Parliamentary Play and Tour

Parliamentary Play and Tour for Schools

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​Looking for a new and exciting way to connect kids with Parliament?

Sign your class up for The Parliamentary Play and Tour program, an interactive session that includes a guided tour of the parliament buildings and a travelling historical play on the grounds. 

Brand new this year, the program runs from May 23 to June 30.

Program Information:

The Parliamentary Play and Tour program begins at the rear library steps. From there, the group will join a performance of My Place in Politics. This interactive, child-friendly travelling play that whisks audiences back in time, to 1947. They will meet suffragists, students, and the participants of the Chocolate Bar strike, who will teach them about different ways that Canadians have advocated for change in the past. Then, the group will enter the buildings for a guided tour that focuses on how change is made at the Parliament Buildings today. 

This program has been designed with the Grade 5 and 6 social studies curricula in mind, but is fun for children of all ages. The play focuses on participation and representation in Canada's systems of government and how groups developed a plan of action to address issues like discrimination, inequality, and the fight for human rights. It can also be modified to fit the Grade 10 Social Studies Curriculum.

Date:  This program is offered on weekdays from May 23 to June 30, 2023.

Start Time:  10:45 am (Monday - Friday).

Length: Approximately 80 minutes. The program consists of a outdoor theatrical performance followed by a tour of the interior of the Parliament Buildings.

Group Size: Maximum of 35 students and 5 adults. We ask for a minimum of 15 people, but please contact us if you have a group with close to that amount, as we can accommodate smaller groups as well.

Program Schedule: Only one session is offered per day. Please contact us if you will be travelling with more than one group to see if additional sessions can be accommodated.

Cost: Free

Meeting Location: Library stairs at the back of the Parliament Buildings.  Staff will be on hand to meet you there. Please see map below.


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