conference

Accomplishments of conference (Barrett) 282

Meeting in Calgary (Throne speech) 1

Western Independent Log Haulers Association

Criticism of Labour Code of British Columbia Act (Anderson, D.A.) 669

Western Mines Ltd.

Mentioned: (Steves) 156

Western Realty Projects Limited

Mentioned: (Liden) 534

Western Warrior

Mentioned: (Liden) 69

Westfair Foods Ltd.

Mentioned: (Steves) 156

Westland Metals Ltd.

Investments in B.C. in 1973 (Barrett) 287

Westmills Carpets Ltd.

Investments in B.C. in 1973 (Barrett) 287

Weston, George, Ltd.

Mentioned: (Steves) 156

Weston, W.B.

Letters to him from Peter Hart, Case Existological Laboratories, tabled (Anderson, D.A.) 1309

Weston Bakeries Ltd.

Mentioned: (Steves) 156

Weston Foods Ltd.

Mentioned: (Steves) 156

Westwood, Earl

Mentioned: (Anderson, D.A.) 25


Fishermen's facilities needed (Steves) 158

Whelan, Hon. Eugene F.

Agriculture Ministers meeting in Ottawa (Stupich) 176

Mentioned: (Stupich) 174

White Rock, B.C.

Sewage outfall and beach pollution (Liden) 72

Whitlam, Right Hon. E.G.

Visitor to province (Throne speech ) 1

Whittaker, Hon. Norman

Mentioned: (Speaker) 1381

Wicks, Lyle

Mentioned: (Anderson, D.A.) 25


Municipal Superannuation Act, An Act to Amend. See name of act

Public Service Superannuation Act, An Act to Amend. See name of act

Teachers' Pension Act, An Act to Amend. See name of act

Wilde, Oscar

Quoted (McGeer) 1271

Wilding, Norman W.

An Encyclopedia of Parliament quoted (Speaker) 687

Wildlife Act

Change needed for protection of domestic animals (Chabot) 543

Willards Chocolate Ltd.

Mentioned: (Steves) 156

Williams, L. Allan (West Vancouver-Howe Sound)

Address in reply 194-201

Agricultural Credit Act 530-1, 740, 740-1

Automobile insurance company losses, guarantee by government, qu. 488

Bennett, William Richards, congratulated 195

Berger, Tom, decision on Rubble Creek subdivision referred to, quoted 196

Blair Rifle Range, housing development proposal 199

British Columbia Automobile Association, membership requirement for insurance coverage, qu. 488

Budget for 1974 and changes in corporation tax, qu. 395

Burrard Inlet, third crossing needed for public transit 200

Commercial Transport, Department of, Act, An Act to Amend 526

Committee on Agriculture, briefs received 195

Committee on Agriculture, chairman thanked for his work 195

Committee on Agriculture, member 940

Committee on Labour and Justice, member 940

Committee on Municipal Affairs and Housing, member 940

Consumer Services, Department of, Act 805

Corrections Act, An Act to Amend 329-31

Corrections Branch, use of volunteers 329

Corrections Branch, work with courts on rehabilitation 330

Corrections Service, neglect in past 329

Daisy Lake dam endangered by possible Rubble Creek slide 197

Diamond Head chalet closed 197

Diamond Head chalet, cost of refurbishing 198

Distress Area Assistance Act, An Act to Amend 666

Domestic Animals Protection Act 542, 749-50

Drug traffic, police unable to control in Vancouver beer parlours 330

Eggs, price increases 200

Elford, Frances, quoted on government land purchase in Oak Bay 199

Farm Income Assurance Act 425-6, 548-9, 667, 725-6

Farm Products Industry Improvement Act 755-6, 1055, 1056, 1145

Food costs, committee of House to examine costs suggested 201

Garibaldi, Highways department's plans for community, qu. 197

Gulf Islands, continuation of 10-acre freeze, qu. 1060

Housing, Department of, Act 611-3, 1184, 1198-1200, 1222-3, 1235

Housing, arrangements to ensure availability of labour and materials needed 199

Housing Minister's failure to produce programme 198

Human Resources department, name criticized 200

Human Rights Code of British Columbia Act 1266-7

Labour Code of British Columbia Act 471-4, 702-3, 703-4, 708-9, 709, 718, 819, 821, 823, 839, 883-5, 888-9, 891, 893-4, 914, 916-7, 917-8, 924-6, 936, 1020-1, 1023, 1029, 1030-1, 1032, 1036-7, 1037, 1038, 1046-7

Laurel Point in Victoria, negotiations for land, qu. 617

Legislative chamber ventilation, qu. 16

Lions Gate Bridge, condition 200

Macdonald, Alexis, special officer under Labour Code of B. C. Act, qu. 745

Mathews, William H., quoted on Rubble Creek slide 196

Medical Centre of British Columbia Act 1099-1100

Milk Industry Act, An Act to Amend 355-6, 416

Mines Regulation Act, An Act to Amend 1139-40

Oak Bay, government's proposed land purchase for housing 199

Parker, Victor J., study on transportation 200

Parker, Victor J., termination of employment, qu. 558

Oil spill in Vancouver harbour, reports made to Premier (Barrett) 208, 282

Provincial Home Acquisition Act, An Act to Amend 1064

Public Information Bureau as a first step to establishment of an ombudsman 296

Public Service Labour Relations Act 1328

Real Estate Act, An Act to Amend 524-5

Rubble Creek slide in 1855 196

Rubble Creek, subdivision application 196

Salmon Arm fire, Agriculture department arrangements for livestock care, qu. 14

Special Committee on Privileges, member (Macdonald) 1304

Taxation Act, An Act to Amend 1068

Telephone calls, taping 198

Thanked for information on oil spill in Vancouver harbour (Barrett) 282

Transit financing by property tax increase, qu. 558

Transit, negotiations between GVRD and government, qu. 558

Transport and Communications, Department of, Act 1084-5

Tree fruit growers, plebiscite (Motion 10) 1240-1

Tribute to (Curtis) 375A

Veterinary Laboratories Act 739

Weed Control Act 760

Williams, Parker

Mentioned: (Radford) 470 (Barrett) 1071, 1266

Williams, Percy

Mentioned: (Gardom) 651

Williams, Hon. Robert Arthur, Minister of Lands, Forests, and Water Resources (Vancouver East)

Christina Lake, government offer for beach access 45

Committee on Environment and Resources, member 940

Coulthard, T. Lionel, pollution control work 747

Evans Products Co. Ltd., takeover by government not subject of talks 1305

Evans Products Co. Ltd., Vancouver Plywood Division, cutting rights sold 1379

Forest royalty increase to benefit all people 167

Housing, Department of, Act 1221

Industrial sites, relocation to serve recreational interests 349

Langford Lake, matter of B.C. Hydro tower construction in area taken up 1117

Peace River, site 1 dam, studies on ecological damage not complete 432

Ponderey River, site near Trail being considered for dam development 432

Quoted on P.A. Gaglardi (Anderson, D.A.) 675

University of B.C. receives no income from endowment lands 294

Weather Modification Activity Act

(Bill 118) 1R, 1279;1343, 1344-5

Williams, Viv

Letter on stumpage rates referred to (Fraser) 123

Williams Lake, B.C.

Indians in school system (Webster) 66

Land leases, 60-year leases (Nicolson) 660

Williams Lake Stampede, Williams Lake B.C.

Bull-throwing contest (Fraser) 119

Willingdon School for Girls, Burnaby, B.C.

Alternative care for girls has been successful (Barrett) 343

Closure of school and alternative programme for girls (Levi) 139

Closure of school criticized (Phillips) 90

Housing project, consultation with Burnaby council, qu. (Jordan) 78

Williston, Raymond Gillis

Mentioned: (Brousson) 61 (McClelland) 134 (Nunweiler) 214 (Webster) 1294

Williston Lake, B.C.

Fog in Peace River area resulting from lake (Smith) 1344

Wilson, George

Appointed Director of Indian education (Webster) 65

Wine and wine making

British Columbia wines receiving awards (Stupich) 174

Lieutenant-Governor serving B.C. wine (Stupich) 174

Wine and beer price increases (Gardom) 394-5 (Macdonald) 395


Evidence of monitoring of phone calls to be reported to Speaker 187

Monitoring of phone calls by Ministers (Chabot) 21-2

Taping of telephone calls (Williams, L.A.) 198

Telephone bugging, allegation denied (Lauk) 187

Wittich's Bread Ltd.

Mentioned: (Steves) 156


Financial security (Brown) 127


Cattle losses, statistics for previous summer (Phillips) 541

Protection of domestic animals needed (Phillips) 540 (Anderson, G.H.) 542

Stock losses and predator control (Committee on Agriculture report) 253


Insurance against loss of security needed (Brown) 128

Mincome programme, effect on women (Brown) 128

Status of women report quoted (Brown) 128

See also: Wives

Women — Employment

Factories Act Amendment needed to extend weight-lifting limitations to men (Brown) 125

Liquor Control Board, employment of women and size of cases, qu. (Phillips) 110

Liquor Control Board, employment of women in administrative offices (Macdonald) 110

Liquor Control Board, employment of women in retail stores, qu. (McClelland) 110, 130

Women's problems, solutions suggested by J.K.

Galbraith (Gabelmann) 193-4

Women — Rights of women

Discrimination against women in employment, education, etc. (Gabelmann) 194

See also: Women, Department of (proposed) ; Women — Employment; Discrimination in employment

Women, Department of (proposed)

Supported (Brown) 128

Wood pulp industry

Sawmill chips, supply (Nunweiler) 217-8

Two-price system in government enterprises, qu. (Wallace) 1159

See also: Paper making and trade

Woods Task Force on Labour Relations

Mentioned: (King) 826

Recommendations on members of bargaining units exercising supervisory function (King) 981

Woodsworth, J.S.

Mentioned: (Dent) 838

Workmen's Compensation Act

Amendment needed to substitute “dependent spouse” for “widow” (Brown) 126

Bill went to committee of Legislature (Hall) 568

Workmen's Compensation Board

Appeal to board, case cited, (Liden) 72-3

Elimination of board supported (Phillips) 86

Elimination of board, possibility suggested (Liden) 73, 74

Employees included in Public Service Labour Relations Act (Hall) 952

Higgins report, recommendations on collective bargaining rights of employees (Chabot) 970

Representations from, meeting with on employees' position, qu. (Anderson, D.A.) 1159

Widows, injustice to (Gardom) 117 3

Widows' pensions and current wage scale (Liden) 73

Worley, Ronald B.

Mentioned: (Anderson, D.A.) 25