2003 Legislative Session: 4th Session, 37th Parliament



Monday, February 9, 2004
1 p.m.

Birch Committee Room
Parliament Buildings
Victoria, British Columbia

Present: Ken Stewart, MLA (Chair); Harry Bloy, MLA (Deputy Chair); Harold Long, MLA; Patrick Wong, MLA; Barry Penner, MLA; Dan Jarvis, MLA; Dr. John Wilson, MLA

Unavoidably Absent: Hon. Pat Bell, MLA; Hon. Susan Brice, MLA; Hon. John Les, MLA; Rod Visser, MLA; Joy MacPhail, MLA

1. The Chair called the Committee to order at 1:10 p.m.

2. The Committee met in camera to consider its Third Report to the House regarding the British Columbia Housing Management Commission and the Oil and Gas Commission.

3. The Committee met in public session.

4. Resolved, that the Third Report to the House be adopted as amended.

5. Resolved, that the Third Report be Tabled in the House by the Chairman.

6. The Committee adjourned to the call of the Chair at 1:51 p.m.

Ken Stewart, MLA

Craig James
Clerk Assistant and
Clerk of Committees

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Issue No. 24

ISSN 1499-4194









* Ken Stewart (Maple Ridge–Pitt Meadows L)

Deputy Chair:

* Harry Bloy (Burquitlam L)


   Hon. Pat Bell (Prince George North L)
   Hon. Susan Brice (Saanich South L)
* Daniel Jarvis (North Vancouver–Seymour L)
   Hon. John Les (Chilliwack-Sumas L)
* Harold Long (Powell River–Sunshine Coast L)
* Barry Penner (Chilliwack-Kent L)
   Rod Visser (North Island L)
* John Wilson (Cariboo North L)
* Patrick Wong (Vancouver-Kensington L)
   Joy MacPhail (Vancouver-Hastings NDP)

  * denotes member present



Craig James

Committee Staff:

Jonathan Fershau (Committee Researcher) 

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           The committee met at 1:10 p.m.

              [K. Stewart in the chair.]

           K. Stewart (Chair): I'd like to call the meeting to order. Given the fact that we're considering a draft report, I'll be looking for a motion to move in camera.

           B. Penner: Can I ask one question before we do that?

           K. Stewart (Chair): Sure.

           B. Penner: This question is for the Clerk. I know it's been common practice that once a private member is appointed to the executive council, they no longer serve on a legislative committee. Is that a practice that's enshrined in some procedural law, or is it just a custom?

           C. James: Well, it's a custom and practice which has been evolving here since the late 1980s, but it's been long held that parliamentary committees are really the domain of the private members as opposed to the executive council.

           B. Penner: So the moment a person is appointed to the executive council, do they automatically cease to be a member of this committee, or is some further motion required either by the committee or the Legislature itself?

           C. James: It's a motion that's usually required by the Legislative Assembly. Members can't resign from committees, but they can not partake in their proceedings. So what'll happen of course, being on the precipice of a brand-new session, is that when the committees are restruck, one would think there would be some sensitivity to enabling the private members to be the sole occupants of the positions on various parliamentary committees.

           B. Penner: But for now, technically, the members of the executive council that were just appointed are still potentially members of various legislative committees.

           C. James: They're still members of the committee, yeah.

           B. Penner: Thank you.

           K. Stewart (Chair): Given that, so there's no confusion, based on the earlier motion, we'll now move in camera.

           The committee continued in camera from 1:12 p.m. to 1:48 p.m.

              [K. Stewart in the chair.]

           K. Stewart (Chair): Now that we're back on record — "on air" record, as it says on the wall — I'd look for a motion to adopt the draft committee report as amended.

           Motion approved.

           K. Stewart (Chair): Is this a unanimous vote? Seeing no dissenters, a unanimous vote to accept the draft agenda.

           B. Penner: Draft agenda?

           K. Stewart (Chair): Oh, sorry. Once we accept it, it will no longer be a draft. It will be the final report.

           What we've done here today is we have approved our final report. Tomorrow when the House starts, this committee will no longer be in existence, but we will be able to present this report, and that will conclude the business of this committee as structured and directed by the legislative House.

           H. Long: So we should leave these behind, because they're confidential?

           A Voice: Please.

           K. Stewart (Chair): Now that our report is complete, I would like a motion to present the report to the House at the earliest convenience.

           Motion approved.

           B. Penner: Just a point of clarification. This report remains confidential until such time as it's presented in the Legislature?


           K. Stewart (Chair): As with all our reports. Once it's completed and presented to the House, I will ensure that the appropriate ministries and groups get copies of it, along with every member of the public that wants to hit the Internet on it.

           I would just like to take this opportunity to thank the members for their support and effort during this time of the committee. I appreciate you all possibly contributing again in the future. Thank you very much. A motion to adjourn?

           The committee adjourned at 1:51 p.m.

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