About the Committee System

About the Committee System

​​What are Parliamentary Committees?

Parliamentary committee​s are appointed by the Legislative Assembly of British Columbia to undertake business on behalf of the Assembly. Committees are comprised of small groups of Private Members who have been appointed by the Legislative Assembly. Committees derive their powers from the House and must report their findings back to the House.

Parliamentary Committees Office Services

Parliamentary committees undertake much of the detailed investigative work of the Legislative Assembly of British Columbia. Committees scrutinize the operation of government ministries and agencies, examine policy proposals and issues of public interest, and may also review legislation and government spending estimates.

Parliamentary committees also allow members of the public to have direct input into the parliamentary process by making written or electronic submissions and participating in public hearings.

The Parliamentary Committees Office is committed to providing the highest quality support to parliamentary committees of the Legislative Assembly and to serving members of the public interested in information or advice about committee processes and activities.

Our office's service standards are a starting point for us as we strive continuously to improve our service.

What We Do

The staff of the Parliamentary Committees Office provide procedural, administrative, research and analytical support to parliamentary committees. This includes providing information or advice about committee processes and activities to members of the public and assisting with public consultations.

The Clerk to each committee provides impartial procedural and organizational advice to committees and oversees the work of staff. Our research staff assist with the collection of evidence, undertake research and analysis, prepare briefing notes and draft committee reports. Our administrative staff maintain committee files and organize committee meetings and public consultation processes.

Our Commitment

We are committed to providing the best level of service possible in a manner consistent with the values inherent in our organization.

In particular, we are committed to:

  • Integrity – we will act fairly, honestly and ethically;
  • Responsiveness – we will act effectively and in a timely fashion in response to concerns or requests for information and advice;
  • Accountability – we will accept responsibility for our actions
  • Quality – we will strive to give our best to every task; and
  • Professionalism – we will maintain a professional and non-partisan approach.

Our Service Standards

  • We provide advice that is timely, accurate, clear and as complete as possible.
  • If we are unable to respond immediately to requests for advice or information, we will let you know what steps we are taking to provide a response.
  • We provide liaison services that are timely, courteous and effective.
  • We aim to develop and implement strategies to promote public awareness of and participation in parliamentary committee inquiries.
  • We support the information-gathering activities of parliamentary committees by providing well informed and balanced research and analytical services and by providing effective administrative support.
  • We provide research documents and briefing papers for parliamentary committee meetings in a time frame that is acceptable to each committee.
  • We provide report drafting services that result in clearly expressed and well-structured draft reports that express the views of the committee.
  • We provide publication services that result in the timely printing, presentation and distribution of parliamentary committee reports
  • We develop and implement strategies to ensure the effective promotion of parliamentary committee reports.

If you would like to contribute to a particular parliamentary committee inquiry, we will help you by providing information and advice about:

  • the issues under consideration.
  • the committee's meeting and public hearing schedule.
  • how to prepare a written submission. and
  • appearing before the committee as a witness.

Our Web Site

We will ensure that up-to-date information about parliamentary committees is maintained on the Assembly web site at: Parliamentary Committees

The site contains:

  • the terms of reference for all parliamentary committees;
  • committee membership lists;
  • information about committee hearings and activities and how to contribute to committee inquiries;
  • transcripts of committee hearings; and
  • current and previous committee reports.

Comments and Inquiries

We welcome feedback on our performance so that we can improve our standards of service. If you have any comments, inquiries or are dissatisfied with any aspect of the parliamentary committee support services we provide, please let us know. You may care to make your comments or concerns known to the Clerk or the Chair of the Committee who will try to resolve your concerns immediately.

We can be contacted during regular office hours, or after hours by arrangement with the Clerk to the Committee.