Teaching Resources: Grade 5 Social Studies

British Columbia Prescribed Learning Outcomes Social Studies – Grade 5

​​​​​​ Skills a​​nd Processes of Social Studies:


  • A1 apply critical thinking skills – including hypothesizing, comparing, imagining, inferring, identifying patterns, and summarizing – to a range of problems and issues.
  • A3 gather a body of information from a variety of primary and secondary sources.
  • A6 implement a plan of action to address a selected school, community, or national problem or issue.


Identity, Society, and Culture:  Canada from 1815 to 1914 ​

  • B3 describe the contributions of significant individuals to the development of Canada’s identity.



  • C1 demonstrate knowledge of how Confederation formed Canada as a nation.
  • C2 describe levels, responsibilities, and the election of government in Canada.

Discover Your Legislature allows students to interact with a variety of information pertaining to the Legislative Assembly of British Columbia that might not otherwise be available in other traditional resources. This comprehensive resource facilitates enhanced understandings of the PLO’s outlined in the Grade 5 Social Studies curriculum.

There is a description provided of citizens’ participation in both the Legislative Assembly and the provincial government helping students learn how they can have direct access to Members of the Legislative Assembly, Parliamentary Committees and provincial government representatives.

Students will be able to follow British Columbia’s history through the History link as well as researching significant individuals. An in-depth analysis is provided regarding the division of powers with the federal government and the purpose of the Legislative Assembly. Key terminology is dealt with at an appropriate level in the Glossary. The Interactive Games section dealing with the Word Search would work well with students in this grade level. Supporting visuals enhance students understanding of the prescribed learning outcomes as outlined above.