Bills and Legislation

Bills and Legislation

​​Making laws is one of the primary functions of the Legislative Assembly, and the legislative process is a substantial focus of each sitting day. A bill must pass through several stages before becoming law. Except in urgent or exceptional cases, each stage occurs on a different day to allow detailed examination of each bill.

Bills for the current and previous sessions in their first reading, amended, and third reading forms.

Progress of Bills
A comprehensive table listing all bills introduced for a particular session.  The table provides the name of the Member responsible for the bill, and the dates the bill has passed through various reading stages.

BC Laws
Provincial statutes and regulations: the unofficial, online version of current consolidations.

Revisions Pursuant to the Statute Revision Act
Statutes and regulations revised under the Statute Revision Act.  Revised statutes consolidate amendments and modernize language and style without changing the legal effect of the law.

BC Regulations Bulletins
Weekly summary of the regulations deposited with the Registrar of Regulations, and a cumulative bulletin list of all regulations deposited to date.

Orders in Council
An Order in Council is a directive issued by the Lieutenant Governor on the advice of Cabinet authorizing certain actions.  Find current and historical Orders in Council dating back to 1872. 

Act/Ministry Responsibilities
A listing to determine which ministry is responsible for a particular statute, or find all statutes related to a particular ministry