Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

The Parliamentary Committees Office of the Legislative Assembly of British Columbia is committed to protecting the personal contact information it collects from individuals during a public consultation by a parliamentary committee.

Collection of personal information

Individuals making written or on-line submissions to a parliamentary committee, on their own behalf, must provide their full name and personal contact information for verification purposes. Parliamentary committees do not accept anonymous submissions. Required personal contact information includes: valid email address, mailing address, and postal code. An email address is not required for letter-mail and fax submissions.

Individuals making submissions on behalf of an organization or business must provide their organizational contact information.  Required organizational contact information includes: name, position title, and business address, including email address.

Protection of personal contact information

Personal contact information can only be viewed by staff in the Parliamentary Committees Office and by technical support staff of the Legislative Assembly.  It is not disclosed to any third parties. The Parliamentary Committees Office protects personal contact information by taking appropriate safeguards against such risks as unauthorized use or disclosure.

Disclosure of names  

Because of the nature of a public consultation process, the names of all individuals and organizations that participate in a committee inquiry are made public, and are typically listed in the committee's final report. The report is released at the conclusion of the committee inquiry, and is made available for download from the Legislative Assembly website.

Posting of submissions

Submissions to parliamentary committees are considered public documents and may be posted on the Legislative Assembly website (in a non-editable PDF format). In addition, submissions can be made available upon request to interested parties, usually following the release of the committee's final report.  The Parliamentary Committees Office removes an individual's personal contact information prior to posting or disclosing any submissions.

Public hearing presentations are audio-recorded and transcribed by Hansard Services. Audio files and transcripts of proceedings are posted on the Legislative Assembly website following the meeting. Written materials presented at public hearings are also considered public documents, and are subject to the same disclosure provisions as other submissions.

Individuals or organizations may request to not have their submission posted on the Legislative Assembly website by selecting a checkbox on the on-line submission form or by contacting the Parliamentary Committees Office. The submission, however, will still be considered to be part of the record of evidence collected by the committee and recorded in the committee's report, and may be disclosed upon request.

More information

If you have questions regarding this privacy policy or require further details, please contact the Parliamentary Committees Office:

Parliamentary Committees Office
Room 224
Parliament Buildings
Victoria, British Columbia
V8V 1X4

Phone: (250) 356-2933 (collect)
              1-877-428-8337 (toll-free)
Fax:       (250) 356-8172