Online Learning

Online Learning

​​​With fieldtrips cancelled for the foreseeable future, school groups can still visit the Parliament Buildings virtually! The new Virtual Classroom and Primer on Heraldry programs provide students with an opportunity to learn about the Legislative Assembly in a fun and engaging way from the comfort of their home computers or classroom. The programs offer interactive learning experiences, and while they may never replace an in-person visit to the Parliament Buildings, they do include lively discussion with one of our Legislative Guides and lots of fun stories.

Virtual Classroom - a one hour presentation on the history of the Legislative precinct and an introduction to the work of the Legislative Assembly.  Students will learn about the key people who work in the Legislative Assembly, how a bill becomes a law, and the important symbols of the Legislative Assembly.​ ​The presentation includes many interesting photos of the Parliament Buildings from the time of its construction up to today.  

A Primer on Heraldry - in a one hour presentation that is geared towards younger learners, students explore the British Columbia Coat of Arms to learn about their province, its place within Canada, and the key parts of its history and geography. Students will also have a chance to design their own personal coat of arms, and to imagine a new one for British Columbia.


Both programs are appropriate​ for grades 3 - 12. 

Although these programs are geared mostly towards school groups, we would be happy to present to interested community groups and clubs.  

Technical Requirements:

The programs can be offered via Zoom or Teams. Please ensure that your students are able to join from a computer at home or at school. Microphone and camera capabilities are preferred but not required. 

Length of Session:

Both presentations last approximately ​​​​​one hour. Please let us know if you would be interested in a shorter or longer session.


Sessions are offered from Monday to Friday.


Sessions are offered between 9:30 am and 3:00 pm. Please let us know your desired time when you make your booking request.




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Email to register or for more information.​

Please let us know the program you wish to book, the grade level of your class, the desired date, time and length of the presentation, the number of students who will be participating, and any other special requests that you may have.

Once the session has been confirmed, the teacher will receive a confirmation email with the participation link. Please share this information with your students prior to the session.