MLA Remuneration and Expenses

​​​Basic Compensation  

Basic compensation for a Member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA) is established under the Members' Remuneration and Pensions Act (MRPA). Effective April 1, 2017, the annual basic compensation each MLA receives is $105,881.83.

Additional Salary

An MLA who holds a ministerial or parliamentary office, as specified in section 4 of the MRPA, receives an additional salary that corresponds to a percentage of the basic compensation. If an MLA holds two or more positions for which an additional salary is granted, the MLA will receive only the higher of the allowances.


% of Basic Compensation

Additional Salary


Indemnity (Basic Compensation) $105,881.83$  4,061.22
Premier90 %$  95,293.65$  3,655.10
Minister50 %$  52,940.92$  2,030.61
Minister of State35 %$  37,058.65$  1,421.43
Speaker50 %$  52,940.92$  2,030.61
Deputy Speaker35 %$  37,058.65$  1,421.43
Assistant Deputy Speaker35 %$  37,058.65$  1,421.43
Government Whip20 %$  21,176.37$     812.24
Deputy Government Whip15 %$  15,882.28$     609.18
Government Caucus Chair20 %$  21,176.37$     812.24
Deputy Chair, Committee of the Whole20 %$  21,176.37$     812.24
Parliamentary Secretary15 %$  15,882.28$     609.18
Leader of the Official Opposition50 %$  52,940.92$   2,030.61
Official Opposition House Leader20 %$  21,176.37$     812.24
Official Opposition Whip20 %$  21,176.37$     812.24
Official Opposition Deputy Whip15 %$  15,882.28$     609.18
Official Opposition Caucus Chair20 %$  21,176.37$     812.24
Leader of the Third Party25 %$  26,470.46$   1,015.31
Third Party House Leader10 %$  10,588.18$     406.12
Third Party Whip10 %$  10,588.18$     406.12
Third Party Caucus Chair10 %$  10,588.18$     406.12
Chair, Select Standing or Special Committee15 %$  15,882.28$     609.18
Deputy Chair, Select Standing or Special Committee10 %$  10,588.18$     406.12
​ ​​

MLA Pension Plan

Legislative changes to the Members' Remuneration and Pensions Act in 2007 included the introduction of a defined-benefit pension plan. Every MLA under age 71 is required to participate in the plan, which contains the following key provisions:

  • Contributions are fixed at 11% of a Member's pensionable earnings (basic compensation and any additional salary earned). The amount of government contributions is determined by the public service board. All contributions are held and administered by the BC Pension Corporation on behalf of the Legislative Assembly.

  • The amount of the annual pension is based on a benefit accrual rate of 3.5% of the highest 3-year average annual pensionable earnings. The maximum pension an MLA may receive is 70% of these earnings.

  • An MLA is not entitled to a pension unless he or she has served in the Legislature for at least six years, including the years the Member served immediately prior to the introduction of this plan (April 2007).

  • An MLA receives an unreduced pension at age 65, with the option for a retired Member to take a reduced pension between the ages of 60 and 65 (3% reduction for each year pension payments commence before a Member's 65th birthday).

  • The normal form of pension for an MLA with a spouse at retirement is joint life, with the pension payable to the surviving spouse reduced to 60% on the MLA's death. For a Member without a spouse at retirement, the pension is normally for life.

Section 40 ​of the Act specifies that two pieces of financial information regarding the MLA pension plan must be posted on the Legislative Assembly website:

  1. The total cost incurred during a calendar year by the government of the purchase of service before April 1, 2007, with a cut-off date of July 1, 2011.

    The total cost was $16,412,712 in 2008; $974,061 in 2009; $1,062,873 in 2010; and $2,451,280 in 2011.

  2. The contribution by government to the Public Service Pension Fund, based on the rate determined as modified by the public service board.

    ​The current government contribution rate is 39.37% (effective July 1, 2015). In addition, each MLA contributes 11 percent of basic compensation and any additional salary to the pension plan.​