Little Legislators

Little Legislators

​Little Legislators is a free school tour program aimed at younger, more kinesthetic learners. The content covers the Ministry of Education's Big Ideas for Kindergarten to Grade 3, introducing the concepts of identity and family, community, and indigenous peoples. Little Legislators will be introduced to the foundations of debate, law-making, and provincial governance, and can expect to draw connections between the Parliament Buildings and their own communities. Through a mock-debate, students can learn how groups of people come together to make the decisions, and how to make their voices heard in their approach to governance.

Teachers wishing to book a Little Legislators tour can submit via our tour submission form here. Please note that the program length is 45-60 minutes, and will require two back-to-back half-hour tour slots on the Tour Request Form. Teachers submitting requests should be aware that if there is no free slot following their booking time, their tour may have to be rescheduled.

Little Legislators groups will use the School Entrance to access the buildings. A map indicating the BC Parliament Buildings' School Entrance can be found here​.​​

For more information, please email ​

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