No. 30 VOTES AND PROCEEDINGS OF THE Legislative Assembly of British Columbia

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Twelve o’clock p.m.

Prayers by Ms. Barnett.

Craig James, Clerk of the House, advised the Speaker that the Hon. Christy Clark, Member for Westside-Kelowna, has sworn the oath, signed the parliamentary roll, and is entitled to take her seat in the House.

The Hon. L. Reid (Speaker) tabled the following documents:

Auditor General Report: Shaping Transit’s Future in British Columbia—A Summary, October 2013;

Auditor General Follow-up Report: Updates on the Implementation of Recommendations from Recent Reports, October 2013;

Auditor General Report: Observations on Financial Reporting: 2012/13 Summary Financial Statements, November 2013;

Auditor General: An Audit of Special Indemnities, December 2013;

Auditor General Report: Information Technology Compendium, January 2014;

Elections BC Annual Report 2012/13 and Service Plan 2013/14 – 2015/16;

Elections BC Report of the Chief Electoral Officer on the Westside-Kelowna By-election, July 10, 2013;

Elections BC Statement of Votes, 40th Provincial General Election, May 14, 2013;

Representative for Children and Youth Special Report, Out of Sight: How One Aboriginal Child’s Best Interests Were Lost Between Two Provinces, A Special Report, September 2013;

Representative for Children and Youth Annual Report 2012/13 and Service Plan 2013/14-2014/15;

Representative for Children and Youth Special Report, When Talk Trumped Service: A Decade of Lost Opportunity for Aboriginal Children and Youth in B.C., November 2013;

Representative for Children and Youth Investigative Report, Lost in the Shadows: How a Lack of Help Meant a Loss of Hope for One First Nations Girl, February 2014;

Registrar of Lobbyists Annual Report, 2012-2013;

Registrar of Lobbyists, Lobbying in British Columbia: Recommendations for Changes to the Lobbyists Registration Act, November 5, 2013;

Information and Privacy Commissioner for British Columbia Annual Report, 2012-13;

Merit Commissioner Upholding Fair Hiring in the BC Public Service, Annual Report 2012/13;

Ombudsperson Special Report No. 35: Time Matters: An Investigation Into the BC Employment and Assistance Reconsideration Process, January 2014;

Police Complaint Commissioner Annual Report, 2012/13; and,

Legislative Assembly Management Committee Annual Report, 2012-2013.

The Honourable Judith Guichon, Lieutenant Governor of the Province, having entered the House, took her seat on the Throne and was pleased to deliver the following gracious speech:

Madame Speaker and Members of the Legislative Assembly:

In closing this first session of the Fortieth Parliament of British Columbia, on behalf of all British Columbians I wish to express my appreciation for the care and attention you have given to your deliberations and the service you have provided to our great and beautiful province. I now relieve you of your duties.

Her Honour the Lieutenant Governor was then pleased to retire.

The Hon. S. Anton (Minister of Justice) then said:

Madame Speaker and Members of the Legislative Assembly:

It is Her Honour the Lieutenant Governor’s will and pleasure that the Legislative Assembly be prorogued until 2 o’clock p.m. today, and this Legislative Assembly is hereby prorogued.

The following reports were received by the Office of the Clerk during adjournment:

Major Capital Project Plan for the Clinical and Systems Transformation Project pursuant to the Budget Transparency and Accountability Act;

Provincial Health Officer’s 2009 Annual Report, Lower the Stakes, A Public Health Approach to Gambling in British Columbia;

Quarterly Report (First Quarter), Economic Outlook, 2013/14 Financial Update & Three Month Results, April-June, 2013; and,

Quarterly Report (Second Quarter), Economic Outlook, 2013/14 Financial Update & Six Month Results, April-September, 2013.

And then the House prorogued at 12:14 p.m.