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Parliamentary committee public consultations in British Columbia

As part of its consultation process, a parliamentary committee seeks public input on topics or questions contained in its terms of reference. Individuals, groups and organizations are all encouraged to provide their input. This can be done by writing to the committee (written submission), appearing as a witness at a public hearing, or by completing an online survey. Audio and video submissions are also accepted. By providing us with your own insights, observations and opinions, you are assisting the committee in making informed decisions

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The Parliamentary Committees Office of the Legislative Assembly of British Columbia takes appropriate safeguards to protect an individual’s personal information collected during public consultation processes. In order to make a submission to a parliamentary committee, the submitter’s personal contact information is necessary for verification purposes. This personal contact information can only be viewed by Legislative Assembly staff, and is not shared with any third parties. Presentations made at public hearings are audio-recorded and transcribed. A publicly available transcript and audio file will be posted to the parliamentary committee website. The names of all participating organizations and individuals will be listed in the committee’s final report. The report is released at the conclusion of the committee inquiry and can be downloaded from the parliamentary committee website. Submissions to parliamentary committees are considered public documents and can be made available upon request to interested parties following the release of the final report. To protect privacy, the Parliamentary Committees Office removes an individual’s personal contact information prior to disclosing any submissions.

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Consultation Closed: Select Standing Committee on Finance and Government Services Closed: Select Standing Committee on Finance and Government Services2017-10-17T07:00:00ZNews Category 1<p>On Friday, September 22, 2017, the all-party Select Standing Committee on Finance and Government Services invited British Columbians to participate in the annual budget consultation process by presenting at a public hearing, making a written, audio or video submission, or completing an online survey.</p><p> The Committee's consultation closed on Monday, October 16, 2017. Thank you to all individuals and organizations who contributed to this process. The Committee will release its report on the Budget 2018 Consultation by November 15, 2017. </p>
Consultation Closed: Select Standing Committee on Children and Youth Closed: Select Standing Committee on Children and Youth2017-02-10T08:00:00ZConsultation<p>Pursuant to section 30 (1) of the <em>Representative for Children and Youth Act</em>, the Select Standing Committee on Children and Youth must undertake a comprehensive review of the Act or a review of portions of the Act every five years.</p><p>The purpose of the review is to gather public input as to whether the Act is meeting the needs of children, youth and young adults. This is the Committee's third review of the Act.</p><p>The Committee accepted written, audio and video submissions between December 16, 2016 and February 10, 2017.  </p><p>The deadline for submissions has now passed. The Committee thanks contributors for their submissions. The Committee will consider the input received as the review of the Act continues into Spring 2017 and following the provincial general election.  </p>
Consultation Closed: Select Standing Committee on Finance and Government Services Closed: Select Standing Committee on Finance and Government Services2016-11-15T08:00:00ZNews Category 1<p>​Each fall, the Select Standing Committee on Finance and Government Services holds province-wide public consultations on the next provincial budget pursuant to Section 2 of the <em><a href="">Budget Transparency and Accountability Act</a></em> [SBC 2000] Chapter 23.  The consultations are based on the <em><a href="/content/CommitteeDocuments/40th-parliament/5th-session/fgs/Fall2016Consultations/2017-Budget-Consultation-Paper.pdf">Budget 2017 Consultation Paper </a></em>which was released by the Minister of Finance on Sept. 15, 2016.</p><p>The annual budget consultation process provides an important opportunity for British Columbians to provide suggestions to help shape the budget-making process. The resulting unanimous report released on November 15, 2016 outlines the Committee's recommendations regarding the 2017 provincial budget, including the following:  </p><ul><li>Improvements for health care</li><li>Increased funding for K-12 and advanced education</li><li>Continued focus on fiscal prudence and debt reduction</li><li>Investment in the natural resource sector</li><li>Ongoing preservation of B.C.'s environment and parks</li><li>Increased investment to support Indigenous peoples</li><li>Focus on green initiatives and climate change</li><li>Increased investment to support attainable housing</li><li>Improvements to transit and transportation</li><li>Support for the arts and culture sector</li><li>Appropriate levels of supports and services for vulnerable British Columbians</li></ul><p>Timeline: September 15 to October 14, 2016<br>Submissions: 705 (public hearing presentations, written/video submissions and online survey responses)<br>Report: <a href="/content/CommitteeDocuments/40th-parliament/5th-session/fgs/Reports/FGS-2016-11-15-Report_BudgetConsultation.pdf">Report on the Budget 2017 Consultations</a> (November 15, 2016), <a href="/content/CommitteeDocuments/40th-parliament/5th-session/fgs/Reports/FGS_2016-11-15-MediaRelease_BudgetConsultation.pdf">Media Release</a>, <a href="/content/CommitteeDocuments/40th-parliament/5th-session/fgs/Reports/Budget2017Infographic.pdf">Budget 2017 Consultations Highlights</a> </p>