No. 9 VOTES AND PROCEEDINGS OF THE Legislative Assembly of British Columbia

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

One-thirty o’clock p.m.

Prayers by Mr. Donaldson.

Order called for “Members’ Statements.”

Order called for “Oral Questions by Members.”

By leave, on the motion of the Hon. M. de Jong, seconded by Mr. Farnworth, it was Ordered

That Pat Pimm, Member for Peace River North Electoral District, be appointed Deputy Chair of the Committee of the Whole for this Session of the Legislative Assembly.

The House proceeded to “Orders of the Day.”

Pursuant to Order, the House resumed the adjourned debate on the motion “That the Speaker do now leave the Chair” for the House to go into Committee of Supply.

The debate continued.

On the motion of Ms. Shin, the debate was adjourned to the next sitting of the House.

And then the House adjourned at 6.56 p.m.



Thursday, February 19

Mr. Fleming to introduce a Bill intituled Youth Voter Registration Act, 2015.


Thursday, February 19

6  Mr. Ralston to move in amendment, seconded by Ms. James

Be it resolved that the motion “That the Speaker do now leave the Chair” for the House to go into Committee of Supply be amended by adding the following:

“That the government report in the third quarter of this fiscal year on progress towards their commitment to have one LNG plant and processing facility up and running by 2015; to open eight new mines by 2015; and their commitment to ensure every British Columbian has access to a general practitioner by 2015; and that the government maintain the personal income tax regime for individuals earning over $150,000 per year.”

Monday, February 23

7  Mr. Ashton to move —

Be it resolved that this House recognize the value of a balanced budget built on a diverse economy to support B.C. families and communities and to build a better, stronger province for future generations.