2000 Legislative Session: 4th Session, 36th Parliament

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BILL M 210 -- 2000



WHEREAS the effects of prostate cancer have a significantly negative impact on British Columbian families;

AND WHEREAS one in nine men will develop clinically significant prostate cancer in their lifetime;

AND WHEREAS prostate cancer is the most common cancer among men;

AND WHEREAS prostate cancer is the second leading cause of male cancer death;

AND WHEREAS from January to July, 1999, there were 233 prostate cancer deaths in British Columbia;

AND WHEREAS an estimated 540 British Columbians will die of prostate cancer this year;

AND WHEREAS British Columbians are not adequately informed about prostate cancer detection methods;

AND WHEREAS PSA tests and DRE exams for asymptomatic men are not currently covered by the Medical Services Plan of British Columbia;

AND WHEREAS prostate cancer screening tools may increase detection of prostate cancer in asymptomatic men;

AND WHEREAS early intervention and treatment of prostate cancer may result in fewer side effects and less recovery time;

HER MAJESTY, by and with the consent of the Legislative Assembly of the Province of British Columbia, enacts as follows:


1 In this Act:

"DRE" is an abbreviation for "Digital Rectal Exam";

"insured men" means male residents of the Province of British Columbia who are entitled to insured services and are insured under MSP, and who are not in default in payment of premiums;

"MSP" is an abbreviation for "Medical Services Plan of British Columbia";

"optional" means that men are not required to take either or both tests, but testing should not be refused if requested;

"prostate cancer screening tools" includes either the PSA test or the DRE exam, or both;

"PSA" is an abbreviation for a protein in the blood called Prostate Specific Antigen;

"PSA test" is a blood test which measures PSA levels, high levels of which may indicate the presence of cancer.


2 Optional annual PSA and DRE prostate cancer screening shall be available to any man in British Columbia who has been made aware of the uncertainties of the tests and still chooses to have either or both tests.

3 Optional annual PSA and DRE prostate cancer screening for insured men between fifty and seventy years of age inclusively, shall be completely funded by MSP.


4 A Prostate Cancer Awareness Program Fund shall be created.

5 Money required for the purpose of the Prostate Cancer Awareness Program Fund shall require an appropriation of the legislature.


6 PSA and DRE screening shall be administered by the British Columbia Cancer Agency.

7 The Prostate Cancer Awareness Program shall be administered by the British Columbia Cancer Agency.


8 The Lieutenant Governor in Council may make regulations.


9 This Act comes into force by regulation of the Lieutenant Governor in Council.

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