Status of Competitions

​Thank you for your interest in working at the Legislative Assembly of British Columbia. This page shows the current status of competitions.

If you wish to withdraw from a competition, please contact us by e-mail at



Human Resources Consultant, Strategic Projects Resources Consultant, Strategic ProjectsLA222324Human Resource OperationsRegular Full-TimeCancelled
Administrative Assistant Assistant LA222332Sergeant-at-ArmsRegular Full-TimeFilled
Human Resources Advisor Resources AdvisorLA222321Human Resource Operations1 Auxiliary Full-Time (until March 31, 2023) and 1 Regular Full-TimeFilled
Index Team Lead Team LeadLA222333Hansard ServicesRegular Full-TimeFilled
Business Continuity Advisor Continuity AdvisorLA222311Financial ServicesRegular Full-TimeFilled
Procurement Specialist SpecialistLA222323Precinct ServicesRegular Full-TimeFilled
Publishing Systems Co-op Systems Co-op LA222329Hansard ServicesAuxiliary Full-Time (September until December 12, 2022)Filled
Second Cook CookLA222316Precinct ServicesAuxiliary As-And-When Required (on-call)Filled
Manager, Reporting Services, Reporting ServicesLA222335Hansard ServicesRegular Full-TimeFilled
Financial Services Co-op Services Co-opLA222343Financial ServicesAuxiliary Full-Time (September 2022 to April 2023)Filled
Payroll and Benefits Coordinator and Benefits CoordinatorLA222322Human Resource OperationsAuxiliary Full-Time (Until March 31, 2023)Filled
Human Resources Assistant (Co-op) Resources Assistant (Co-op)LA222350Human Resource OperationsAuxiliary Full-Time (until March 31, 2023)Filled
Guest Services Team Lead Services Team LeadLA222319Precinct ServicesRegular Full-TimeFilled
Building Mechanical Maintenance Technician Mechanical Maintenance Technician LA222328Precinct ServicesRegular Full-TimeFilled
Committee Researcher ResearcherLA222320Parliamentary Committees OfficeAuxiliary Full-Time (1 year appointment)Filled
Parliamentary Education Officer Education OfficerLA222336Parliamentary Education OfficeRegular Full-TimeFilled
Research Assistant Co-op Assistant Co-opLA222341Sergeant-at-ArmsAuxiliary Full-Time (September to December 2022)Interviewing
Sessional Officer OfficerLA222338Sergeant-at-ArmsFive Auxiliary As-and-When Required (until December 31, 2022)Interviewing
Librarian LibraryAuxiliary Full-Time (until March 31, 2023)Interviewing
Manager, Parliamentary Education Office, Parliamentary Education OfficeLA222337Parliamentary Education OfficeRegular Full-TimeInterviewing
Committees Assistant AssistantLA222345Parliamentary Committees OfficeAuxiliary Full-Time (1 year term)Screening
Sergeant Full-TimeScreening
Project Coordinator CoordinatorLA222326Precinct ServicesAuxiliary Full-Time (ending March 31, 2023)Screening
Hansard Researcher Researcher LA222325Hansard ServicesAuxiliary As-and-When RequiredScreening
Financial Officer OfficerLA222344Financial ServicesRegular Full-TimeScreening
Editor ServicesAuxiliary As-and-When RequiredTesting


Screening: Applications received are under review.

Testing: Candidates for testing have been identified. Testing will soon begin or is in progress.

Interviewing: Candidates for interviews have been identified. Interviews will soon begin or are in progress.

Filled: The successful candidate has been selected and has accepted the employment offer.

Cancelled: The competition has been cancelled.