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Select Standing Committee on Health


​The Select Standing Committee on Health is one of nine permanent all-party committees of the Legislative Assembly of British Columbia. The Committee is working to identify potential strategies to maintain a sustainable health care system for British Columbians.

Terms of Reference

On February 25, 2014, the Legislative Assembly agreed that the Select Standing Committee on Health be empowered to:

  1. Consider the conclusions contained in the Interim Report, October 2012, of the Select Standing Committee on Health of the 39th Parliament; as such, the Interim Report of the Select Standing Committee on Health, and any submissions and evidence received during the 39th Parliament, are referred to the Committee;
  2. Outline potential alternative strategies to mitigate the impact of the significant cost drivers identified in the Report on the sustainability and improvement of the provincial health care system; and
  3. Identify current public levels of acceptance toward the potential alternative strategies.

In addition to the powers previously conferred upon the Select Standing Committee on Health, the Committee shall be empowered:

  1. to appoint of their number, one or more subcommittees and to refer to such subcommittees any of the matters referred to the Committee;
  2. to sit during a period in which the House is adjourned, during the recess after prorogation until the next following Session and during any sitting of the House;
  3. to conduct consultations by any means the committee considers appropriate;
  4. to adjourn from place to place as may be convenient; and
  5. to retain such personnel as required to assist the Committee;

And shall report to the House as soon as possible, or following any adjournment or at the next following Session, as the case may be; to deposit the original of its reports with the Clerk of the Legislative Assembly during a period of adjournment and upon resumption of the sittings of the House, the Chair shall present all reports to the Legislative Assembly.

Contact Information

Select Standing Committee on Health
c/o Parliamentary Committees Office
Room 224, Parliament Buildings
Victoria, British Columbia V8V 1X4

Phone: 250-356-2933 (collect) or 1-877-428-8337 (toll-free)
Fax: 250-356-8172


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Meeting: Select Standing Committee on Health Standing Committee on Health<p> <a title="Download the presentation »" href="/content/CommitteeDocuments/40th-parliament/2nd-session/health/presentations/20140326/Presentation-HEALTH-40-2-Arlene-Paton-MOH-Chronic-Disease-Prevention-2014-MAR-26.pdf" target="_blank">Ministry of Health, <em>Chronic Disease Prevention: Encouraging Healthy Living, </em>presentation to the Select Standing Committee on Health</a></p><p> <a title="Download the presentation »" href="/content/CommitteeDocuments/40th-parliament/2nd-session/health/presentations/20140326/Presentation-HEALTH-40-2-Doug-Hughes-Dr-Doug-Cochrane-BCPSQC-BC-Patient-Safety-and-Quality-Council-2014-MAR-26.pdf" target="_blank"> Ministry of Health and BC Patient Safety Council, <em>BC Patient Safety and Quality Council: Overview of Role and Mandate, </em>Presentation to the Select Standing on Health </a></p><p><a title="Download the presentation »" href="/content/CommitteeDocuments/40th-parliament/2nd-session/health/presentations/20140326/Presentation-HEALTH-40-2-Wynne-Powell-PHSA-2014-MAR-26.pdf" target="_blank">Provincial Health Services Authority, Presentation to the Select Standing Committee on Health<em> </em></a></p>3/26/2014 4:00:00 PMMeeting: Select Standing Committee on Health

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