​Transparency and openness are central to the Legislative Assembly's accountability to all British Columbians. Quarterly reports on compensation, travel expenses and constituency office expenses are published for every Member. In addition, quarterly information on parliamentary committee travel expenses and the travel expenses of Legislative Assembly executive staff are also published.

Accountability and Expense Reports

Legislative Assembly Accountability Report 2017-18 and 2018-19

​Financial Reports

Annual Budget Submission

Members’ Public Disclosure Statements and Notices of Material Change


Member​s' Disclosure Re​ports and Receipts

The Legislative Assembly is committed to accountability and transparency through the quarterly disclosure of information on Members' compensation and expenses including:

Archived reports, annual Public Accounts information on Members' travel expenses and capital city living expenses are also provided. 


Parliamentary Committees Travel Expenses

Parliamentary committee-related travel expenses. 

Legislative Assembly Executive Staff Disclosure Reports and Receipts

Quarterly compensation, travel expenses and accompanying receipts of the Clerk of the Legislative Assembly, the Acting Clerk, the Sergeant-at-Arms, the Acting Sergeant-at-Arms, and the Executive Financial Officer.

Employee Out of Province Travel Summary

Quarterly report contains the out of province travel expenses paid for the Legislative Assembly employees during the report period (April 1, 2019 to March 31, 2020).

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Legislative Assembly Management Committee

The Legislative Assembly Management Committee Act provides the Committee with its membership, formal powers and responsibilities relating to a variety of areas, including:

  • the administrative and financial policies of the Assembly;
  • the provision of facilities and services required for the effective functioning of the Assembly; and
  • the review and approval of estimates of expenditure for the Legislative Assembly (Vote 1). 

Members' Guide to Policy and Resources​

This public website has been designed to support Members in carrying out their responsibilities, as well as to provide the public with more insight into the management and services provided by the Legislative Assembly. 

Members' Remuneration and Pensions Act 

Statutory provisions for Members' compensation and pensions. 

Report of the Independent Commission to Review MLA Compensation

In 2007, the Commission's report recommended changes to the compensation package for Members of the Legislative Assembly, public disclosure of basic compensation, additional salaries for certain positions, and pensions.