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Public Consultations

As part of their work, parliamentary committees may hold a public consultation to seek input from British Columbians. This could include opportunities to provide a written or video submission, present to the committee, or complete a survey.    


Written input or submissions can be provided online, by email, or regular mail; committees may also accept video submissions. All input must be accompanied by a name and contact information, and organization information (if applicable). Some committees may provide guiding questions or templates to assist those interested in providing input.


Parliamentary committees may hold meetings, sometimes referred to as "public hearings," to receive presentations by individuals and organizations. Meetings may be held in person at the Parliament Buildings, in communities throughout the province, or via video/teleconference. Meeting locations, presentation format and timing, and selection of presenters are determined by each committee.  These meetings are public and audiocast live, and are recorded and transcribed by Hansard Services.  


Parliamentary committees may ask for input through a survey. Surveys are usually made available online through a committee's website. 

Please see our Privacy Policy for further information regarding input provided to committees. 

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Budget 2024 Consultation Pre-registration Now Open 2024 Consultation Pre-registration Now Open2023-03-07T08:00:00ZNews Category 1<p>​The Select Standing Committee on Finance and Government Services invites British Columbians to indicate their interest in presenting to the Committee by completing this <a href="">form</a> by <strong>2:00 p.m. (Pacific)</strong> on <strong>March 30, 2023</strong>. Meetings will take place in June. </p><p>Further opportunities to provide input to the Committee will be available in late May.</p><p>For full details on the consultation and all the ways to participate, please visit the <a href="/content-committees/Pages/Finance-Budget-Consultation.aspx">Budget 2024 Consultation website </a>or contact the Parliamentary Committees Office at 250-356-2933 or 1-877-428-8337 (toll-free in BC).</p>
Report on the drug toxicity and overdose crisis on the drug toxicity and overdose crisis2022-11-01T07:00:00ZNews Category 1<p>​The Select Standing Committee on Health released its <a href="/content/CommitteeDocuments/42nd-parliament/3rd-session/fgs/budget-consultation/Budget-2023-Consultation-Report.pdf"><span style="text-decoration:underline;">r</span></a>eport titled <em><a href="/content/CommitteeDocuments/42nd-parliament/3rd-session/health/report/SSC-Health-Report_42-3_2022-11-01_Final.pdf" target="_blank">Closing Gaps, Reducing Barriers; Expanding the response to the toxic drug and overdose crisis</a></em> on November 1, 2022. </p><p>In the course of its work, the Committee received briefings from federal and provincial government ministries and agencies, health authorities, and other experts. The Committee also held public hearings and invited written input to ensure all British Columbians had the opportunity to participate. In total, the Committee heard from 118 presenters and received 881 written submissions.</p><p>Committee Members extend their appreciation to everyone who took the time to provide input. Read the <a href="/content/CommitteeDocuments/42nd-parliament/3rd-session/health/report/SSC-Health-Media-Release_2022-11-01.pdf">Media Release</a> for more information.</p>
Report on the Budget 2023 Consultation on the Budget 2023 Consultation2022-08-11T07:00:00ZNews Category 1<p>​The Select Standing Committee on Finance and Government Services released its <a href="/content/CommitteeDocuments/42nd-parliament/3rd-session/fgs/budget-consultation/Budget-2023-Consultation-Report.pdf"><em>Report on the Budget 2023 Consultation</em></a> on August 11, 2022. The Budget 2023 Consultation was held between May 30 and June 24, 2022. The Committee heard 306 presentations and received 372 written, audio and video submissions in addition to 861 responses to the online survey. Committee Members thank everyone who took the time to participate.</p><p>Read the <a href="/content/CommitteeDocuments/42nd-parliament/3rd-session/fgs/budget-consultation/FGS-Budget-2023-Report_Media-Release.pdf">Media Release</a> for more information.</p>