Parliamentary Business

Parliamentary Business

​​​Debates and Proceedings

Orders of the Day

The published daily agenda of business available to be considered by the Legislative Assembly at a particular sitting.

Votes and Proceedings

A published summary of the daily business and decisions made by the Legislative Assembly, similar to minutes. It includes a listing of all bills, documents tabled, motions, decisions, and the results of any votes.

Debates of the Legislative Assembly (Hansard)

The official substantially verbatim transcript of what is said in the Legislative Assembly, produced with video and indexes. Preliminary transcripts are called Blues and are identified by a blue background. Hansard also produces transcripts of parliamentary committee proceedings.

Committee of Supply – Votes Completed

A table listing the dates that ministries have completed their annual budgetary review by Committee of Supply, also known as Estimates debate.

Archived Journals

Access to the historical Journals of the Legislative Assembly from 1851 to present. Compiled from the Votes and Proceedings, the Journals are the official, permanent record of the proceedings of the Legislative Assembly.


Full transcripts of the Speech from the Throne and the Budget Speech, as delivered in the Legislative Assembly.

Bills and Legislation

Bills for the current and previous sessions in their first reading, amended, and third reading forms.
Progress of Bills
A comprehensive table listing all bills introduced for a particular session.  The table provides the name of the Member responsible for the bill, and the dates the bill has passed through various reading stages.
BC Laws
Provincial statutes and regulations
Revisions Pursuant to the Statute Revision Act
Statutes and regulations revised under the Statute Revision Act.  Revised statutes consolidate amendments and modernize language and style without changing the legal effect of the law.
BC Regulations Bulletins
Weekly summary of the regulations deposited with the Registrar of Regulations, and a cumulative bulletin list of all regulations deposited to date.
Orders in Council and Ministerial Order Resumes
An Order in Council is a directive issued by the Lieutenant Governor on the advice of Cabinet authorizing certain actions.  Find current and historical Orders in Council dating back to 1872. 

Act/Ministry Responsibilities
A listing to determine which ministry is responsible for a particular statute, or find all statutes related to a particular ministry.

Parliamentary Committees

Parliamentary committees are appointed by the Legislative Assembly of British Columbia to undertake business on behalf of the Assembly.
Public Consultations

A parliamentary committee may seek public input on topics, issues or policy questions outlined in its Terms of Reference. Discover how to provide input on current consultations.

Parliamentary Procedure​

Standing Orders
Rules adopted by the Legislative Assembly which regulate procedure, debate, and conduct in the House.
Parliamentary Practice in British Columbia 
Procedural authority of the Legislative Assembly of British Columbia.

Rules regarding the proper form of petitions to be presented to the Legislative Assembly.
Private Bills
Rules and procedures for applying for a Private Bill to be introduced to the Legislative Assembly.