Parliamentary Committees


Legislative Assembly of British Columbia 


Special Committee to Appoint an
Information and Privacy Commissioner


6th Session, 40th Parliament


March 16, 2017

To the Honourable
Legislative Assembly
of the Province of British Columbia

Honourable Members:

I have the honour to present herewith a Report of the Special Committee to Appoint an Information and Privacy Commissioner.

The Report covers the work of this Committee from March 1, 2016 through March 15, 2017 during which the Committee held 19 meetings, in support of a comprehensive recruitment strategy and extensive interview processes.

The Legislative Assembly established the Committee to unanimously recommend the appointment of a Commissioner as provided for in the Freedom of Information and Privacy Act, however the Committee is not able to come to a unanimous recommendation as required by legislation.

Therefore, following the provincial general election on May 9, and the opening of a new Parliament, the Committee recommends that a new Special Committee be appointed to undertake the work to fill the important position of Information and Privacy Commissioner.

The Committee would like to thank all of the highly qualified applicants who participated in this process – as well as Mr. Drew McArthur for his continuing service as Acting Information and Privacy Commissioner during this time of transition, ensuring strong leadership and continuity for the Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner.

Respectfully submitted on behalf of the Committee,


Sam Sullivan, MLA
Chair, Special Committee to Appoint an Information and Privacy Commissioner.