Act/Ministry Responsibilities

[Last Revised on October 29, 2014]

If you know the name of the statute for which you wish to determine the responsible minister, click on the appropriate letter in the alphabetical index below to link to the particular page of the listing you wish to view.

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If you wish to find the list of statutes assigned to each minister, select the name of the appropriate ministry.

In most cases an entire Act is assigned to one minister, but in some cases the responsibility is shared (see the Details column). The lists set out the assignment of current public Acts (and some private or local Acts) to the various ministers by orders in council passed under the Constitution Act. The lists do not name responsible agencies that may handle day-to-day administration of some Acts under the authority of a ministry (for example: the Public Service Agency is responsible for the Public Service Act, the Public Service Benefit Plan Act and the Public Service Labour Relations Act.)

The Act/Ministry Responsibility documents presented here are for informational purposes only. The lists include statutes which are currently in force. The alphabetical lists and those under the individual ministry headings contain Acts classed as public statutes; for private or local statutes that have been assigned to a particular minister, see the Private and Local Acts page. The exception is the Vancouver Charter, which is a local Act that affects such a large area that it is included with the Public Acts for convenience.

Public Acts

Private and Local Acts


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