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Legislative Broadcasting and Webcasting

Hansard Broadcasting Services televises and webcasts the proceedings of the Legislative Assembly and Parliamentary Committees. Podcasts of selected events are also available.

  • For upcoming television broadcasts, please refer to this week's broadcast schedule.
  • To find the scheduled sitting dates of the Legislative Assembly, please refer to the Parliamentary Calendar.
  • For a list of all scheduled committee meetings, please refer to the Committees Calendar.
  • To find the cable channel that carries the legislative broadcast in your community, consult the Channel Guide.

To view BC Legislative Live Webcasts with Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Safari browsers, and Apple iOS and Android, no Flash add-on is required.

If you encounter problems viewing the Webcast, please email for further assistance.

Television Broadcasting

Assembly Broadcasts

Proceedings from the Chamber are broadcast live, without interruption, from the start of each sitting until adjournment. A repeat broadcast of the day's Oral Question Period airs at 7 p.m.

During debate on ministry estimates, a second section of the Committee of Supply may be established to hold debates concurrently with the House. These proceedings are recorded and rebroadcast in the evening as the proceedings of Committee A.

Occasionally, the Assembly will activate a third venue, Committee C, which is rebroadcast on weekends.

Parliamentary Committees Broadcasts

The audio of Parliamentary Committee meetings is also broadcast over the Legislative television channel. Please refer to the weekly broadcast schedule above for a listing of upcoming live and pre-recorded Parliamentary Committee broadcasts.

Webcasting Services

Live Streaming

The proceedings of the House and Parliamentary Committees are streamed live over the Internet, beginning shortly before their scheduled start times. The start time of proceedings in Committee A (and Committee C, when applicable) varies from day to day. Links to the webcasts for these meetings are posted approximately 15 minutes before the anticipated start time of the event.

Archived Webcasts

All House and Parliamentary Committee meetings that are streamed live are archived and available for playback on demand approximately 15 minutes after the event concludes. Archived House webcasts can be found on the Debates pages. Archived Parliamentary Committee webcasts are available through the Previous Committees page.

Special Events

Hansard Broadcasting Services televises and webcasts special events, such as opening day ceremonies and official visits by dignitaries. Please visit the Special Events Video Archive to view webcasts of these events.


Hansard Broadcasting Services provides audio podcasts of the daily oral question period. Question Period podcasts can be accessed using: 

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