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Outdoor Travelling Plays

This summer, join the Parliamentary Players on an award-winning interactive theatrical experience that takes visitors around the outdoor grounds of the Legislative Assembly and even back through time!  The Travelling Plays are a perfect complement to your guided tour of the Parliament Buildings, so plan to include this as part of your visit.

How to Join

Shows begin from the driveway at the front of the Parliament Buildings, Thursday - Monday. 

Please check in with a Tour Guide on the front driveway 10 - 15 minutes before one of the times listed above.

Shows are free and last approximately 35 minutes.

No advance bookings or tickets required.



A House for Democracy

My Place in Politics

Tuesday July 16

No Plays Today

Wednesday July 17

No Plays Today

Thursday July 18



Friday July 19

12:15, 3:15

1:45, 4:40

Saturday July 20



Sunday July 21


11:10, 1:50, 3:10, 4:50

Monday July 22

12:15, 3:15

1:45, 4:40

Show Information

My Place in Politics

Riley Erskine is running for student council, but it is a big challenge. Luckily, Riley travels back to 1947 and meets inspiring people from British Columbia’s history. Will they help Riley build enough confidence to succeed? Find out in My Place in Politics!

A House for Democracy

A young architect struggling for ideas travels through time and meets the notorious designer of the Parliament Buildings, Francis Mawson Rattenbury. Together, they learn all about what it means to build a House for Democracy!

Accessibility Information    

The Travelling Plays take visitors around the exterior of the Parliament Buildings. The route is accessible to visitors in wheelchairs and scooters, those with limited mobility, and young children in strollers. 

If you have any questions about your mobility needs, please ask a Tour Guide for more information.

Upcoming Plays    

The Life (and Death) of Francis Rattenbury|

This October, visit the Legislative Assembly of British Columbia to learn the chilling tale of The Life (and Death) of Francis Rattenbury, the infamous BC architect. This free, hour-long theatrical tour introduces visitors to the most notorious parliamentary ghosts, brought back to life by the award-winning Parliamentary Players. Show dates and times will be announced in the fall.

Interested in Working as a Parliamentary Player?

Each summer, the Legislative Assembly of British Columbia hires college and university students to deliver the Travelling Plays to the thousands of school children and visitors from around the world who visit the Parliament Buildings.

Applicants are asked to complete and submit an application form, as well as a cover letter, resume, and proof of registration in a post-secondary institution.

Recruitment typically takes place in December and January each year. Please visit our Job Postings page at that time for information and to apply.