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Legislative Assembly Releases its Accountability Report 2014-15


December  7, 2015

Legislative Assembly – Province of British Columbia

VICTORIA – Honourable Linda Reid, Speaker of the Legislative Assembly, today released the Legislative Assembly’s annual Accountability Report 2014-15: A Report to British Columbians.

“This report describes actions taken by the Legislative Assembly Management Committee to strengthen the assembly’s financial management and accountability to British Columbians during the 2014-15 fiscal year,” said Madame Speaker.

The report includes the assembly’s independently audited financial statements and a new Management Discussion and Analysis with expanded analysis and information on the assembly’s financial administration. The report also provides strategic objectives for assembly departments for 2016-17, and performance indicators and measures to evaluate the success of departments in meeting their goals. For the second consecutive year, B.C.’s Office of the Auditor General has audited the assembly’s financial statements and confirmed to British Columbians that the statements are reliable and fair.

“I am grateful to committee members and assembly staff for their commitment and dedication in achieving a more open and accountable Legislative Assembly, and establishing our Legislative Assembly as a leader in parliamentary accountability across Canada,” added Madame Speaker.

In the year ahead, the committee will advance further reforms to financial management and accountability, improve accessibility at the assembly, and expand the availability of parliamentary information to members and British Columbians through the use of new technologies.

The Accountability Report is available at:

Office of the Speaker
Room 207
Parliament Buildings
250 387-3952