Educational Programs & Workshops

Educational Programs & Workshops

​​​​​​​​The Legislative Assembly provides British Columbians with educational programs and workshops to build a greater understanding and appreciation of the work of the Legislative Assembly of BC and parliamentary democracy..

B.C. Teachers' Institute on Parliamentary Democracy

Sponsored by the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly, the annual British Columbia Teachers’ Institute on Parliamentary Democracy is an intensive four-day professional development opportunity for teachers of social studies and related subjects in elementary, middle and secondary school. Participating teachers return to their schools with an enhanced understanding of parliamentary democracy and political process in B.C.

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Parliamentary Tour Program

​​​​​​​​​​The Parliamentary Tour Program strives to provide an enjoyable and informative experience for all visitors, focusing primarily on the role of the Legislative Assembly and MLAs and the history of both the province of British Columbia and of the Parliament Buildings. Our goal is to foster an understanding of legislative process, an awareness of B.C.'s political heritage and an appreciation for the beauty and significance of the Parliament Buildings. 
The Parliament Buildings are open to visitors and free guided tours are provided throughout the year.​

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Parliamentary Procedure Workshops

For Provincial Public Servants

​​​​​​​​​These one-day workshops for provincial public servants, developed and delivered by the Legislative Assembly, are intended to provide for a greater understanding of parliamentary procedure. Topics covered include the legislative and budgetary process in British Columbia and Cabinet and Treasury Board decision-making.

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Spring and Summer Break Programs

This 1.5 hour program is designed for families with children aged 5-12 years of age. The visit consists of a guided tour and scavenger hunt followed by an art activity. Participants learn about the architecture and history of the British Columbia Parliament Buildings and are introduced to BC’s parliamentary system of governance.  

The 2019 Summer Break Program runs every Friday in July & August.​

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Little Legislators

Little Legislators is a free school tour program aimed at younger, more kinesthetic learners. Covering the Ministry of Education's Big Ideas for Kindergarten to Grade 3, Little Legislators is perfect for younger learners. Little Legislators can be booked through our tour request form.​

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Online Learning Programs

​The new Virtual Classroom program​ provide students with an opportunity to learn about the Legislative Assembly in a fun and engaging way from the comfort of their home computers or classroom.​

B.C. Legislative Internship Program

The B.C. Legislative Internship Program enables 12 Canadian university graduates to supplement their academic training by observing the daily workings of the Legislature first-hand, and by providing Members of the Legislative Assembly with additional assistance during the parliamentary session. This six-month program includes both ministry and caucus assignments, designed to provide exposure to public policy-making and legislative processes.

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Educational Workshops for Visiting Post-Secondary Classes

The Parliamentary Education Office coordinates educational workshops at the B.C. Parliament Buildings ​tailored for post-secondary classes on topics related to parliamentary process in British Columbia.  These one day events include guest speakers from the Legislature on issues related to what the class is studying​.

Please contact the Parliamentary Education Office by email at to enquire about this opportunity.


Presentations to Post-Secondary Classes on Campus

In conjunction with the Canadian Study of Parliament Group, the Legislative Assembly may arrange for a special lecture during regular class time, or a seminar to graduate students or undergraduate students at post-secondary institutions in British Columbia with an interest in the work of the Assembly.

Please contact with any questions about this opportunity. To request a presentation or special lecture, please complete and submit the Post-Secondary Speaking Tour Request registration formregistration form.

Governance and Beyond Program

In partnership with the Royal BC Museum, this elementary school program explores the different forms of governance, beginning with indigenous ways of knowing and being. The day-long program starts with a Learning Lab at the Royal BC Museum and finishes with an interactive guided tour ​ and classroom session at the Parliament Buildings. Students will ​be able to experience the processes of governing through a diverse lens, across multiple institutions, including BC's Legislative​ Assembly.

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Seniors' Tea & Tour

The Seniors' Tea & Tour program is aimed at engaging BC's senior citizens in the role, history, and purpose of the L​eg​i​sla​​​tive Assembly of BC. Participants will have a light breakfast in the Parliamentary Dining Room, followed by a guided tour with one of the Parliamentary Players.​

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