Legislative Library of British Columbia

Z39.50 Client Configuration Information

​About Z39.50 Clients

If you wish to search the Legislative Library of British Columbia catalogue and download the Library's MARC records you will need to set up Z39.50 Client software and configure it to work with the settings used by the Legislative Library. The Legislative Library does not provide this software. Check with your library system vendor to see if they offer a Z39.50 client or use one of the standalone products. The settings you will need to connect to and search the Legislative Library are outlined below.

Connection Information

IP Address www.llbccat.leg.bc.ca
Port 8110
Database llbchz
Timeout300 seconds
Record SyntaxMARC21
Brief Element Set NameB
Full Element Set NameF


The Legislative Library of supports the following search options and Bib-1 attribute settings:

Local Bib # 123321001
ISBN 73321001
ISSN 83321001
LCCN 933211
Title Keyword 433211
Author Keyword 100333211
Subject Keyword 2133211
Title ListScan433111
Author ListScan100333111
Subject ListScan2133111


What do the attributes mean?

1UseSpecifies the index or field used for searching
2RelationControls the order of numerical expressions
3PositionSpecifies the location of the search term in the field or index searched
4StructureSpecifies the structure of data in the query
5TruncationSpecifies the type of truncation processing for query
6CompletenessSpecifies query processing by subfield


What do the values of the attributes mean?

Attribute 1ValueExplanation
Attribute 2ValueExplanation
Relation1Less than
 2Less than or equal
 4Greater than or equal
 5Greater than
Attribute 3ValueExplanation
Position1First in field
 3Any position in field
Attribute 4ValueExplanation
Truncation1right truncation
 100no truncation

Attribute 5ValueExplanation
 6Word list
Attribute 6ValueExplanation
Completeness1Incomplete subfield
 3Complete subfield