Legislative Assembly Policy Suite

Policy Suite

Pursuant to the Legislative Assembly Management Committee Act, the Legislative Assembly Management Committee (LAMC) has jurisdiction to deal with matters for the effective operation and management of the Legislative Assembly, including policies applicable to Members of the Legislative Assembly and the Legislative Assembly Administration.

In 2019, LAMC implemented the Legislative Assembly Policy Framework, a policy that:

  • establishes "a framework for the identification, planning, development, review, approval, implementation, revision, and repeal of new and existing Legislative Assembly policies";
  • delegates the responsibility to revise and develop policies within the parameters of the Policy Framework to the Clerk of the Legislative Assembly; and
  • assigns overall accountability for the Legislative Assembly's policy suite to the Clerk of the Legislative Assembly.​

The Policy Framework also includes a number of key principles that are critical to ensuring that, within the context of organizational operations, policies provide clear guidance, are consistent, and promote accountability and efficiency. Specifically, policies shall:

  • comply with relevant statutes and regulations;
  • reflect current professional standards and/or best practices;
  • promote good governance through appropriate provisions relating to accountability, leadership, integrity, stewardship, and transparency;
  • promote sound management practices;
  • promote prudent financial administration;
  • promote behaviours consistent with the core principles of the Legislative Assembly Administration;
  • promote openness, fairness, transparency, continuity, and efficiencies in the administrative operations of the Legislative Assembly; and
  • aim to effectively manage organizational risk and performance through robust controls and active management.

In addition, the Legislative Assembly's policy development is guided by the practices of the Government of British Columbia and best practices in other parliamentary and public sector organizations, where practicable and appropriate.​

​​Administrative Policy Suite

​Please note that the Legislative Assembly is currently undertaking an extensive review and modernization of its policy suite. New and updated policies will be added to this site once they have been implemented. 

Members' Policy Suite

Policies applicable to Members of the Legislative Assembly, caucuses, and constituency offices are consolidated on the Members' Guide to Policy and Resources​ website.

Policy Accountability

On an annual basis, the Legislative Assembly Management Committee receives a Policy Development Work Plan as an information item, to gain awareness of policies flagged for development or review. The 2023-24 Work Plan is available here.

On a quarterly basis, the Legislative Assembly Management Committee receives a report from the Clerk of the Legislative Assembly and the Executive Financial Officer outlining any significant instances of non-compliance with a policy and exercises of discretion to provide for exceptions or exemptions to a policy. The reports may be found under the Legislative Assembly Management Committee's meeting documents webpage. ​

P​olicy Enquiries​

For additional information regarding the Legislative Assembly's policy suite, please contact:

Office of the Clerk

Legislative Assembly of British Columbia

Phone: 250-387-3785