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100 Years of Women and the Vote

2017 marked 100 years of some women having the right to vote in British Columbia. However not all women share this anniversary. As a result of historic and persistent sexism, racism and colonialism, many women, including First Nations women, did not receive the right to vote until decades later.

In honour of the centennial, this exhibit highlights a number of significant 'firsts' for women elected to the Legislative Assembly. These milestones form part of the broader contributions of women in public life and their attainment would not have been possible without the hard-won success of the suffrage movement.

Learn about these "100 Years of Women and the Vote" by exploring the history of the suffrage movement in B.C., biographies of the featured women, an historical timeline, archival photographs, original poetry and women’s representation in the Legislative Assembly today.

Opening Ceremony Video

Opening Ceremony Video

Members of the 14th Parliament including Mary Ellen Smith, the first woman elected to the Legislative Assembly