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Commitment to Accessibility

The Legislative Assembly of British Columbia is committed to improving accessibility for all British Columbians, regardless of their level of ability. This includes striving to meet or exceed worldwide standards for developing and maintaining accessible websites.

We will strive to ensure that our commitment to accessibility promotes dignity, inclusion and independence for everyone.

Built Environment

Work continues to ensure that all Members, British Columbians and visitors have accessible access to and within the Parliament Buildings. This includes the opening of the barrier‐free Mowat Entrance at the front of the main entrance of the Parliament Buildings in March 2013. In addition, work has been undertaken within the other areas of the building to improve accessibility, including recent washroom upgrades, automatic door openers, expanded accessible parking and sidewalk access.

Communications and Information

We will continue to develop and modify our communications and information materials so that they are in accessible formats and that we use plain language where we can.

Supportive Devices and Service Animals

Visitors are welcome to bring any supportive devices or service animals to accompany them during their visit to the Parliament Buildings.


Please let us know your suggestions to improve accessibility for our website, building, programs, publications or services. We are committed to continuous improvement to make the Legislative Assembly of B.C. a welcoming and accessible environment for all British Columbians and visitors.


To submit feedback related to website technical difficulties, usability or accessibility, please contact our Webmaster directly.

For any other areas, please see the contact information provided for various programs and offices of the Legislative Assembly.