1995 Legislative Session: 4th Session, 35th Parliament

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BILL M 210 -- 1995


HER MAJESTY, by and with the advice and consent of the Legislative Assembly of the Province of British Columbia, enacts as follows:

Definitions and Interpretation

1 (1) In this Act

"recording" means the original mechanical record of proceedings derived from listening or recording devices;

"transcript" means the written interpretation of the recording;

"recorder" means the official person designated to record the proceedings;


Requirement of Court Information Recording

2 All proceedings in the Courts of British Columbia shall be recorded except:

(a) where the Judge of the Court expressly states it shall not form part of the record; or

(b) where all parties, including the Judge, agree all, or part of the proceedings shall not be recorded;

Availability of Court Information Records

3 All recordings, in whole or in part, shall be made available to any member of the public upon request to:

(a) check the accuracy of the transcript; or

(b) order a transcript of the proceedings by the Recorder;

4 All recordings of proceedings shall be maintained by the Recording Office for a minimum of ten (10) years.


5 Every person who:

(a) contravenes sections 2 or 4;

(b) fails to comply with a request made pursuant to section 3; or

(c) provides the Minister with any false or misleading information in purported compliance with any request made pursuant to section 3;

is guilty of an offense and liable, on summary conviction, to a fine not exceeding ten thousand dollars.

6 (1) No persons shall be found guilty, under this Act, if the person establishes that they took all due diligence to prevent the commission of the offense.

Coming into Force

7 This Act shall come into force two years after it is assented to by the Lieutenant Governor in Council.

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