Security Screening

Planning your visit

Screening Process

The Legislative Assembly is committed to providing open, safe and secure access to the Parliament Buildings for all visitors, Members and staff.

Visitors to the Parliament Buildings and individuals accessing the Public Galleries to observe parliamentary debates or committee proceedings will be required to go through security screening.

Check the Parliamentary Calendar to find out when the Legislature is sitting.

Visitors to the Parliamentary Dining Room must use the ground level accessible Mowat entrance and present valid photo identification to Legislative Security upon arrival.

Visitors with strollers, wheelchairs, and those with mobility restrictions may access the building through the ground level accessible Mowat entrance located on the front driveway beside the stairs.

  • Upon arrival at the Parliament Buildings, visitors will be directed to a screening area.
  • Alternate screening arrangements may be made for visitors with pacemakers or other medical conditions.
  • Visitors should allow for sufficient time to go through security screening, as line ups may occur.
  • Only one (1) bag smaller than 54 cm x 37 cm x 20 cm is permitted per visitor.
  • At minimum, visitors must wear casual dress and footwear.
  • Participating in any form of demonstration inside the Parliament Buildings is prohibited, including wearing items or clothing with visible political messages.