Digitally Signed PDFs

Digitally Signed PDFs

About Digitally Signed PDFs and Digital Certificates.

The certified PDF file of the Hansard transcript is the Official Report of Debates of the Legislative Assembly of British Columbia. The file has been digitally signed and issued with a digital certificate from an approved certificate authority.

What is digital certification?

The PDF document is certified when authorized Hansard staff digitally sign the file. The digital signature embeds an encrypted hash in the file that enables Adobe Acrobat and Reader to confirm that no changes have been made to the file since the signature was applied.

The digital signature also attaches an electronic certificate to the file. The certificate is issued by Notarius Certificate Authority, an independent third party accredited by Adobe Systems Inc. and listed as a member of the Adobe Approve​d Trust List. The digital certificate assures you that the file you are viewing was duly published by authorized staff of the Legislative Assembly.​

How do I view the signature?

The digital signature will appear in a blue banner at the top of the PDF.​


​As some web browsers may not display the banner, to view the signature on a desktop or laptop computer, use Adobe Acrobat Reader to open the PDF.

The current version of Adobe Acrobat Reader may be downloaded from the Adobe website.​

Get Adobe Acrobat Reader

What information does the signature contain?

The following general information about the signature can be viewed by opening the Signature Panel located on the banner.​

​Clicking on Certificate Details will allow you to view the details of the certificate and its entire issuance chain.


If you have questions about the digitally signed and certified Hansard transcripts or if you are unable to view the certificate, please contact Hansard Services Technical Operations staff at:​