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Parliamentary Players Update

Francis Mawson RattenburyWe are please to offer a new program for visitors. On Friday, Francis Rattenbury, the "BC architect", will be visting the Parlaiment Buildings and will be interacting with students and visitors on selected tours.




The Legislative Tour Office is mandated to communicate to all visitors the purpose of the Legislative Assembly of British Columbia generally and on the role of Members of the Legislative Assembly (MLAs), as well as to highlight the splendour of the Parliament Buildings.

The Legislative Tour Office strives to provide an enjoyable and informative experience for all visitors focusing primarily on the role of the Legislative Assembly and MLAs and the history of both the province of British Columbia and the Parliament Buildings. The Legislative Tour Office staff promotes access to the Legislature and encourages a sense of pride and unity in the province. The goals are to foster an understanding of the legislative process, an awareness of B.C.'s political heritage and an appreciation for the beauty and significance of the Parliament Buildings.

Free guided tours are provided throughout the year. Please consult the tour schedule for more information about our tours. Or take a tour on-line.

While visiting the Parliament Buildings, you may be interested in observing debates in the Chamber when the House is sitting. The entrance to the public galleries is on the third floor of the building. Entry to the galleries is normally without reservation; however, seats are often full during Question Period (shortly after 1:30 p.m. Monday through Thursday), so plan to arrive early.

We look forward to your visit!

Contact Information:
Legislative Tour Office
Room 141, Parliament Buildings
Victoria, BC  V8V 1X4
Phone: 250-387-3046
E-mail: tours@leg.bc.ca