Car, Bus & Bike Parking Information

Car, Bus & Bike Parking Information

​Parking on the Grounds of the Parliament Buildings

There are no dedicated parking spaces for visitors arriving to the Parliament Buildings by car or bus. Some public street parking is available nearby, as are parking spaces in a number of privately operated parking lots. 

Street Parking near the Parliament Buildings

The closest street parking is available on the surrounding streets of Government Street, Superior Street and Menzies Street. 
The Pay Stations allow you to pay by coin, credit card or a City of Victoria parking card by entering your parking space number. Once you have paid at the Pay Station, there is no need to return to your car. Keep your payment receipt; you can top-up your parking (up to the allowable time limit) at any Pay Station in the downtown core.
For more information, please visit the City of Victoria’s parking information page.

​Parking Lots near the Parliament Buildings

There are a number of privately-owned parking lots in the vicinity. Prices vary depending on lot location. For more information, please contact West Park or Robbins Parking.

Bike Parking on the Precinct

There are three outdoor bike racks for people visiting the Parliament Buildings. They are located on either side of the building - by the West and East Annexes.