Teaching Resources: BC First Nations Studies 12

Prescribed Learning Outcomes: BC First Nations Studies 12

​​​​​​​​Skills and Processes

  • A1 apply critical thinking – including questioning, comparing, summarizing, drawing conclusions, hypothesizing, and defending a position – to make reasoned judgments about a range of issues, situations, and topics.
  • A2 demonstrate effective research skills, including: accessing information, assessing information, collecting data, evaluating data, organizing information, presenting information, citing sources.
  • A3 demonstrate skills and attitudes of active citizenship, including ethical behaviour, open-mindedness, respect for diversity and collaboration.


Contact, Colonialism, and Resistance​

  •  C4 analyze post-Confederation government policies and jurisdictional arrangements that affected and continue to affect BC First Nations.


Discover Your Legislature provides a generalized overview of the relationship between First Nations’ Peoples in British Columbia and the Legislative Assembly. This resource would need to be used in conjunction with other resources to meet the needs of the PLOs identified.