Teaching Resources: Social Studies 11

Prescribed Learning Outcomes: Grade 11 Social Studies

​​​​​​​Skills and Processes

  • ​​Apply critical thinking—including questioning, comparing, summarizing, drawing conclusions, and defending a position—to make reasoned judgments about a range of issues, situations, and topics.
  • Demonstrate effective research skills, including: accessing information, assessing information, collecting data, evaluating data, organizing information, presenting information, and citing sources.

Politics and Government:

  • ​Explain how Canadians can effect change at the federal and provincial levels.
  • Explain how federal and provincial governments are formed in Canada.
Discover Your Legislature supports the Politics and Government PLO’s in Social Studies 11. Students can discern the relevance of the Legislative Assembly provincially along with developing an appreciation of the relevance of this institution personally.
There is the opportunity to exami​ne the British North America Act, 1867 (and the subsequent Constitution Act, 1867) to re-examine the responsibilities of each level of government. There is a reference to the electoral process in British Columbia allowing students to clarify their understandings. Students can examine the party process and an electoral map of British Columbia. This information allows students to function at knowledgeable and informed citizens.
The History section supports information on the role of women in the Legislature, the impact of immigration on policies and laws, as well as a discussion of social programs. The constitutional evolution of Canada as a nation is also explored along with a breakdown of the various branches of government. The Interactive Games section, Parliamentary Puzzle is an excellent addition for students at this grade level. Students at this grade level would benefit from accessing the Glossary.